How to Use WiFi Modem as a Secure Wireless Hotspot

This is a guest post by Ahmed Ali Khawaja who writes on

I use PTCL EVO as my primary Internet connection. As you may know Its a USB dongle which connects with my Laptop – Now, sometimes when I need to access Internet on my other devices such as net-book, cell phones, etc simultaneously I end up with no option to share my EVO’s internet with them.

This feature of Windows 7  "Set up a wireless Ad Hoc Network" comes really handy in such situation. Just In few clicks I can access my EVO’s Internet on my all other devices. This can work with all WiMAX dongles too, meaning that you can share your Wateen, wi-tribe, Qubee internet with other computers, devices too. So give it a try – it’s a life savior.

How to Define AD Hoc Network:

The first thing to do is to access "Set up an Ad Hoc Network" wizard. To get the wizard going, search it from the start menu.

  • Click On Start Button
  • Type "ad hoc" in search box


  • Click "Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network"


  • Click Next


  • Now "Fill in the blanks". Your times starts now and no cheating :P


ummm ok let me help you on this "but don’t tell anyone".

    • In Network name write whatever you want to call your network. I choose "NGTECH"
    • Security type:  Select  "WEP" ( WEP is an older security method. But it works on most of the devices flawlessly. so choose this.)
    • Security Key : Type the security key.
      In WEP Security method you can set up a key that is only 5 or 13 characters long.
    • Optional Step : Tick "Save this network" in case you don’t want to create a temporary network. But this option sometimes create an issue and gives limited access error when I hibernate pc. You can try what works best for you.
    • Click Next
  • Click "Turn on Internet connection sharing" and Tada you are done.


In case you face any problems while setting up AD HOC network then share in comments.