Telenor Offers SIM Cutter Facility to Get Micro SIMs

With the increase in popularity of micro SIMs, being used for gadgets like iPhone 4 and iPad, cellular companies have made adjustments in their SIM designs to facilitate their customers.

For an example, Ufone launched official micro SIM, which is available at all Ufone Service Centers. We have heard that Warid is working on similar idea as well.

However, Telenor has responded in another way by providing a manual micro SIM cutter at all of their Sales and Service Centers. This is a cost-effective way, in fact this must has saved Telenor from plenty investment to get in-house Micro SIMs.

So all the Telenor subscribers if you want a micro SIM, don’t waste your money on buying your own cutter or getting it done from a shop. You can head to any Telenor service center and get the cutting done for free. If you are not a Telenor customer, then try finding acquaintance with someone working at Telenor’s Service Centers.

Following is an image of cutter available at Telenor’s service centers:


  • It made me remember of the incident haha. In Japan in soap packing company they have a problem that empty packets are also going towards customers.

    So to the company invested heavily for a scanner machine that is attached to their assembly line to scan empty packets… The same problem happened with some company in Pakistan they get a Rs1500/- pedestal fan and placed it with assembly line,

    what happened that empty packets are flown away by fan air pressure :)
    hahah same with Telenor and Ufone

  • wouldn’t this make the warranty of the SIM card void? plus i noticed that the serial number shown on the sim in the picture gets separated. not sure if that has any reprecussions for the operator. funky idea though. :)

  • haha this is totally nuts by telenor. way to go guys… atleast u ll have some warranty on sim i.e. in the case if u r sim is not cut properly. u ll get a replacement instantly.

    And @H

    the sim will have warranty as it is provided by the CC centre

    But remember to take the separated by of the sim as u ll need it incase u want to port ur number or when u want use the SIM in another handset.

  • Get your own SIM cutter in 15 Euro, no need to find someone you know in telenor to get your sim card cut, keep that effort to find someone’s address etc details from his/her number.

  • UPDATE: Just came from Telenor Business Center, Main Boulevard, Gulberg, Lahore.

    They neither have Micro-sims, Not do they have the cutters. The guy suggested I get it done from “Hafeez Center”, like thats something new :|

  • I had an interesting experience at the Telenor service center. The first SIM they cut for me was at a slight angle hence my phone coudldn’t read it. The same happened with another SIM which too was cut very close to the SIM circuit.

    Finally, I got a new SIM card issued and downloaded a sim cutter template, watched a video on youtube and cut it myself. It was free and the job was done effortlessly. Thank goodness for youtube.

  • plz tell me the address of any telenor franchise which have sim cutter…. today i import an iphone4 and i dnt have any idea about sim cutter & micro sim etc….

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