SMS packages: A Tool to Capture and Retain Customers

As young population of Mobile phone users is continuously on the rise in Pakistan, Cellular companies are introducing new SMS packages every other day to hold the subscribers.

In fact SMS has become easy bait for all these cellular companies to hold their subscribers. The prime example of this phenomenon is Ufone, which is leading the SMS race in the country.

Here is the Comparison of all SMS packages offered by cellular companies:

Note: You may need to choose a specific package to avail following mentioned SMS bundles. Not all packages of respective operators may support following deals.

Please check respective operators and their packages for detailed information.

Price SMS Validity
8.37 ( 1200 7 days
29.88 (Inc. tax) 3500 15 days
59.75 ( 7500 30 days
1.79 ( 200 1 day 24 hours

  • Telenor TalkShawk
Price SMS Validity
5+ Tax 200 5 days
10+Tax 450 15 days
30+Tax 1500 15 days
2.5 + Tax 150 24 hours
  • Ufone
Price SMS Validity
6.99+Tax 1200 7 days
25+Tax 2500 14 days
80+Tax unlimited 30 days
3.99+Tax 500 24 hours
Price sums Validity
3.99 Plus Tax 500 24 hours
1.5 Plus tax 150 24 hours
6.99 Plus tax 1,200 7 Days
80 Plus Tax 8,000 30 Days
Price SMS Validity
10 1000 7 days
50 500 per day 15 days
80 500 per day 30 days
3.99 500+100 MMS 1 day 24 hours

  • Warid
Price SMS Validity
7.99+Tax 1000 7 days
6.99+Tax 700 7 days
2.99 250 1 day 24 hours

  • Warid also Offer Zen SMS Craze: Rs. 150 (inclusive of taxes) for 5000 SMS/MMS plus 10 MB of GPRS

There is not much of a difference in all these SMS packages offered by Cellular companies and it is getting cheaper day by day yet giving them more revenue by capturing more subscribers.

These cellular companies have made our youngsters addicted to the SMS mania and they can’t afford to stay away from SMS any time.

Just to tell you few facts:

  • Pakistanis exchanged 151 billion text messages in year 2009 that is 1532 SMS per subscriber.
  • Pakistanis exchanged 128 text messages average per person in 2009 that is higher than 105 messages of world over all average of per person SMS sent in a month.
  • According to the International telecommunication Union (ITU) the globe is earning 14000 dollars every second from SMS that is, assuming an average cost of USD 0.07 per SMS .In 2010 SMS traffic was generating an average of USD 812000 per minute (USD 14000per second) from 5.3 billion global users.
  • Pakistan is ranked fifth in global SMS per subscriber per month list after Philippines 834 ranked first, U.S.A 464 ranked second, Sweden 149 ranked third, and U.K 142 ranked fourth.

  • Add Warid 50 paisa package in GLOW

    Zoom Limited and unlimited SMS + MMS offer (the first ever SMS package of Pakistan)

  • Also add
    SMS craze of Warid Rs 150 inclusive of tax
    5000 SMS/MMS + 10 MB of GPRS Validity 30 days
    Kindly update the above post

  • Telenor Djuice is the best in this business. Telenor is giving one month sms bundle in Rs.50 without tax and Ufone is giving one month sms bundle in Rs.80 without tax. Its ups to you which one u chose. Telenor Djuice Bolti Band SMS Shuru. Telenor Rocks. I Love Telenor.

  • To
    You have not mentioned WARID’s all SMS packages also mentioned by few bloggers above.


  • …. Mobilink, JAZZ ……… NO INCOMING CALLS since morning, Customer Service says, problem with system in Lahore, anyone else experiencing the same behaviour?

  • Mobilink Jazz is best of all. . . 500 sms 3.99 rupez, 2 days. 150 sms 1.50 rupez, 2days & 1200 sms for 6.99 rupez, 7 days. S000per pakgz. . JazZ apna ha.

  • This post is biased and incomplete. actually ufone is so NOT leading the race. they only have the 14 day validity bundle which is lame. costs abt 29 rs incl tax. all the rest ufone sms pckages that you have mentioned here are ONLY available only on their youth package. ufone liars! ufone cheaters!

  • Guys check out Ufones website again, i think Ufone is the cheapest with the following packages copied from the website:

    *Uth Daily SMS Package 600 SMS daily @ Rs. 1.99 + tax

  • Sherry all operators are cheating… MOBILINK is offering ONLY for JAZZJAZBA …. TELENOR is ONLY offering good packages for DJUICE … WARID is ONLY offering for GLOW !!!
    Atleast appreciate the fact that Ufone is offering good packages to all customers

    • Open ur eyes! Ufone offers rs.1.99 daily and 6.99 weekly pkg ONLY ON UTH. ONLY ON UTH. ONLY ON UTH.

  • Dude i subscribed to WARID 50 paisa ! i was shocked to know that the pacage is not available between 9 – 11 pm !!!! atleast bata to do yar ads main !!!!!

    • Warid Customer Representative Officers are lacked in the knowledge about their packages and some system flows.

      I had a bad experince with them last week.

  • im using ufone and i love the new one number free sms package … its soo kewl ! please tell me if there are any other such packages available

  • Can anybody please confirm this???

    Mobilink, JAZZ ……… NO INCOMING CALLS since morning, Customer Service says, problem with system in Lahore, anyone else experiencing the same behaviour?

  • Every company want to become a good for
    people ,because then they would become a popular company.
    I think every company better in different kinds and they doing well job…

  • uth sms packeges can only be used if u hav sub uth pkg
    other wise daily pkg is 5.00 pkr
    and u can not avail weekly sms pkg
    incomplete post.


  • kami bhai jazba jazba main jo b sms packages offer kiye jarahe hain daily weekly aur monthly wo tamam packages k sath active ho jate hain zarori nahi hai k ap jazz jazba package use kar rahe ho tou jazz k sath hi ye sms packages use kar sakte ho No restriction from mobilink enjoy mobilink unbeatable and innovative services every time.

  • biased and incomplete post! it is clear that he write did not even bother to visit the website of the operators before writing this post!

  • i m a ufone customer for years, love uth package! there is no package like the daily package , 600 SMS for only 2 rupees!

  • Kashif open ur eyes !!! MOBILINK is offering ONLY for JAZZJAZBA …ONLY JAZZJAZBA…. TELENOR is ONLY offering good packages for DJUICE, ONLY DJUICE … WARID is ONLY offering for GLOW, ONLY GLOW !!!

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