Khamoshi ka Boycott: Booti Culture and its Relation with Night Packages

Letter published on ProPakistani last week on Telenor’s latest campaign called “Khamoshi ka Boycott” generated lot of buzz in the industry. The writer had a viewpoint which she expressed in her own way – and it was extensively discussed in the comments section.

This criticism on “Khamoshi ka Boycott” didn’t stop there. Today, Mudassar Jehangir a renown telecom journalist, produced a story showing his concerns over the campaign, with highly arguable thoughts.

Here is the link of the story published on ApnaTime 

Along with other things that Mudassar discussed, following point caught my attention. Here’s the crux of what he had to say:

Youth of the country will rely on booti as they remain awake in the nights to avail night packages offered by Telenor and other cellular companies.

Not only this, they remain busy in the days too when they keep themselves engaged with SMSes.

Mudassar Jehangir thinks that Telenor should have abandoned these night packages before launching the campaign if they had indeed wanted to put a cap on Booti culture. 

By the way, we have written in past on night packages, and how they impact the social values and academic performance of the students/youth. Moreover, Punjab and KPK’s provincial assemblies have passed bills to ban nights packages.

Such kind of questions being thrown at Telenor is very natural, based on their own slogan: “Khamoshi ka Boycott”. This is just because company made a strategic mistake of coupling a CSR initiative with the brand itself.

We all understand that at the end of the day Telenor is a business entity and it has to earn money to sustain – but you will agree with me that businesses do unethical things too; night packages being one of them.

With “Khamoshi ka Boycott”, Telenor may face other similar questions in future too.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • Beside the booti culture, the parchi culture to obtain a job is also sustained in Telenor. I never seen them hiring the applicants on merit. They r pathetic to publish such adds, while not implementing those things in their own corporate culture. Real Shame!!!

      • Hey there!
        You may have faced such a thing but that may be an only case. I have been there myself-purely on merit, and seen people get hired on their own abilities. Booti/parchi won’t take you anywhere.

        Generally, what happens is people whose lower grades don’t let them enter the industry pick such excuses to defend their vanity. No offense intended.

    • Agree to you but not only Telenor boycott all late night packagaes offered by all Telcos.
      I think PTA should take serious notice of these late night offers.

      • i agree with aesthetic to boycott all night and such packages against our religion as well as culture.

    • Agree to you but not only boycott Telenor but boycott all late night packagaes offered by all Telcos.
      I think PTA should take serious notice of these late night offers.

  • Seriously Aamir. This might be the last straw of biased reporting. If one is neglecting his studies and yapping all night long, should Telenor be blamed. Should the government around the world ban knives only because they kill people?

    • Agreed with Saad, one cn’t stop boti culture but he/she can stop him/herself from using late night packages

    • Agreed.

      In today’s world even in Pakistan only these night packages the only thing where students can waste their time ? People have Internet and can do voice chat all day and night.

      1- This is no excuse that if student is left with no option to waste his/her time on night packages he/she will finally consider studying..this is stupid as well as hilarious.

      2- One can do voice chat on messenger anytime, ban them to? Does it ensure that a student will still study ? If one is so concerned about his/her future he/she will study no matter what.

      Such reporter come from generations before 70s who aren’t yet ready to face technology change.

      • aik se aik bara bewaqoof betha hai yahan…
        havn’t u guys seen governments banning cigarette ads or banning a cigarette puffing on screen all around the world. It does not stop people from smoking but there are some moral & ethical verdicts which need to be adhered.

        • Aqalmand bhai, how do u compare smoking with talking? smoking is not good for health, talking is bad for health too ? But yea I can give u the logic that if u don’t stop smoking u can die soon, and if u dont stop talking too much on night packages u may fail in exam soon…just in case u run out of argument.

          • hahahaha…
            aqalmandon ke liye ishara kafee tha… bewaqoof ziada detail main jate hain…
            aur bhi koi argument dena chahein to please detail it here…

    • Stupid kniver are usefull in thausands of ways its benefits hundered tyms more than its harms . Can night pakages b used in a positive by any means ?Nop nt at all . And yes the governments around the world do ban the things that are harmfull to society . Lyk illegal drugs nd weapons doesn’t it ?

      • They are quite useful. Especially when you have presentations or something upon which you need to rehearse will your friends.

        And as Ahmed said… there are options too… Voice Chat is one of them…

  • What Mudassar Sb wants is to Kill the Patient! How foolish….For god sake, think about curing the disease…

    [Comment Edited]

    • Mr bhezad,

      it is right in at the start of Blue Area, infront of parliment lodges.

      same address is known to everyone in the government.

  • I totally agreed with SAAD.Every thing in the world has its dark side but we should accept its brighter side.Students who are keen to learn remain awake in night to learn and struggle for themselves.

  • Telenor has to compete with other companies, Correct me if i am wrong Late night package was started by MOBILINK with “Ladies Package”, and the reponse in sales was unmatchable.

    Propakistani site is on the TOP about telling people Latest packages(late night packages + sms packages) and promoting, its mean you guys are as bad as telenor.

    Surving comes first and then you try to change the world. TELENOR doing exactly.

    You are just trying to justify Propakistani’s previous Article / getting more attention of people.

    • for your kind information the first company to launch the nite package was telenor and the service it offered that on was Djuice

      • Ladies Package was intrduced 4 and half years ago. here is the video link watch the date of upload
        and Djuice hasn’t completed 3 years yet.

        Anyway whoever started i wasn’t sure thats why i said correct me if i am wrong.

        I think we should apriciate if some one try to do good work. Its bit aggrasive approch but telenor did the right thing.

  • Really! U guys mean it?Come on yar..Stop blaming telenor and fix your own bugs,reform yourself and dont ban night packages! U guys hate telenor then bring some other genuine reasons dont mess up with it n plz grow up…

  • Its a business and if you expect them to act as an NGO then you really need to think over it, its a good initiative but hasn’t generated that much buzz in favor than against, majorly because of the opposing mindset we have. It’s a stupid fact without any statistical backing but we know how it is.

    Similarly I do not blame propkaistani for publishing all this because this bring hits and website is a business so what? provided its serving the right of opinionated people for or against any matter, does not matter, that does not mean that this blog is also becoming an anti-telenor entity.

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  • Absolutely irrelevant, mindless blog! Why stop here? Next step should be shutting down of mobile phone industry, because that is the root, in opinion of these kind of Taliban minded, insane people.

    • when you break silence about bad things its called khamoshi ka boycott. when someone else breaks silence, its called taliban minded.

      such a hypocrite.

    • Seriously get a life. You Islamophobic!!!

      Night Packages ka BOYCOTT
      Night Packages ka BOYCOTT
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      Night Packages ka BOYCOTT

      Night packages are not Mobile Phone Industry. Learn something from the World, and try to get out of Taliban Phobia.

  • dont be irrational.aise to phir me poori raat net pe online rehta hu to wo bi kam ya band karwado.use to aap kar rahe ho na wo gun point pe calls thori karate ha.

    • meray bhai raat ke andheray mein ziada tar (not all of them) ghalat hi kaam hotay hain.

      aur yeh night packages quranic taleem ke liye nahin jo pakistan yaan international market ke liye hon.

      laaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmbi bataoon ke liye hai, aur aap to jantain hain ke lambi koon haankta hai.

      i hope you got my point

  • well awl i can say here is that telenor is working exactly the way Geo network has been doing they are sending psychological messages to the world that our system is corrupted thus promoting a negative image of Pakistan to the world and they are also forcing the youth to leave there ethical values and getting brutal

  • Andhe ko andhere me boht dooor ki soojhi… Booti ka night packages se milap krwa dia. Wah! Dusron ko hypocrite kehne wale khud sb se barre hypo hen. Jisne study krni he wo technology se faida hi uthaye ga. Jisne nhi study krni wo blame hi krte rhenge. Khud ko badlo, apne andr k insan ko jagao. Taliban ek soch ka naam he jo hmare mulk ko tabah kr rhi he. Hr cheez pe pabandi laga k logon k hath paon bandh k islam aur mulk ki konsi khidmat hogi? Apne nafs ko theek karo.

    • yeh night packages main koun si aisi technology hay bahi jee jiss say studnents ko faida honay wala hay?

      yeh please smjha dain zara

      • bhai boxer bahut bari technology hai,

        raat ko maan baap so jatay hian, call kar ke aap apnay teacher say raat 1 o’clock pooch saktay hain, sir aap soo to nahin rahay thay.

        aik aur technology, call kar ke larki ko poochain agar tumahray paas thora sa time ho to mujhay love letter likhna sikha do, mera paper hai kal C++, JAVA, Assembly language ka.

        phir aap technology ka faida utha kar aglay din home tution bhi ley saktay us ke ghar ja kar.

        boxer bhai aap kahan baithay hian, doonia to chaand par chali gai hai.

        woh zamana gia aap gooolian chala kar tora bora ki mountains mein chup jain.

        yeh bhai technology hai.

        ha ha ha ha

    • Please zara batana pasand karenge app keh Night Packages mein aisi kaun si baat hai joh kisi keh bhi kaam aa sakti hai???

      Tum log yeh admit karne se kyun dartey ho keh night packages ka sirf aik hi maqsad samajh ata hai aur woh hai keh Larkay Larkiyan saari raat baat kar saken.

      Agar koi aur use hai uska toh please humein bhi bataein. Aur agar ho sake toh mujhe zara America, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Japan etc etc.. in countries ke night packages ki details provide karen please.

  • Such post simply reinforce that propakistani works to support some operators and demote others.

    Why no say on the Jazz Sunday (woh bhi tu puray din ki barbadi hai…)


  • @Boxer- Main ek student hu. Tests me aksr hum friends studies me ek dusre se important questions night packages pe discuss krte hen. Agr apko in services ka positive use nhi ata to iska ye mtlb nhi k sab ap jaise hen. Maine technology ki general term use ki he. Kal ko tum jaise log internet pe pabandi k liye bolna shuru kr denge. I hope ap abi bhi agree nhi krenge.

    • “Tests me aksr hum friends studies me ek dusre se important questions night packages pe discuss krte hen.”

      LMAO!!! You just made my Day!!!! ^_^

  • You should rename this website as pro-stupidity rather than pro-pakistani. I am amazed that a blog of such horrible quality is being read by people. And calling the APNA TIME guy a seasoned journalist – come on mate, spare us the crap!

  • ok guys i know i take money i.e. 2000 rs per article for every biased article. i know i got paid from zong and mobilink but do you have to blow that our of proportion. If telenor doesnt pay me that is their fault and so they have to take this bashing. I am fat and i am corrupt and this campaign hits me in the heart because i love corruption. What can happen so be it .. i will be so forever

  • how stupid can propaki be .. blowing things out of proportion just for some traffic. how ______ like other companies dont offer night packages.. you make me laugh guys .. you make me laugh .. where night packages can be bad they also do a lot of good for a lot of people but that will never be focused on because we are a stupid nation as stupid as it gets and this shaam ka akhbaar called propaki is just _____

    [Comment Edited]

    • What good does night package brings??? Please thori si roshni dalna pasand karen ge app???

        • News Channels, Sports Channel, Informative Channel, and yes with alot of bullshit channels, but still you can’t compare Cable tv or internet with these good for nothing Night Packages. Ab aap choti si list bata dain Night Packages ke Positives ki please.

          • Here is one dif: You pay for 24 hour cable, you can’t pay for 18 hours cable or anything. You don’t pay for late night packages UNLESS YOU WANT TO. YOURE CHOICE

            Do people stay up late to watch tv because its there! YES. What’s wrong with late night package? People stay up late and make calls? Looks like the same effect to me.

  • lol you also deleted the last post because it had too much positive support for telenor .. how low life of you attaa .. how low life and truly shitty of you

  • Lolz although I agree that night packages do affect young students but you cannot blame the telcos for coming out with such packages.

    The control factor needs to come in from the parents and the students themselves. There are students who actually study instead of using night packages and get good grades without cheating. Its all about self control.

    When they youth stop using the packages, the telcos will automatically have to come up with something different.

    • Ansari sb, you aren’t getting the point: We have broken our silence against bad stuff.

      Ab khud pay ayi hay tu telenor bahanay bana raha hay k aisay karo waisay karo. bahi ghalti ko maano be a man. mano k night packages theek nahi aur wapis lou

      • lolz, ur telling and organization to BE A MAN!! hahahah i have never heard something so absurd! What should they do to BE A MAN?? Hang picture of genetials in every one of their offices? hahahaha funny…………..

        As for getting the point, I do get the point. Take tobacco for example, they tell you after every advertisment that its injurious to health, how many people have you seen quit smoking because of that?

        Whether any company shuts them down is not the issue, the explicit and immoral use is.

          • I do have my facts straight, I was talking abt advertisment in general, not the restriction in Pakistan :) and this time you totally avoided the point… grow a brain

  • i guess mr. amir you should think wide its not just about booty or raat ya din ka package , its about a system but i guess its beyond what you can understand so keep on ur masala news .

  • Just another example as to how our media makes and portrays news for TRP…it is a shame for all of us…You have lost your level of authentication propakistani…but the objective is complete more than 60 comments in less than a day wow!!

  • Congrats Aamir, finally you have lost a regular reader by showing your true side…

    Khamoshi ka boycott….of all those who take money to write against someone.

    Kindly remove my name from your mass spamming list.

    • there’s a un-subscribe link at the bottom of every email that you receive from us. let me know if you get any issue in there

      • why you have deleted my comment??? When you are spamming then accept this fact…UNSUBSCRIBE ME

        • meri sab se request hai ke insaan ke bachon wale comments karein aur yeh na batayein ge hamari tarbiyut kaisee hai… oye telenor meri ya tum sab kee phuphi ka hai…
          if somebody has an opinion to us ke peeche kyun parh jate ho… oppose the thought not the personality… itni takleef hai to stop using propakistani as ur source of info…
          koi banda letter likhta hai to tumhein aamir se problem ho jatee hai… aamir koi comment karta hai to tab bhi problem ho jatee hai…
          tum sab ko dekh kar lagta hai ke tum logon ne telenor par bhi koi namoos-e-telenor ka qanoon pass karna hai aur jaisay hee yeh ho gaya… aamir u r dead than…

  • the site should be called…as far as the admin is concerned dude you should learn to handle criticism especially if you have the freedom of judging should be very thankful its Pakistan…

  • It seems to be a fashion now that mobile operators market their products, or I should say SIM cards, under the umbrella of ‘youth’. But what actually have they done for that youth?

    Telenor has been, or at least try to be, at the forefront of youth-driven activities. Its brand djuice is one of the biggest youth brands in the world. The youth climate in Pakistan, however, is in utter contrast to the countries djuice has found even ground.

    My concerns are pragmatic. As per my little knowledge, Telenor Pakistan has not permanently hired even a single fresh graduate for the last 3 years on pure merit. They do have visited universities, hoisted ‘I love Telenor’ standees, conducted HR sessions but so far none of those proved out to be facilitating..

    Telenor talked about creating opportunities through their Karo Mumkin campaign but no vacancy has ever opened from the service provider’s end. Even my dear friend who won the competition has been running for people to like his page on Facebook; press conferences have been thrown and Margalla Hills have been paid pilgrimage. He is a great human being and an old classmate of mine; I therefore wish him all the very best.

    HR practices of the company are strict, so you wouldn’t really find anyone accepting this fact that they have not hired any fresh graduate; Mobilink employees, on the other hand, would feel it rather convenient to share the state of affairs of recent graduates.

    I reserve my further comments on Mobilink and others for they do not blurt as much about youth as Telenor does with comparatively less pragmatism.

    • looks like u got rejected by Telenor :( lolzz koi baat nahi, try again! Waisay i read on propakistani that telenor won the most preferred and best employer awards based on feedback from the market which did include fresh graduates….

      Don’t know the state of affairs within the company but these 2 independent awards should remove any doubts…

  • khamoshi ka boycott;

    telenor should absorb the reality now. should stop offering the night packages

    charity begins at home

  • Telecom companies don’t compel anyone to talk all bight. They only “offer” night packages, not “impose”. It’s personal matter of someone who talks all night and wastes his/her own time. Some people are awake all night and watch movies or do other activities like roaming around with friends. So will you say then its fault of movie makers or park owners that youth is wasting time? Please broaden your imagination and start thinking out of box. Secondly companies are indeed for making money and it doesn’t mean that they can’t do anything good even if they do it for money, it is still good.

  • yahan sab ko youth ka kharab hona nazar aaraha hai jis nay pooooori nation ki wattt laga rakhi hai us ka boycott kb say karna hai.
    jis ki gurdan(neck) patli uasy hi pakda jata hai.

  • OMG!!!!!
    keep it simple please
    Night Package = All operators are offering
    Khamoshi ka boycott = Talk about bad things of society and vanish them away.

    Khamoshi ka boycott is also inviting you to boycott all night packages (if you think its bad)
    then Honestly it shoul be stopped by all operators and credit should be give to Telenor who provided you an idea to speak about it.

    • Khamoshi ka boycott = Talk about bad things of society and vanish them away
      Night Package = All operators are offering and they are bad

      who should stop night package first = Telenor (charity begins at home)

  • In my opinion Saad Durani, aesthetic and others are all employees of propakistani… :D…
    which ever topic they start commenting on it has a lot of visitors…
    Good strategy Aamir… you know your business very well…

      • hahaha ok now after being an employee of telenor and ufone, I have also been accused of being an employee of pro pakistani….

        First of all I would like to thank Allah, and yes the boys played pretty well to get me 3 jobs at one time :)

          • kuch logon ko waisay hi khush fehmi hoti hai, ha ha ha, to be IN sum article


            • maximus, u said others :p and each argyment saad has gotten in to, i have been a part of.. infact many time before him :D the rest u can figure out or just believe Imran :D

              Imran, thank you for the explanation… ur the expert

  • If there was ever a reason to complain about sOmething irrelevant this is it! Our country has o power, increasing prices, eniMies at our gate and we complain about a few kids just being kids! We should be appologizinG to the kids for screwing up the country instead of trying to blame mobile operators for the ills of society

  • we should not fight on this whether what djuice is? and wht is offering
    the question is about campaign that is Khamoshi ka Boycott and by the way night packages not insist u its totly depend on us
    wesy call rates sasta hony ki waja sy koi bi apny rules ni torta so not blam to any telecommunication company

  • sorry but i dont support telenor and all those networks if they offer night packages.. kids/teens/ youngsters dont actually pray to God on night calls but obviously do shitty stuff which i or any sensible person should not support!

    please take our country towards success instead of ruining the most precious time at talking whole nite on phones with loved ones :P

    • does any telecommunication company force to keep calling at night?i also against night packages but it doesn’t mean that totaly blam on telecomm its totly depand on us nothing is bad but we make it worse plz think deeply

    • Last time i checked, telenor doesn’t force you to use their night packages neither is there any obligation for you to use them.

      IF you dont like the packages dont use it, rather than showing your rant on the internet tell your friends about the ills of night packages

  • infact me and my family dont use telnore bcz of its last controversy but i will not be prejudice
    i agree that telenore is on top to offering night packages but plz fairly understand we waste our time and money with our own decision

  • almost all the great religions support the idea of “encouraging the virtue and discouraging the vice”
    should not all the God fearing people support it ?

  • its the same as selling wine in pakistan and saying tumein nai peena to mat pio na!

    We should nip the evil in the bud. and this is the start of evil. from phone obscenity to some major public indecency. You dont do official or school work after 12, ye to sub hi jante hen so talk mature.

  • khamoshi ka boycott nahi, night packages ka boycott
    sms packages ka boycott.
    ja sari raat da package dana si ta chankana booti
    da boycott karana ay tussi

  • For every one who has posted in favour or opposed night packages.. let me say this… I USE THEM… And quite often…… And out of those many times(99.9 %) there is hardly a single instance where i do anything productive( And I’m sure you wold know what I mean here)… So yes.. even though i use them I WOULD STILL WANT IT TO GET BANNED…. People who are advocating about switching to messengers…. Get your facts right.. GO on and find out first how many users actually have access to Broadband services or even dial-up at home….I’m sure not more than5-10% of the whole mobile phone market…. So even if some of you would switch to other platforms many wont…. People advocating that we shouldn’t ban them and let people be judge of their own selves should be reminded that 16 year olds have only only one thing on there minds (Trust me I’m not being judgmental here), well majority of them…. We all know drugs can be bought from any one here if you really want them.. does them that we should legalize them and openly sell them.. would that notion still apply that whoever wants it take it whoever doesn’t wants it leave it????

    Boycotting night packages is about curtailing Only one of those factors that are destroying the destroying the moral fibres of our society.. and i’m saying this as a man who has played his part in this destrucion as well but doesn’t want his fellows to go on that dark road…..

  • Oh and i think i missed one point.. yes there are a few good things that you can do as well as someone described earlier to rehearse presentations etc.. but this is for the greater good….I’m sure if you are rational enough you would sacrifice one thing for the betterment of your fellow beings…….. I dont think anyone would disagree that after all we are all brothers and sisters (except for the ones on the other side of the phone at night :D)

    • i think u will be the top one who know that who is on other side of the phone ?u r too habitual of this
      is it right???

      • Habitual!!! Not anymore…. But that is my point If i can ignore my studies, my work etc just to be on the phone with a girl(or two) any one can…. Anyone who is around the age of 25 would see the difference himself….. When we were in our 16 we had cricket, football, video games at our disposal… Now you see 16 year olds SMSing and using GHANTA offers….. Trust me its not that I’m being jealous that we didn’t had those things… I’m trying to make a point that if a 23 year old guy like me can be vulnerable to these offers imagine the younger ones……. And when you realize that you wasted those years in pointless smsing , often its very late to cope up with the lost time….. My grand father used to say and I think I’ll forget this “HAR CHEEZ KI ZIADATI (excessiveness) BURI HAI”…. These offers are ZIADATI as well…….. Its what our religion as well teaches us… the concept of MAYANA RAVI….. its not that I’m giving a fatwa or something but for every one to look around and see the younger generation stuck to their mobile phones at all times….. and even though while most of you would disagree also encourages sex talk or even phone sex for that matter…..

        • plz give me answer that we should talk with our sorry your girl or boy friend in ” MAYANA RAVI”????????????

          bad is bad no limitation of age and intensity is required and 2nd thing is that in which era are u living in??
          teen ager are on top of dating and somthing else
          i dont thing that any telecomm give u packages of dating?????????
          is it????
          then why rate and percentage of dating increasing day by day

          • When I meant MAYANA RAVI, it wasnt in the sense of Dating but the excessive free packages given to us that encourages dating and other things etc….. I’m not putting this all on teleco companies… Night pacages are not the core reason that encourage this put only part of the problem. We’ve to curtail this one by one, we jsut cant let go one thing because there are milions of other things that we cant make right… That is just my point!!!

            • That’s my point and i thank to ALLAH that u accepted yourself that telecomm packages not the main reason of our spoiled youth.In my point of view we make use of every thing worse and make it spoil and 4 blaming any technology or luxury is not wiseness it seems like that internet is one of the main reason of spreeeding vulgarity
              i known it is! but do u blam on nonliving cables???? no!!it is in hand of living creature to make it in favour or make any technology disaster
              low rates of call during night can’t force people to break thier rule for example when it was expensive i didn’t use to at that time and infact when it is cheep i also not habitual of this foolish packges
              for u victim my suggetion is that don’t blam other blam yourself for all types of resons
              it is one of the main element in our society to blam others and make free ourself from all of the reasons and result

              • I 110 percent agree with you for the fact that technology is not to be blamed…. I’m not blaming technology either… My point is that we should have certain rules in place that should not encourage its mis-use… Can you expect people NOT to rob a bank if you have money in open safes without any security???? There are Rules that are in place for the security of the whole system…… And those rules should also apply to telecom sector to discontinue or discourage its mis-use…… Leave me out of it (I only blame myself for what I did)… but I dont want copies of me roaming around…. and for that there has to be a system in place…. Name me any developed country where there are night packages in place… NONE!!!! In Dubai a single SMS costs half a Dirham…. I mean how can you justify that night packages are PRODUCTIVE in any way???? Trust me not more than 1 percent would discuss their presentations at 3 in the morning…… The primary objective of TELECO is communication NOT FREE COMMUNICATION……. We’ll get the primary communication even without night packages… and even when some will criticize that people would still talk at night I WOULD ASK THEM, HOW MANY ??? That is exactly when I say DISCOURAGE!!!!

                The problem with MNC’s have always been that they exploit 3rd world countries and then in the name of CSR make sure that the victims dont remember the fact that they are a business entity, that is here to make only MONEY!!!!

                When I write you need to understand that however there might be examples that you can quote against my logic… I speak on general Scenarios that shouldn’t be confused with specfics… That is why they call us GENERAL public… I again re-iterate whats for the greater good has to be DONE!!!

                • Thanks for your deep thoughtful speech I think u kept practicing on it
                  Well i think it is totally depend on us because I have seen some of people who became more rebel bcz of restrictions and I also seen some people (NOT some more than some)who doesn’t care of rules and laws for example it is illegal to mark a bread a signal but how many do you think follow that law? And question is arising here that how many has been arrested by that law???
                  it is ironic that we call ourselves an economic society whereas the cornerstone of the religion is justice. if the rule of law is not prevalent in society, it has no choice but to slide into an abyss where injustice prevail n Pakistan
                  Not taking strong action is the core reason of breaking laws and rules
                  it seems foolish to talk about rules, regulations and laws in Pakistan
                  I am also patriotic but I can’t turn away of reality which has been entered in our society as cancer
                  Well of this long debate finally I have reached to find that we both are in against of night packages but perception is different
                  so I am going to tell how to rid of this most foolish and time wasting problem????
                  Now I am going to talk about djucie third advertisement campaign that is “kia hum ghar sy bhir larkiyo ka ih’teram karty hy”
                  If all male will respect female then there will be
                  No need to ask about their cell phone number!!!!,
                  No number means no late night talking!!!! ,
                  No talking at night means night packages will become useless!!!!
                  Then telecomm will loss their profit !!!!
                  When they loss they will not more offering night packages !!!!!!
                  And then our society will freeeeeeee from these problem!!!!!!

                  • As far as the justice is concerned, Well after Raymond particularly I don’t think the RULE OF LAW actually prevents at all… So you are completely correct as far as Justice in PK is concerned.. Anyways even if justice does not exist that shouldn’t stop us from raising our voices against it.. I guess we both are doing the same… Different ways though but still…. at least we are better than the ones who dont raise at all… That too without BANGING THE DESKS OF PUNJAB ASSEMBLY AND STANDING ON TOP OF THEM :)

                    As far as the 3rd ad is concerned, The theme of all of them is pretty awesome but it would have been even better if they would have banned their night packages first that (Consciously or Unconsciously) encourage disrespect at the fist place….

                    • i feel glad that we both agreed(whether we both still didn’t agree one part of our discusion) and we stop arguing each other :))))
                      and now its time to move to contribute or leave comments on latest post at propakistan

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