Wateen Gets New CTO and Few other High Ups

Wateen Telecom recently appointed Mr. Faisal Sattar as CITO (Chief Information & Technical Officer), told us sources close to the company.

According to sources, Wateen has merged IT and Engineering Department, which will be headed by Mr. Faisal Sattar who has over 17 years of experience in project management, business development, network planning, rollout and operations; both as an operator and a vendor.

Mr. Faisal has previously worked with Mobilink, Alcatel-Lucent in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Nortel Networks in Atlanta (USA), and WorldCall Communications.

Official sources have confirmed Mr. Faisal’s appointment along with couple of other new changes at GM level including GM corporate support.

With this development and from the updates we are getting from inside Wateen, through sources, it is apparent that Wateen is undergoing a business strategy shift. Company will now focus more on corporate selling, especially its backhaul fiber optic.

Wateen is also struggling with the recovery of payments, however, new management is confident of getting the company back to the profitable track.

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  • “Company will now focus more on corporate selling, especially its backhaul fiber optic.”

    and what about something new for home users?. Their tariff structure is ages old.

    • and it will remain old, and sooner wi-tribe and quebee will gonna get those customers as well with better connectivity.

  • its time to have 2 mb or higher unlimited connection on Wimax. who ever will introduce it will grab the market.

  • Yes. seeing the current policies it is easy to predict that Wateen is going to be the Winner in near future. But I’m afraid in the course, Wateen Logo colour will change from Green to purple or Indigo.

  • 2 yrs back wateen fired 600 employess at a time to save hr exp but at the same time hired more then tripple amount people i can bet u that these people never ever can srcvive as 600 fired peoples are still praying for them

    You really fuckd jibran gm, gazanfar rsm and many other bldy big guns of the mobilink be ready some one will be the sue site bomber for the origa tower.

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