LESCO Questions Mobilink’s Bill Payment Service

Lahore Electric Supply Corporation (LESCO) is apparently not happy with Mobilink’s Utility Bills Payment Service. They are arguing that Mobilink didn’t contract with them for the bill collections.

Mobilink recently launched bill payment service, which allow any (Mobilink or non-Mobilink) customer to pay their utility bills at Mobilink service centers, franchises and special outlets.

However, now LESCO is of the view that Mobilink is not authorized to collect power bills as it is not in any agreement with LESCO.

In a news item published in Dawn today said:

LESCO has nothing to do with media advertisements by Mobilink for collection of power bills.

On other hands, Mobilink is of the view that they have contracted NADRA for the payment of bills and they have got nothing to do with LESCO, directly, for the said concern.

Company said that they are using NADRA’s bill collection service to serve those who come to Mobilink’s franchisees, service centers and other company outlets.

We have heard that LESCO is planning to give a public notice in three papers tomorrow to let the people know that LESCO isn’t in agreement with Mobilink for the bill payments.

While both the companies have their stances, consumers may get confused with the situation and may end up not paying the bills through Mobilink bill payment service.

It merits mentioning here that LESCO did the same thing with EasyPaisa, when it issued a public notice against EasyPaisa of similar nature. Later on, Telenor managed to settle the issue by giving the company persona numbers (along with bill collection contract of course).

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  • Damn…LESCO is such a greedy evil company. Haraam kay paisay khanay keh chakron mein hain yeh LESCO walay. NADRA ko sue ker dena chahiyay LESCO ko faalto ki taang aranay k liyay. NADRA fit hai!

      • NADRA is working with a lot more companies and it is a government organization and LESCO has nothing to get from NADRA but Mobilink is private and LESCO wants some financial benefit.
        If i would be in Mobilink, i would file a suit against LESCO..

  • NADRA may need to seek permission from utility service providers before letting anyone else other than their franchisee for collection of utilitiy bills, I hope there must be a provision in the contract mentioning that NADRA bill collection is by their franchisee.

    Now question is..is Mobilink franchisee of NADRA?

  • LESCO just means to cause more public inconvenience, a little palm greasing by Mobilink will do wonders…anyone listening???

  • I am sure there is some confusion. Such blunder is not expected from market leader. If it is really a mistake on mobilink’s part then project leader should be hanged

    • hehe yeah…. But if Mobilink resolves this issue in a day or two, then you should be hanged :P

      Just learn to appreciate the services and convenience provided to you by these compnaies…. whether Telenor OR Mobilink OR UBL OR anyone else….. Dont always criticise…. What do you know about the efforts being put by people at Telenor OR Mobilink behind these services? ….. I worked for a telecom company for 4 years and i have very good contacts in 4 out of 5 companies…. i know this stuff very well

        • Relax Dude
          Are you the project leader or what? You need to re-read my earlier comment.
          No need to take it personal :)

          • Hehehe…. nothing personal man :) Actually I have been a project leader for some of telecom products and services…. That’s why i may have took it that way…. Cheers

  • Just got the latest news on this…. NADRA cleared to LESCO that this service is powered by NADRA e-sahulat….. this type of statement by LESCO means giving a bad name to NADRA’s service….. Apparently the issue is resolved now and Mobilink will continue to collect all bills on NADRA’s behalf

    An interesting news from a very reliable source is that Telenor is lobbying strong against Mobilink in this regard and Telenor pushed LESCO to do this notice thing….. If it is true, then its very bad on Telenor’s part….. and definitely not good for their reputation and respect in public…. At least i was not expecting this from such a “Socially Responsible” company….

    All these service like EasyPaisa, Omni and Mobilink Service are contributing towards well being of people, giving them convenience and providing financial services to un-educated class in far flung areas of the country…. THEY SHOULD NOT PULL LEGS OF EACH OTHER…. grow up people…. this should be a combined effort

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