Shifting from Prepaid to Postpaid Connection!

Post paid trend hasn’t yet been common in Pakistan but there are people who just want to get rid of scratch cards and turn to post pay to avoid the fuss they have to face when all shops are closed at night or due to some other reason.

Though post pay tariff plans are different for all cellular companies yet they are a good for frequent callers. At times, they are not better than prepaid, unlike the rest of the world – where postpaid customers or contract based customers are given more incentives then the rest.

When it comes to SMS or GPRS bundles, postpaid customers are found not very happy as all these day to day bundles are limited to prepaid customers only.

Still, if you feel like opting for postpaid connections, following is a comparison of all Post paid tariff plans and it is totally up to you to decide what you want to select..

1. Telenor Post Paid

Telenor gives its customers three Post paid packages named as Easy, simple and free. Further details of these packages are as under:

Monthly line rent Refundable deposit Free Minutes
Easy 100 1200 80
Simple 500 1500 500
Free 1500 3500 Free usage up to Rs.2000

Persona Bundles:

Voice Bundles SMS Bundles Internet Bundles
Rs. 50: 40 Free minutes to any network Rs. 25: 250 SMS Rs. 75: 35 MB
Rs. 200: 200 Free minutes to any network Rs. 50: 600 SMS Rs. 200: 100 MB
Rs. 500: 550 Free minutes to any network Rs. 150: 6,000 SMS Rs. 500: 2 GB

2. Ufone Post paid

Instead of Telenor persona Ufone offers wide variety of post paid packages that customers can choose from, these are as follows:
Monthly Line rent Refundable deposit Free Minutes
U49 49 1000 64
U249 249 1000 280
U549 549 1500 620
U999 999 2500 1300
U1499 1499 3000 2400
U1999 1999 3500 6800
U3999 3999 6000 Unlimited

3. Warid Post paid

Monthly line rent Free Minutes

Warid 50 250 250
Warid 500 500 500
Warid 750 750 750
Warid 1500 1500 1500
Warid 2500 2500 2500
Warid 4000 4000 Unlimited

More Details:
Official Link:
4. Zong Post paid
Monthly line rent Refundable deposit Free Minutes
100 600 100
300 1000 300
600 1500 600
1200 2500 1200
2000 4000 6,800

5. Mobilink Post Paid

Monthly line rent Refundable deposit Free Minutes
100 1200 100
400 1500 400
900 1500 900
1500 2500 1500
5000 8000 2800

Note: Information on this page is just a glimpse of basic tariff structure for postpaid packages of all the cellular companies, to know the complete details (such as SMS and call rates), click on more details or other relevant links available on this page.

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  • Useful post. Looks like U549 is the best package in its range (almost 3x the minutes of similar packages).

  • hi , want to inform you that before publishing anything plz you will check website of that company , you have mentioned that at price of RS 100 Telenor is offering 100 minutes for on net user , it is wrong i’ve checked website of telenor persona which is offering 80 minutes @ RS 100 for all networks , same for other bundles .
    you can visit this:

    so before publishing any thing here you should confirm it. because peoples like me know about these.

  • Nice comparison.. but it would have been great if the SMS/GPRS bundles were compared side-by-side of all these telcos giving a better view and decision metrics.
    Does anyone know that can we move from PrePaid to PostPaid without changing number?

  • we complex topic they but not an updated information
    one idea is comparison have to updated every month to educat users

  • In PK there is no difference in post or prepay connections. On post pay your deposit is your limit… you go over your deposit they disconnect your phone or at least Warid does. and get this you can pay your post pay bill with scratch cards…. for international calls you have to even put more deposit down …. I suggest to everyone stick to pre pay. its hassle free

  • very nice comparison.

    A person who has to call different operators will look at this comparison and go for ufone :)

    The breakup of free minutes is essential. Free minutes are not actually free. You are paying high line rental for extra minutes and most of the extra minutes are restricted to own network.

    Persona I think is the best since its quite flexible.

    I am using warid post paid since last 3 years and now I am considering switching over to persona or go pre paid :)

  • I found this post very helpful. Not everyone knows about postpaid detail , don’t listen the bulls*** just keep it up.

  • thanks Yaseen Chaudhary for updating your report but plz make a good research before publishing it , any ways good effort keep it up ;p

  • Good information!
    I got a comparison with my package and a package i might be going for..
    SMS Bundles are important for me, as i am always texting all the time.. I think i should look further into the SMS bundles and see what to opt for
    Thank you


  • As mobilink jazz has recently offered voice bucket twenty free miniutes to all networks @ Rs.20/- on dily basis activation.then how a postpaid connection is much suitable after this offer and there is no need of security deposit, nor any restriction of IDD calls.In this regards it is suggested that now there is no need to select postpaid connection.

  • dear sir
    main apna telenor number prepaid main convert karna chahta hon app sy guzarish hay ky mera yeh number 03459012009 prepaid main convert kardain app ki bari meherbani hogi thanks you …..

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