Illegal International Exchanges Busted in Peshawar and Karachi

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) conducted two successful raids in University Town, Peshawar and at Tariq Road, Karachi against illegal call termination setups.

These raids were conducted on the basis of information obtained through PTA traffic monitoring facility which detects grey/illegal traffic.

The raid at Peshawar resulted in confiscation of four (04) GSM Gateways having approximately one hundred and twenty (120) connections, Switches, Routers and number of other accessories. Whereas at Karachi, the raid resulted in confiscation of one (01) GSM Gateway having approximately one hundred and twenty eight (128) connections, Switches, Routers and other accessories.

It may be mentioned here that in last two years, PTA has conducted forty (40) successful raids on grey traffickers throughout Pakistan, which included small and big gateway operators. During these raids, number of persons including foreigners were arrested along with confiscation of more than sixty (60) Gateways, hundreds of SIMs/Connections and other accessories. In the campaign against illegal telephony approximately 45,000 Mobile SIMSs have been also blocked. The apprehended culprits are being interrogated by FIA and legal proceedings are underway to recover the millions of rupees loss caused to the national exchequer.

PTA with state of the art monitoring facility is observing the international traffic coming in to the country, round the clock. The aim of monitoring is to identify the illegal exchanges and track the elements operating them.

Chairman PTA, Dr. Mohammed Yaseen has shown his pleasure and appreciated the joint efforts of PTA and FIA teams. Moreover, the Chairman has directed PTA Zonal Offices to further expedite joint raids against illegal setups throughout Pakistan and save the loss occurring to the national exchequer.

  • Once again PTA failed to realize the loss it is causing to national exchequer by forcing overseas Pakistanis to use overseas VoIP operators to call Pakistan where these operators pay nothing to government of Pakistan and use grey routes. This is all due to the fact that call termination rates are kept very high for Pakistan by PTCL and PTA.

    Do you think India, Europe and US are stupid keeping call termination rates to almost zero and giving freedom to local VoIP operators to operate worldwide and thus allowing them to earn and in return pay to government in taxes where on other hand Braintel was killed by PTA and stupidly wasn’t allowed to operate outside Lahore.

    This is strange that Indians call India at 0.1 cent/minute where Paksitanis pay not less than 4 cent and even in that nothing goes to Pakistan’s exchequer.
    Whatever PTA claims it doesn’t want people know other side of the picture and claims success after raids where its so called NORUS system is still dependent on GSM monitoring. What if such grey telephony system is using satellites for Internet or VPN, how can the system where PTA invested millions of exchequer will detect ?

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