Telenor’s TVC Spreads Negativism and Disrespect [L.T.E]

Dear Telenor,

I am demoralized with your recent TVC that pollutes the minds of youngsters by highlighting negativity in the youth and by provoking them to disrespect teachers and elders.

In your latest djuice TV ad, you have portrayed that cheating culture is attribute of every young Pakistani, but I beg to differ with you here as cheating is not at all about brilliant students of the country particularly those who work day and night for flying colors in their exams.

Your slogan “Has cheating become a mandatory part of our education system?” depresses me when I think of students like Ali Moeen Nawazish and Ibrahim Shahid, world record holders in their respective academia.

These students worked hard to win the award for the country but Telenor, you are trying to throw water on their efforts. What’s wrong with the so-called corporate reformers of Telenor who have initiated a senseless drive in the cover of service promotion?

Pakistan is long-struggling to build an image in the world. However, your this action will only irk the image of the youth and the country.

I want to ask you, has Telenor tried to highlight negativism in Norway? I know that youth is involved in illicit activities there too, but have you ever tried to pinpoint the youth back home or in any other country where Telenor is operating?

Why in Pakistan then? Why this negativity is promoted for Pakistanis only?

Sehrish Mobeen,


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  • Shahid Saleem

    Exactly who in Pakistan doesn’t cheat?

    • Shahid Saleem

      I mean, honestly. You want to get some work done in the courts, you can’t do it without bribes (a form of cheating). Want an electricity or gas or phone connection? Bribe (cheating).

      It’s easier to live as a Muslim in the Wset than in Pakistan.

      • Munnu

        then why address the youth only?

        • Desi

          they are the only one who can do something about this…. others can even think much less do anything about it. Good job Telenor…some one is thinking out side the box

          • Munnu

            if goal is to remove corruption from society then why addressing the booti culture only? why address the youth only?

            • Pakistani Youth

              Stop whining by saying WHY WHY and start doing something about the corruption. Grow up!

              • Munnu

                mr grown up you ain’t got any answer

              • respect

                completely agree with you. people keep on criticizing since it’s easier to do – not really *thinking* on how to improve. one small step can do miracles…

              • respect

                completely agree with you. people keep on criticizing since it’s easier to do – not really *thinking* on how to improve. one small step can do miracles…

            • Shahid Saleem

              The old are cynical and are “trapped” They cannot think of solutions

            • Irtza Shahan

              Come on man . Grow up and stop being skeptic about everything dome by non paki’s nd non-muslims . Nd also stop worrying about the bloody image in the world . U know The great effort we put in making our image good, if we put even half of that effort in making ourselves good then all our problems ‘ll b solved . And I’m a student . Let me tell u yes every one cheats in exams . Em in 2nd year nd one of the toppers(who got 464 nd 462 out of 510 markx) of our colg in 1st yr who stood 2nd (wid 462 marks) is my frnd . He told me that he helped the one who is was 1st in doing a long question in chemistry’s paper .And I knw hundereds of my fellow students all of them has cheated some tyms . Nd u knw why the youth is being targeted . Its bqz youth in Pakistan comprises 70% of society . If todoy we ‘ll reform the youth tommorow’s society will b free of corruption . And we can’t solv the problem without recognizing or highligting the problem 1st . So dont blame telenor for highlighting negativity .

        • Saad Durrani

          WHY NOT? Answer this first. The youth makes a majority of the population. You can alter habit when you are young. Being young gives you time to be curious.

          • lilli

            so they have youth in pakistan only? why not a similar campaign is started in other parts of the world?

            • Saad Durrani

              ORLY? Pray tell which market of Telenor has the application applicable such as ours. Bengali are doing well off. Malaysian and Thai too. Europeans do not need to do anything about. They rarely cheat.

              Seriously, come out of your shell. How come nobody protests about other cellcos campaigns?

            • respect

              why do you want to look at others? why say “oh but they aren’t doing it in other parts of the world… they aren’t doing it for other sectors…”

              they are established in Pakistan and will focus on Pakistan. You have an idea for Telenor Norway? go send an email to Telenor Norway then.

      • Rizwan Shakir

        Hmmmmm. Well; as on the Part of Telenor’s commercial; It could have been made much better than it is now. there are some glitches in it…..But also don’t forget(@Shahid Saleem) that cheating and Bribing are two different types of things. to prove your comment or justify it, you have simply bulldozed the english language and its true spirit…
        As far as the cheating is concerned.Yes it exists in Pakistan…….in Schools & Colleges as well as Universities (what a shame. in universites too).
        Also talk something about Palagarism….But Telenor folks should also remember that this is a Global Phenomenon…….I Heared that a German Minister was found guilty of Cheating …..and he stepped down on this issue….Specifically saying; that cheating has become only a problem of Pakistan is wrong; I think so…….

      • Muhammad Faisal

        @Shahid Saleem, I totally Disagree with you the letter written to telenor is 100% correct and cheating is not a mandatory part of our education and why are you in hurry that you pay bribe for only an electricity or gas connection. If we stop paying then Inshallah One Day they will stop takinga and it is totally depend on us if you tried to be good then ALLAH will help Kindly don’t get it in negative view this is for all of Us even first of all for me

        Thank you

    • lilli

      Telenor nay booti culture wala ad air karna band diya hay – i have this feeling that they got convinced

  • Khalid


  • Sabeen

    this is indeed quite gloomy that such a big company like Telenor talks about Kero Mumkin at first…… on the other hand they are portraying a negative facet of our society and highlighting it aswell which clearly displays a perplexity in their marketing strategy…very sad !

    • Buntu

      Creating awareness of social evils and asking people not to stay quiet on them is NOT negativism. It’s all POSITIVE and for betterment of future for u, me and all of us. We all see these evils happening around us and still we quietly accept that!! Can u answer why? Cuz we have accepted that cuz may be it’s not affecting us in particular right now but sooner than later it will ….. Aaj nahi bolo gaye tou kal bhugto gaye …. Tou karo phir “KHAMOHI KA BOYCOTT”

  • anas butt

    i dont believe “negatism” is a word. you should have paid more attention in english class.

    • Buntu

      Nice :) hahaha

    • lilli

      yes negatism is no word, but who used it?

  • Gandolf

    How can we solve an issue unless we don’t talk about it. I am sure there is a great thought behind this as Telenor always came up with the promising campaigns.

    • Omer

      This admin must be facing anxiety for the lower quality blog is facing, this post is insane.

      • Rameez Kakakhel

        Dude this is L.T.E = Letter To The Editor.
        Admin has nothing to do with the views expressed and content (may be some editing but nothing much).

      • lilli

        lower quality is what brings you here? very low you are

  • Faisal

    pakistan main koi pochnay wala jo nahi hay norway main aisa ad banta tu awam sue kar daiti telenor ko

    • Farhan

      Sure they’ll sue telenor bcoz they dont have these kind of prblms in norway, do you know the literacy rate of norway?
      unko aise ads ki zaroorat nahee he mr. faisal.

  • Dear Sehrish,

    Your concern would have been more valid if the cheating culture in Pakistan would have been negligible. But we all know that cheating, corruption, injustice, poverty, inflation, and wht not are our problems.

    Your letter is similar to what I should say closing your eyes. I don’t see any thing wrong in launching such campaign on a platform like this.

    I cannot see any point in this campaign that is directly hiting the efforts of Ali Moeen Nawazish by any means. However if you talk about linking it any way then why to talk about Ali Moeen, even me and you are being targeted for this.

    Much ignorance has been done I guess and such campaigns are now needed. I am not sure of the rest of the schools but most of the Govt Sector institutions promote this cheating culture.

    I have heard Ali Moeen once and m sure he won’t be having such comments that you have indicated.

    But never the less you point is quite valid and should have been taken into consideration. It would be really good if Ali Moeen can comment on here!

  • Desi

    Thank you Telenor for this great campaign… lets face it guys we cant solve any problem unless we talk about it… and we all in PK seen with our own eyes what happens in our school and college exams… again thank you Telenor for giving our people a wake up call

  • rana

    earlier a flirtatious internet more ad and now this crap

  • dont know

    hahahahahaa..what a joke…We don’t object when foreigners bombard us with drowns and kill us like ants while roaming on our streets but when some foreign company brings something good to improve our society we start creating hue and cry.

    • rani

      drones and this ad both are backed by same agenda

      • dont know

        then this entire internet is also owned by same powers who are spreading this agenda…stop using internet or stop spreading dirt of your mind.

        • Shahid Saleem

          Ha ha good cmt.

        • lilli

          why not stop using telenor first?

          • faisal

            Lilli , you seem to an _____!

            telenor is creating a platform where we pakistanis need to stand up & fight for our rights .

            [Comment Edited]

  • Gandolf

    I wonder if title of the letter was same or it has been changed by the Admin..

    • admin

      We changed the order, original was lil lengthy

      • Gandolf

        so you made it more catchy in order to get more hits… LEGEND!

        • admin

          original was: Telenor Spreading Negativism and Disrespect through its TVCs

          • Gandolf

            being an expert, I think you can tell which one is more catchy :D

            • admin

              which one is short?

              • Gandolf

                The catchier one :)

                • admin

                  lol, maan liya boss

    • Rameez Kakakhel

      This isn’t Endaget & This Blog isn’t owned by AOL :P

  • Ansari

    Hahahaha kudos to propakistani for putting this up! LOLZZZ I mean seriously, did the person who wrote this pay attention to the campaign?

    The slogan is not cheating or boti, its “Khamoshi ka boycott”. No doubt this will include more issues in the future. Its a bold step no doubt which other brands, telco and non telco need to follow.

    I mean look at the ad campaigns in India, remember the JAGO REY campaign by a tea company, which tells the youth “Har subha sirf utho nahi, JAGO REY” and that too during an election campaign to highlight corruption and make sure they vote for the right person.

    So this is highly positive in terms of the youth. If we constitute 60% of the population, its only us who need to take step. Unlike the writer who wants to stay in her shell :)

    • Saad Durrani


      Is there a way that we can get in touch with each other?

  • insider

    i fully agree with writer here that pinpointing youth is not what we expect from telenor. having said this, i am not objecting the slogan of khamoshi ka boycott

    • Buntu

      I wonder how many older citizens give exams compared to young people ????!!!! I wonder !!!! Hoosh Kay Nakhon lo bhaiya hoosh kay

  • Waqas

    Just a useless article, writer should have paid some attention to the campaign..

  • sajid

    telenor maghrabi media kai naqashe e qadam par chal kar apni duty bohat achi tarah nibha raha hai

  • PakYouth

    It’s only because of educated illiterates like you that no one in Pakistan is really encouraged to do something right about anything.

    If your really and i mean really look at the ad, what its saying is that the cheating culture belittles the effort put in by honest students such as mentioned by you – Ali Moeen and Ibrahim. What if a cheater gets better grades then a hard worker and cheats the deserving of their seat in the next education level.

    And i don’t know, if you’ve gone through the Cambridge or the Metric system of education, but ask any student doing inter, BA or MA etc, and you will discover that what has been portrayed in the ad really happens rampantly.

    In so many instances, the invigilators conducting these examinations are not really teacher or professors. They are individuals who are paid a certain fee to invigilate the exams, but may or may not be professors.

    Please pick on things in a socially responsible manner and after doing your research and knowing what you are talking about.


    Concerned Youth

    • rani

      this is what ad conveys: “Has cheating become a mandatory part of our education system?”

      so you really, i mean really aren’t convinced that telenor has designedly generalized the phenomena of cheating culture for whole pakistani youth?

      if you are indeed a concerned youth then put effort in calculating the outcome of this generic conclusion in long term.

      one more question which writer has already asked that why Telenor did has not taken chance to spotlight bad things happening in norway? or you think they are beyond any misdoings

      • PakYouth

        Dear Rani,

        If you look at the poll question, is says ‘kya cheatign hamari education ka laami hisa bun gaya hai?’ its asking a question to the audience… if 70% respondents say YES it is… then its ian alarmign thing and we shoudl further probe this problem and find out why people are saying this…

        Vice versa, if 80% say it is NOT, then we have nothing to fear… in either case talking about it will lead to a positive outcome any way you see it.

        And as far as Norway is concerned, its literacy level does not require help. The Scandinavian countries have the highest literacy, environmental and social awareness levels compared to any other western region… so please get your facts straight! Thanks

        • respect

          very well said!

  • Sehrish is Dumb

    No wonder we are a failed nation! Ms Sehrish needs to understand the concept before sharing her views. Is she so dumb?

    @admin: Kudos for putting this crap on pro-pakistani. I can see Telenor not giving you any digital business:-)…Good luck!

    • dont know

      dont know LIKES THIS!

      • Omer

        These writers have made Propakistani a no-no place now, I am looking for some other blog now, Pro is becoming more of set of roadside agendas and unnecessary essays.

  • Blaster

    Hey man! wht the heck is wrng witchu?? Why ain’t the admin removin this stupid article, can’t they see tht most of the peeps here don’t agree wid it!!

    [Comment Edited]

  • Pakistani Youth

    First of all, I couldn’t stop laughing at the dumbness of this writer. If one cannot do something to make Pakistan a better country to live, he / she shall stop whining at others who are trying. If you all could see the TVC carefully it clearly shows that the students who study hard and do not cheat are suffering because of cheaters. Its time to stand up and speak up to these cheaters to stop doing it. We as youth shall stand together and stop this boty / cheating system. Education is just one sector mentioned because it is most concerned to Youth of Pakistan. Be brave and start raising your voice against all the wrong deeds we observe in our daily life.

  • Zonger

    telenor team in action. yout jugglery words can not hide intentions. stop beating the writer and look inside yourself

  • hassan Javed

    Y we are just focusing one specific ad based on cheating….
    I guess people need to wait, Telenor will be airing such ads based on many other issues as well, like , Parchi system, Larkio ko ghoorna etc etc….
    But the point is, the cheating thingy was no well emerged with the situations in real world. They would have done better (or may be their ad agency would have).
    So people , be calm, be you , Be a Paki and wait for all the ads to be aired…
    Telenor is the only Teleco who is working on the CSR and i think its the part of that as well.

    • lilli

      oh ap poondi ki baat kar rahay hain? kabhi nahi chalana yeh ad. ghar main kafi logon kay sath tv daikhna parta hay

      • Gamer

        Yes, telenor sometimes make vulnerable adds, like internet more and smart tunes , really a shame.

  • Tanveer

    Baat tu sach hai per baat hai ruswaai ki propakistani sach kerwa hota hai ….

  • I think it does’nt make any negative impact! first time any TVC shown reality concept of Pakistan Education System followed! this TVC can make big impact if it is properly transcript in betterment of Pakistan Education

  • Dar’s Opinion

    Just wondering why such letters come only from ladies.

    Earlier for the internet more campaign some Faiza, this time a Sehrish.

    Well for those talking of the agendas, these letters are come online and are sent to editors with an agenda.

  • Fakhre alam

    Well said. I agree with sehrish.

  • munnu

    booti culture is only in karachi.not the problem of all pakistanis

    • Omer

      The marketing team is of Karachi too, so that’s what you could expect.

  • Reactive

    I never see Telenor ads on Pro Pakistani :p is that the reason pro pakistani always publish anti Telenor articles?? :D

  • Omer

    They just came up with other Ad showing PARCHI culture for Jobs but Pro team……… so done now.

  • ameerhamza

    I totally agree with you admin but also you should look this is true.

  • Critic

    Okay now i SERIOUSLY THINK that this blog is backed by mobilink or other Companies because no matter what telenor does, propakistani will be the first one to get “letters” and mock the company…GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!! KHAMOSHI-KA-BYCOTT FTW!

    • admin

      This depicts your frustrations. I have started enjoying these accusations. We were the first one to report on the revamp. Read on here:

      On one hand you want people to boycott the silence, on other hands you can’t hear it against you? This is hypocrisy man.

      • Ansari

        hahah kamal twist kiya hai user comments ko! seems like you cant handle the comments against pro pakistani and its negative publications. Why is it that only the negative letters get publised here?

        If the same girl wrote a positive review would it have been published? Tab khamoshi barqaraar rehti from ur side :)

  • Ansari

    Wheres the administrator man?? Why don’t you respond to the questions being asked?

    • admin

      what questions?

      • Ansari

        try reading the comments above :p u being pro mobilink and wht not :)

        • admin

          lol, bro responded to that agent already. Waiting for another rant now.

          • Ansari

            well u wudnt be getting rants if u actually depicted this fairly!!

  • sid

    i dont know the exact purpose of this campaign, but someone with very good intellect said, spreading something (info) about evil is like spreading evil itself. There are thousands of other ideas you can work on to motivate or create awareness in youth about social issues. So please come up with something creative.

    P.S: thanks sehrish for even raising the issue, brilliant!!

    • Saad Durrani

      So you are saying by saying that cheating is wrong. We tell children to cheat.

      Oh puhlees! Sehrish and the whole ‘ghariat’ lot should get a grip.

  • Ali

    Lol what the heck man ??? I want to congratulate TELENOR for brining this up…

    WHAT disrespect is this ? calling a cheater a cheat is disrespect ? come’on plz

  • Omer

    Propakistani’s admin is definitely, wilfully, promoting the extremist / narrow views on its degrading blog now.

  • muneeb

    i beg to differ with you author… you have taken the example of ali moeen & ibrahim shahid.. just think for a moment the schooling environment which they underwent and compare it with the schooling environment in which an ordinary student goes through… this is not about throwing water on their efforts but bringing out more talent like (ali moeen and ibrahim)… unfortunately here almost everyone does cheat… and its the wrong on the part of student as well as teachers..

  • Mobilink tried to pull a fast one here but was caught off-guard from the style of wordings used since these are fairly old tricks practiced by critics like us 5 years back! The propagnda strategies have changed over the time but Mobilink doesn’t seem to be updated with new games on the chart. Mobilink has certainly lost in Jazba – the joker brand, after this launch.

    Well, Mobilink should better watch out cause there is a new Sheriff in town called dujice!

  • Yasir Latif

    I do agree with the writer. Telenor always run those campaigns in which they just show that we Pakistani are illiterate and ill-informed people. Therefore, they highlighted us negatively in the world through media. They never run such kind of Ad in other countries where they are operating their business… Think atleast… then do favour them.

  • abrar

    i think the writer is spreading more negativity by not accepting that cheating is a big issue in Pakistan, or probably she herself passed her exams thru cheating. kudos to the telenor marketing team for coming up with such a bold and strong campaign. i have already traded my ufone connection for djuice.

  • Arsalan

    The whole discussion is between the brand teams of various telcos, either they post it for themselves or have their friends do it for them…
    Talk about cut throat competition…As far as the campaign is concerned, I think its pretty decent…The writer should really see the TATA Indian ads from where the idea has been ripped off…

    • Saad Durrani

      First. There is nothing such as a copied idea. The indian ads were about TEA. This is about the TALKING.

      • lilli

        he is talking about idea not the copy

  • Waqas

    I disagree with this Post , I think Telenor did very good job , we all know what we are inside , so why not accept it and try to change . And by the way Commercial was about to educate people that we should not stay silent we should speak we should take a step.
    Aray Bhai Telenor pay Gusa ho to koi aur tareeka dhundo , aik achay platform pay galat information na do.

  • mixed

    Telenor did not plan it right. they are basically doing a brand promotion under the cover of CSR which is not an ideal thing to do.

    Telenor rushed to use the Egypt/Tunisia effect for their brand, without considering that CSR activities are never long lasting. They will have to rebrand djuice in 6 months max.

    • abeer

      rebrand hi kartay rahain gay har time? aur nahi koi kaam inka :/

  • Mazahyr

    damn….lolz! i can’t stop laughing on the ignorance of this writer…Bro how can you drag Ibrahim Shahid and Ali Moeen in this letter…
    WAKE UP! they cleared the Cambridge international Examination Conducted By British Council Pakistan..Not by Punjab Board Lahore.
    They aren’t from your system. Booty culture is a sole attribute of Pakistani education system. Cambridge Examination by all means discourages the cheating culture in fact the Paper and system is booty free..Grow-up man enhance your perception of attaining information about others and other systems.!


    i don’t agree with the writer and other who are supporting it… this is right time for revolution in Pakistan… and i think telenor did a good job with these adds of highlighting concerns related to BOOTI and PURCHI system…. Grow up guys …. on one hand we talk about revolution and rise of youth and on other hand we are not supporting those elements which are supporting this is called double standard …. we have to accept that these things needs to be correct in our culture…..

  • asim

    I dont know about whole pakistan.
    But when I was in college only a few students do cheating.
    But now I am in university and only 2 students dont use unfair means.
    Those who do cheating they say “Degree pa ya tu nai likha ho ga k A grade kasa lyea”

  • Adeel Ahmad

    wow; thats a perfect teenage drama-queen…

    Get real missy!

  • Zee

    There is nothing wrong with this ad.with these type of ppl pakistan is going backward.this ad was only against the bad teachers not good one.thumbs up telenor for creating an impact

  • Nadeem Ahmed

    media is just a brain washer , remember this always . and specially foreign companies here has no interest in AKHLAQIYAAT . they just want to earn and no one is able to stop that !
    the authority is corrupt itselfl so how they will stop these ads ??

  • Jugnoo

    Writer seems to be a daughter of a corrupt professor, politicain, fojis etc, :) spoilt children of these corrupt people dont want their parents to quit corruption for the sake of fat pocket monies, what a pity !

    • self promotor

      so this is how you respond to criticism? you should go back to your darkness and not talk about revolutions.

      • Gamer

        we need to terminate corruption, injustice and lawnessness, i support the campaign, writer is a pessimist !

  • Corporate Wars

    Zong’s propaganda machine is on:)

    • self promotor

      i wonder why such kinds of comments ever get approved

  • Funtoo

    Yes, i agree to some extent, Telenor must not use the words that , ” kia booti culture hamaray system ki hissa ban chuka hai? ” instead they should have used : Do we need to end the booty culture ? OR How can we end teh Booty/Parchi culture ?

  • sleepless

    unfortunately to me it seems like there is a campaign in all types media to “get” Telenor. I really like the campaign, as I have always liked almost every campaign by telenor (except Annie), which are hip, intune with the reality etc.

    Way better than those cheap ads/campaigns Ufone.

    Kudos to telenor for the effort!

  • Waqas Shahzad

    Guys we all can agree or disagree with the article but please do not abuse writter/bad mouth him/her.
    Admin(writer) just expressed his views , so you can disagree , but please do not cross the line. We must support freedom of speach.

    Long live Pakistan.


    i think that what telenor is doing is right.
    there are certain issues in our country that need to be addressed…and at least telenor is doing it..
    and there is also not offensive in my opinion…
    you must see the examination centers in interior then you will understand the level of the issue…
    there should be someone to show the mirror to people.
    and this might also work.. you never know…

  • Gamer

    LOL. Kia app ko in apni society main in jaise mummy daddy kuryion ka useless attitude qabool hai ?

  • Mustafa Syed

    Well there is some reality to what is portrayed in this ad and I think all ages should stand up against the corrupt practices.

    Does anyone know what would be the impact of such threatening and abusive calls if seen in light of existing laws like Cyber Crime law.

    Can we, as responsible corporate entities, encourage youngsters to take the law in their hands?

  • SG

    i am sorry for taking this discussion on a different tangent but I am amazed by how we argue on things… Sehrish had a view point, which most of us dont agree with, including myself but that doesnt mean you take it personal with her by calling her names and questioning her whereabouts and affiliations.. Argue but argue with facts and on the topic…

    Having said this, respectfully stating Sehrish, you completely missed the gist of the campaign… its encouraging to stand up and use your basic right of freedom of expression to highlight the wrongs in the society, cheating being one of them. i think more will follow.. You are not logically connecting the examples you have given with this, it means no disrespect to brilliant and hard working to students, its more so to defend their right position and MERIT.

    Understand the message by not merely criticizing how it has been packaged.. acceptance of wrong is the first step towards doing something to make it right…

    Use your freedom to express, wisely :)

  • Arsalan

    Why doesnt anybody see the similarity between TATA tea “Jaago Re” and Djuice “khamoshi ka boycott”..The bottomline is we are still very influenced by our Indian counterparts..from hiring indian directors to copying ideas which they did a couple of years ago…
    As per my friend Saad durrani he thinks the idea is not copied because it was a tea brand and this is a telco…creativity at its very best!!!

  • Arif Khan

    Telenor’s ads are mostly COPIES

    This ad series is copy of Indian Tea ads / IDEA Cellular ads, where they say “Jaago re Jaago”.

    I think, Telenor Pakistan’s CMO (Mr. A.I. who was previously CSO) doesn’t have any originality and creativity

  • kool

    i dont think there is any negative connotation in this ad campaign .. it actually provokes you to think that we should speak for our rights n stop this booti culture …but yeah i agree with the above one that selection of words could be more appropriate

  • TelecomGuru

    1. Great discussion. Regardless of opinions it reinforces that khamoshi ka boycott.

    2. I don’t think any news item at propakistani has generated so much discussion

    3. Criticizing telenor is a matter of opinion which should be respected too. Howver let’s not forget this is the same company which made pakistanis get out of the negativity trap through it’s Karo Mumkin campaign.

    4. Let’s convert our energies towards a better Pakistan.

  • Telecomguru

    good discussion !

  • Syed Hassan Bokhari

    This must have surely been Shezad Roy’s idea, as he has always tried to bring about idiotic revolutions. Stick to singing man, don’t try and enter politics unless you start doing something serious.

    • respect

      at least he’s trying to give education to some deserving people instead of just sitting here posting comments like us :)

  • zia meer

    i think they are doing good.we have to clean these type of thieves who are in us…in my career,i never do that type of thing,always i pay attention properly to my studies,once i was in examination hall,and i complete my paper successfully but some of boys were doing cheating using boti,and in whole year they never pass any test,but at the end when they use boti system they get full marks more than me,but when teacher ask them a question related to exam then they can’t solved it…telenor takes a good step and i like it,keep it up

  • Arsalan

    I believe closing eyes on facts wouldn’t change it….. By being emotional on the booti mafia wouldn’t stop … But it would if we present it and face it with a right intention… I think the ad ere is doing that… Showing us the fact … Let’s not get emotional rather put efforts to fix this issue… As I have beEn I the same situation many times … So let’s be the change…

  • Danish

    Cheating? whats that?

  • Zeeshan

    I have heard that you target Telenor because they dont support advertising or pay you in one way or the other. Call this a rant but you know its true – “Greed is definitely a great motivator” – good luck mate and am looking forward to a lot more biased write-ups from you. Carry on. Within a couple of years you wont have a blog left.

  • Munir

    I totally agree to the points raised by her, I mean it shouldn’t be portrayed, its simple stereotyping that we all should avoid.

  • Angelos

    Great article, but this is not the first time telenor has crossed the boundary of corporate ethics.

  • Khawar Butt

    First of all Salam to this girl

    i am very impressed after reading this letter sent by a brillient bakistani girl who notised this that someone want to break down our youth. we are giving them business and these telecommunication companies are making such tvc just to make money.

    In this commercial they said ‘ ab nahin bolo ge to kab bolo ge’ so i think this time is right to speak against this company


  • Tan

    I am glad I am not the only one who has found this advertisement distasteful if not overtly offensive…Telenor is here for business, they will only have activity which is CONDUCIVE for this business… I am sure they have conducted some survey studies, and ascertained that this activity will garner appeal for the ‘have nots (rural folks) &rebellious/belligerent’ public…

  • Tan

    On hindsight, I think Telenor is just trying to erode our social/cultural ethics/values in trying to foster ‘free speech’ values prevalent in Europe…which is pretty hypocritical if we remember the Cartoon’s fiasco against Islam and the alleged upholding of ‘free speech’ even when it incites religous mockery and hatred! So this is my two-bits of ‘Khamoshi ka Boycott!’

  • Aqib

    Yes I agreed with Sehrish Mobeen. Telenor is doing few things which are not correct.