Block Unwanted Calls/SMS [Ultimate Guide]

Lets come to the point, there’s this number that you actually want to get rid of or you are tired of Spam SMS or SMS Bombers. Here are the options to your absolute peace of Mind to block all unwanted calls/SMS.

Carrier Based Options


  • Level of Protection: Both Calls & SMS (up to 50 numbers).
  • Charges: Rs. 15/Month.
  • Activation Method: Call 9211 or URL:
  • Facebook App:
  • Blocking Promotional SMS:


  • Level of Protection: Calls Only (SMS blocking is for Postpaid customers) upto 20 numbers.
  • Charges: Rs. 10/month (calling 420 is billed at your package rate).
  • Activation Method: Call 420
  • Info URL:


  • Level of Protection: Calls Only. (Unlimited Numbers)
  • Charges: Rs. 20/month. Addition/Removal @ Rs. 2+tax.
  • Activation Method: SMS ‘sub’ to 420 or URL:
  • Info URL:


  • Level of Protection: Both Calls & SMS (offered separately w/separate rates). Unlimited Numbers.
  • Charges: Rs. 19/Month. Rs.2/Addition or Removal.
  • Activation Method: Call 9211 or Visit URL (for SMS Blocking Details):


  • Discontinued for both Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

Phone Based Options

clip_image002Some phones have these options built into them for that you will have to consult the handset Manual or check the manufacturer’s website.

It’s impossible to list all of the phone based options individually here in this article.

Below is a list of software than you can install for blocking SMS/Calls.

In some cases the trial versions can help too in fending them off for 15 to 30 days. In some cases you can even get these for Free too.

Symbian or Nokia Handsets

Unfortunately most of these software are available for the S60 (Symbian OS 8 & above) phones, meaning that older handsets (around 5 years old, pre-N70) are not supported.

  • Kaspersky Mobile Security (Free)
  • Norton Smartphone Security (Trial) or Visit from your phone:
  • MCleaner (Trial)
  • Best Blacklist (Free)
  • Search Ovi Store at there are other both free/paid versions available. Also Check:


Go to the Android Market on your phone and there are endless options, well not actually endless but a lot. Here are some of the filtered ones, all are free.

  • Handcent SMS (offers SMS filtering)
  • Anti SMS Bomber (stops multiple SMS/flooding)
  • CallFilter
  • Call & SMS Filter

iOS (iPhone)

You will have to Jailbreak your phone and Install Cydia but I guess that’s how all those iPhones are already here in Pakistan.

You will probably find more with Cydia, here are the top ones.

  • iBlacklist (Trial)
  • clip_image006MCleaner (Trial)
  • MobileGate
  • Create a Free account at & forward your caller to the Voicemail J Download their App from iTunes.

Windows Mobile

No free options here, sadly.

  • Norton Smartphone Security (Trial) or Visit from your phone:
  • SPB Phone Suite (Trial – best paid option)
  • BlackBaller for WM (Trial)
  • Pocket Call Blocker (Trial)

clip_image010Blackberry Smartphone’s

1- Save the number to a contact & create a profile exception to block that number from Profile > Advanced. You won’t be alerted. Please check your phone manual for further details.

2- Use the Blackberry’s Firewall option to block SMS/MMS etc. by going to: Options > Security Options > Firewall. (Caution! They will be blocked & discarded forever.)

3- Create a Free account at & forward your caller to the Voicemail or just plainly block them even from going to your Voicemail, click here for YouMail App on AppWorld.

4- Software Tools:

Complaint Based Options

Your Cellular Company

Here are the PTCL Landline Contact Numbers of all the Cellular companies: (please click on the Title of your desired company for further details) and don’t worry they will listen.


So either you are having sleepless nights or the number that’s annoying you has become a dark evil part of your dreams. In either case lodge a complaint with PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) against that number (even landline).

Call on their toll free number 0800-55055 (recommended) or email at: [email protected] or fill the online form in the link below. You can even track the progress of your complaint online. Further details at PTA Complaint FAQ:

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  • i use handcent.. and its by far the best app for sms. Its a must have app for android users.!

  • Ufone block service for POSTPAID is not blocking SMS …USeless service, complaint them 6 months ago n again n again but no use



  • Mobiion MagiCall is better than softwares you mentioned in WinMo category.
    Those with WinMo devices knows that

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