Play wi-tribe Cricki Wicki to Win Prizes

wi-tribeIn connection with World Cup 2011, wi-tribe has developed this nice and interesting online game called “Cricki Wicki”.

In this gangsta styled game, you will have 50 runs to make in three overs. There are no other rules, all you need is to hit the ball hard.

You can play it on wi-tribe’s website or Facbeook to win prizes, which include:

  • Xbox 360 Go Pro (1st prize),
  • Xbox 360 Jasper (2nd Prize)
  • PSP (3rd Prize).

Yes, anyone can play – all you have to do is to attain maximum points in order to qualify for the prizes.

Head your URLs to this link:

wi-tribe has to say following about the game:

With cricket fever cured and its heroes driven away, a new sport has emerged & you could be its biggest star! you are the wi-tribe crickwicki champ!

It’s still cricket, just minus the complications, add a huge close of fun & presto! You have wi-tribe CrickiWicki.

No more rules that are bouncers, no more being a gentleman. Just go all out and whack some balls!

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