Glow Brings World Cup Specific Offers

image002As the cricket season begins, GLOW exposes a wave of great passion amongst the youth.  GLOW has introduced a new SMS bundle (we have already covered it here), 100 SMS @ 50 paisas/day to any number, any network in Pakistan. Following are few more World Cup specific offerings from Glow:

Fantasy Cricket:

An interesting IVR based service called ‘Fantasy Cricket’ will be available that can be accessed by calling 1200.

This service allows customers to set up their team and receive regular updates/reminders on the performance of their selected players. The top 3 winners will be given exciting cash prizes.

SMS and GPRS Bundles:

Other products being promoted during the World Cup include:

  • 2MB Mobile Internet @ Rs.3.99/day,
  • 10 MB mobile Internet Bucket @ Rs.30/bucket,
  • 1000 SMS @ Rs.7.99/week and the Glow Raat-Din package in which customers can talk to their 10 Glow Gang friends at Rs.2.99/hour during the night and Rs.1.99/30 minutes during daytime.

All Pakistan Kricket Tournament:

To connect youth with cricket, GLOW is also organizing ‘All Pakistan Kricket Tournament 2011’ in which over 200 colleges from both government and private  will participate from all over the country.

NOTE: Detailed information on above packages is available on the GLOW website

  • But in 100 sms in 50 paisa/day Bundle, their is a time Limit….

    SMS between 9pm – 11pm will be charged as per local SMS rates… not 4rm the bundle…

    A really bad Limit …

  • Thw 10mb internet bucket, i think, will be valid for a month or until the whole bucket is finished

  • the best option is to go for the 2Mb bucket , n u can activate it anytime , without any time limits, or even if the bucket hasnt finished yet , suppose u hav a 2mb bucket, activate it again u get 4mb do the same u get 6mb.. its cheaper :-)

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