What to Consider when Sending an SMS?

SMSMainImageDefaultSMS is a strictly casual affair, which is mostly used prior to a call. If you really have something substantial to say then tell it over a call.

Here are some tips and etiquettes (for corporate people at least) that we should consider when sending a text-message:

Message the Right Number: We should make sure that we are sending a text message to the right mobile phone number as its very easy to select the wrong mobile phone book entry. You may not even know if your message that has been sent to wrongly selected number. Its always better to double check the recipient number.

Introduce Yourself First: If you are going to call or send a text-message to someone who doesn’t have your mobile phone number, then first introduce yourself before initiating the actual conversation.

Don’t Use it for Conveying News: SMS should not be used for informing someone of sad news, business matters, or urgent meetings. Messages may end up un-delivered and you may not be able to get your message to the recipient.

Avoid Confidential Issues: Be careful not to send anything confidential, personal, or potentially embarrassing as someone might be looking over the message receiver’s shoulder or your message might get sent to the wrong person and read by someone whom you did not want to share the message with.

Keep it Short: Try to keep your SMS as brief as possible. as no one wants to have an entire conversation with you by texting when you could just call him or her instead.

Respond to the Sender: In case of receiving a text message that was sent to you by mistake, reply explaining that you aren’t the intended recipient. But make sure that you don’t to respond to anything else in the message.