Telenor’s TVC Spreads Negativism and Disrespect [L.T.E]

Dear Telenor,

I am demoralized with your recent TVC that pollutes the minds of youngsters by highlighting negativity in the youth and by provoking them to disrespect teachers and elders.

In your latest djuice TV ad, you have portrayed that cheating culture is attribute of every young Pakistani, but I beg to differ with you here as cheating is not at all about brilliant students of the country particularly those who work day and night for flying colors in their exams.

Your slogan “Has cheating become a mandatory part of our education system?” depresses me when I think of students like Ali Moeen Nawazish and Ibrahim Shahid, world record holders in their respective academia.

These students worked hard to win the award for the country but Telenor, you are trying to throw water on their efforts. What’s wrong with the so-called corporate reformers of Telenor who have initiated a senseless drive in the cover of service promotion?

Pakistan is long-struggling to build an image in the world. However, your this action will only irk the image of the youth and the country.

I want to ask you, has Telenor tried to highlight negativism in Norway? I know that youth is involved in illicit activities there too, but have you ever tried to pinpoint the youth back home or in any other country where Telenor is operating?

Why in Pakistan then? Why this negativity is promoted for Pakistanis only?

Sehrish Mobeen,


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