Ufone Launches 3 Android Handsets [Pix+Video]


Ufone has formally stepped into Smartphone handset business. Earlier, Ufone has already tried selling low-end phone and we know the experience has been remarkable, except that the phones used to get unlocked.

Today, in a single go, Ufone has launched 3 android based handsets, which come with 30 MB of free Free GPRS Usage for 18, 15 and 6 Months based on phone model.

All three handsets are manufactured by Huawei and comes with network locked setting. Ufone claims that its Image Phone (U8800) is not unlock-able.

Ufone has arranged hands-on for all the android handsets at its main service centers in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad (F-7).

We managed to catch Mr. Waqar Nayyar, AM Devices and Special projects for Ufone, who briefed us about the Android handsets that Ufone launched today.

Check out more details in following video:

Ufone Image (U8800):

Ufone Image sports a 3.8-inch capacitive touchscreen, a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, Bluetooth, GPS / A-GPS and WiFi connectivity.

Ufone Image Android Phone is powered by a 800MHz Cortex-A8 processor with 512MB RAM.

It has 4 GB of internal memory and supports microSD / SDHC expansion.


  • Android™ 2.2 (Froyo) OS
  • 5 MP Auto Focus Camera with LED flash
  • 3.8” full touch screen supporting auto rotation
  • G-sensor
  • 720p HD video capture and playback
  • WIFI with portable hotspot support
  • Google Software Suite
  • Web browsing with Flash support
  • 512 MB RAM + 4GB Memory
  • Price: Price: Rs. 24,999
  • Free 30 MB GPRS, Every month for 18 months


Ufone Verve (U8500):

Ufone Verge runs on the Android operating system, and comes with a music and video player supporting H.264, H.263, MP4, eAAC+, WMA and MP3 file types.

This model sports a 262K color touchscreen measuring 3.2-inches; you also get features such as an Optical trackpad, Accelerometer sensor, Bluetooth, 3G and a memory slot for up to 32GB MicroSD cards.


  • Android™ 2.1 OS
  • 3.2” full touch screen
  • 3.2 MP Camera
  • Google applications
  • G-Sensor
  • Optical Trackpad
  • FM Radio
  • Price: Rs. 15,499
  • Free 30 MB GPRS, Every month for 15 months


Ufone Ideos (U8150):

We are familiar with Huawei Ideos, which is now brought by Ufone as well. Ufone says it is offering Black Ideos, which is otherwise not available in Pakistan. In addition, Ufone is giving away one free casing with all Ufone Ideos (until stock lasts).

  • Android™ 2.2 (Froyo) OS
  • 2.8” full touch screen
  • Micro SD Card support upto 16 GB
  • G-Sensor
  • Google Software Suite
  • Price: Rs. 11,999
  • 30 MB Free GPRS for 6 months


Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • BB

    Any idea which manufacturer the Verve and Image are made by? The Ideos we know is by Huawei. For the other two to be that cheap I’m pretty sure they would have to be Huawei or ZTE too.

    • admin

      Huawei manufactured, all of them

  • Ariz Shah

    ZoNG is also offering IDEOS in same price except the free data provided by both but for these handsets, ZoNG is offering bestest ever GPRS package.

    • Ahmed

      NO Zong is give U8150 in Rs.11000. Now have to see if Ufone is giving network locked or unlocked set.

      • hsk

        zonG is giving u8150 for 10,999 with 8mb of internet for 6 months

        • Genious

          Ahmed, agar tum aankhen khol ker iss post ko parhho to sab kutch likha hua hai. yeh 3non sets network locked hain. Sirf Image Unlockable hai after certain period.

          • arizshah

            all sets are unlockable right after you buy it. you have to pay about 1500-2000 for unlock code.

          • Ahmed

            “Genious” I read and commented on this post before you brought yourself here, this post was later updated and till then it wasn’t mentioned if it is locked or unlocked. Wasay lar kar aye ho kisi sy?

            • bilal

              yar laikin us nai bola hardware lock hai :s… wat does tat mean ?..

  • Wow. ufone is setting a good trend. i wonder why telenor failed here. i was expecting telenor to launch such offers prior to any other telco.

  • Usama

    Ufone has clearly overshadowed the rest of the industry with this launch. This is sure to force competition to put on their thinking caps to beat this incredible offer.

    Well done Ufone i am heading your way for my very own android

    • Shahid Saleem

      Ufone is late to the party. It is third after Mobilink and Zong.

      Of course, Telenor and Warid are not even on the map. They’re still thinking of Balckberry.

  • Arsalan

    can anyone confirm the processor Speed of Android Image ?

    • imran

      Ufone Image Android Phone is powered by a 800MHz Cortex-A8 processor with 512MB RAM

  • Arsalan

    well i got spec about Android Image phone


    • Ahmedij

      Awesome Design :)

  • All are Huawei sets. All the set are China made sets. I hate ufone.

    • Adeel

      Well Mr you know one thing even the Apple Iphone is also Made in China. so now what would you say about it.? and now nokia sets are also being made in china, not even that Dell, HP, Compaq, HTC, even all big companies hav plants in china and there products are made in china so have you left using them and hate them… please guys change you mind. China is ruling the world with its products and you still are crying….

      • Hammad

        There is no doubt that all the modern set are now manufactured in China including HTC, Apple Iphone etc as well but the difference is the technology, Iphone manufacturing in China doesn’t mean they are using Chines technology, parts are original, only the labour is cheap thats why they are all moving to China. So thats a cheap argument that every phone is from China so all are same.

        • Adeel

          The Same I was saying that if somthing is made in china then it doesn’t mean that it always be bad so why were you cursing above. on your first statement.

        • observor

          LOL @ original parts. Ignorance, as they say, is a bliss.

  • Uphone is the trend setter of the cellular market. These features are amazing and prices are reasonable so I would sourly buy Ufone Verve.

  • tipu

    Great work by Ufone. It is really appreciatable. Now pakistani developers should open forums like Xda as well. It will boost local industry, as we know we have intellect and talent for such things in abundance.

  • pataykhan

    U8500 set is not good. It has outdated hardware specs and software (2.1)

    Ufone should have launched Ideos U8510, which is updated version with newer hardware and comes with gingerbread (2.3)

    I was looking for middle level set, and would have bought U8510 instantly. Looks like, I have to wait more :(

    • Nabeel Amin

      EXACTLY my thoughts!

      Oh I just wished instead of the obsolete U8500, Ufone should have brought the latest U8510 (Also known as the Ideos X3).

      They launced X5, so I wonder why the held back X3!!

      Man, It would have been perfect, and at the pefect, sweet price spot!

    • Adeel

      Bro there is U8800 also go for it…

      • Nabeel Amin

        I think Zong will introduce IDEOS X3, since the price of IDEOS was reduced (to clear stock?).

        Now if they only introduce it at the right price, it will be a sure hit, just like the original IDEOS.

        Plus Zong is more suitable for these data hungry phones (GPRS). Rs.200 for 2GB is not bad at all.

        • Nabeel Amin

          And they can beat Ufone easily by offering X3 at the right price….

        • Sheikh

          Well zong GPRS is v slow as compared to Ufone !

          • Nabeel Amin

            Well how slow is it?

            I am willing to sacrifice speed for price…But I do need to know how slow will it be from ufone or other operators?

            • Sheikh

              Well I Have Bought new zong sim today for 250 Rs. and I have been trying to activate 2GB Package since 3 Hours. Moreover I got free minutes but I am unable to call my single friend indeed.
              Thanks GOD I bought new no. and Ufone connectivity is even excellent. You can call any time.

  • Ahmed

    Good only if unlocked. Otherwise many won’t get this.

  • Bilal

    if i buy ufone image handset so is that mean i can only use ufone sim on that handset??? plz reply

  • Ariz Shah

    So what about the Network Lock option? These sets locked to ufone or unlocked to all networks. And zong is best option despite of ufone

  • Adeel
  • Yes Yes it is age of Android now, Good bye symbian.

    • Bilal

      Symbian is still the ruler in smartphone race. And also it doesn’t need any high spec hardware. Can run on 680 mhz processor and can also encode/decode 720p videos.

      • Nabeel Amin

        Bilal are you blind?

        I really don’t wanna argue with you, but that statement you made “Symbian is still the ruler in smartphone race” is a COMPLETE opposite of REALITY.

        • Ahmed

          @Aamir Atta
          Mota Bhai, Such comments should be moderated. I see propakistani is getting quite relaxed on this.

          • admin

            We are always on it. He had a say, though a rough one.

            We got ur point, will be more careful. Thanks for notifying.

      • Shahid Saleem

        In America, people who can’t afford an iPhone, android phone or Blackberry buy Nokia. It is NOT EVEN a valid option for smartphones.

        Think about that.

  • Ali

    obviously it’s network lock but yu can find out unlock at online or local mobile shop in khi/isl/lhr

  • Saaim

    X3 was an affordable and much better option and hope zong gonna launch it,but gud move,we wana c competition ultimatly bringing affordibl n quality stuff

  • yas

    Ufone. its all about U!. Superb offer by Ufone. I really like these three handsets.

  • Kashif Khan

    I checked the handsets today by going to their service centre.

    Sorry to say, but the handsets are really crap, they are bulky and not good design.

    Plus they are Chinese, so there would be no re-sale value

  • Salman Zafar

    I am using ideos U8150 for 4 months now. Bought it from zong for 16K :(

    Android rockxxx… and handset is of great quality as of any other phone in the market. Huawei is a good manufacturer.

    However, you must take into notice the battery timings of this set are very poor. Maximum it can go up to 24 hours and thats maximum. If u use GPRS which u r supposed to then it lasts only 12 to 18 hours maximum.

    Still i would say for a price of 11K, this is best phone in the market and the best feature is ANDROID.

    You will forget Nokia’s Symbian.

  • Munir

    Good going ufone!

  • doesn’t it say anything about the built in memory for the verve?

  • Pakistanii

    how many times he said yup, anyone can count? :P

    will this handset support 3G?

  • Ahmed Mohsin

    What will be your 1st expression if you hear that iphone is also coming in pak??

    • Shahid Saleem

      The people who can afford an iPhone already have one. Official launch wont make it much cheaper. Certainly, not around 25k Rs.

      Android was in the 40-70 range and is now eating into the 10-30k Rs range. All competitors, watch out!

  • Hammad

    There is no doubt that all the modern set are now manufactured in China including HTC, Apple Iphone etc as well but the difference is the technology, Iphone manufacturing in China doesn’t mean they are using Chines technology, parts are original, only the labour is cheap thats why they are all moving to China. So thats a cheap argument that every phone is from China so all are same. And what the problem with the man …. Aaaaaaaa Aaaaaaaa Aaaaaaaaa Aaaaaa.

    • farrukh

      soooo true mann!!! soo TRUE!!.
      i m usiing iphone 4 , and on the back its written assembled in china !.so 2 days back one of my relative chekin out my 4g and suddenly he said ..
      ooo ye to china wala hai ! i said WTF man its the real deal . then he starts to argue .its china made and bla bla bla . quality me diference hota hai and i was just laughing the whole time . seriously guys we have to change our perception of china made LOL

  • Nauman Afzal

    A review of the Huawei’s Android sets would be appreciated along with the user experience. If anyone has gone for these sets please do let us know. I am using an HTC Wildfire and the it simply rocks.
    @ Salam Zafar, please use Advanced Task Killer to extend battery life by another 24 hours. My Wildfire works for 48 hours after I installed this app, its available at Android Market.

  • Ahmed

    If you search prices of these sets on Internet you may ask:

    Why are these cell phone over-priced (even if tax included)?

    Locked sets are under-priced by telcos in other countries, why these sets aren’t but in fact over priced?

    Are ufone & Zong telecos or mobile shop walaz who sell phones for a profit rather to promote their main business which is selling telecom services?

  • Faheem

    can any one confirm Image(u8800) can be unlocked easily?

  • rahil

    Is there a WIFI in Ufone Verve (U8500)?

  • I dont find them interesting.

  • Ahmed

    Can anyone confirm what this guy in video is saying is true that U8800 is software as well as hardware network locked ?

    P.S. I think not many people watched this video, where he is claiming an over-priced phone to be first cheaper andriod phone is market.

  • Ahmed

    “These phones are being sold at full retail cost of unlocked phones by ufone. which is a ripoff, if ufone sell it 50% off as a subsidized phone then they got all the right to lock it.”


  • Haroon Azza

    Guy in video is answering questions in a very “local style”, then why not in Urdu which I am sure 95% of people can understand here, and then when you pause for a while before you say “Ufone Image”..LOL..one may ask ..Who are these Huawei people after you name it “Ufone Image” ? Too shy to tell manufacturer’s name ;)

    • Nabeel Amin

      101% Agreed.

      He was being over-smart. Does he really think the target audience won’t know that it’s a Huawei? He paused for a bit, and then says “Ufone Image”. Why was he hiding the manufacturer?

      Plus I don’t like how he gave answers. His style was kinda annoying…And he should have used Urdu if his English speaking skills weren’t good enuf..

  • Saqib

    اسلام علیکم

    کیا کوئی دوست مجھے یہ انفارمیشن دے گا کی فون لاکڈ سے کیا مراد ہے؟
    مطؒب اِن فون کا نیٹ ورک لاکڈ کیوں ہو تا ہے اور اگر ایک بار نیٹ ورک کو ان لاکڈ کر دیں تو کیا یہ ہمیشہ کے لیئے ان لاکڈ ہو جائے گا یا ایک مخصوص ٹائم کے لیئے؟

    • Kashif

      نٹورک لاک کا مطلب یہ ہے کہ یہ فون یوفون کے علاوہ کسی اور نیٹ ورک پر نہیں چلے گا،
      مگر آپ اسے باآسانی کسی بھی موبائل سوفٹویر والے سے ان لاک کروا سکتے ہیں۔

  • rahil

    Which phone is better, Ideos or Verve?

    or other companies?

  • yas

    Huawei is not a bad company, its business spread all over the world europe, asia and canada.. So if someone is thinking -vtly about Huawei then correct himself.

    • Haroon Azza

      People can correct themselves but this is also a reality that Huawei provides all good or bad quality hardware to telecos according to their demands, example is cheap quality CDMA phones of PTCL. Specially their CDMA handsets were total crap, same is for their desktop phones first and 2nd generation specially. No one can say he/she is using these phones from more than 3 years now.

      • yas

        less price = less quality, a simple formula. So every vendor makes devices or products according to the demand. if someone spend more money then there will be more quality products for them…..

        • Haroon Azza

          If a company isn’t even in first 20s in brand names and doesn’t spend on advertising its products at all, and new into business of smart phones, and isn’t known by majority..then it shouldn’t even think of expecting selling its products at price other well known brands are selling for.. even if the quality is same like other high tech phones of reputed brands.

  • Kryptec

    He is lying, my HTC Desire is Made in Taiwan not China!

  • Imran

    Hello Friends,

    Low grade processor are installed in phone. All phone has 800mhz scorpion process, and all famous smart phone have snapdragon , A5 and dual core processor. So in low price you have to compromise on processing speed. Remember smart phones are all about processing speed. take your decision based on this.


    • Adeel

      Imran before giving comments or spreading any knowlodge study regarding that first. as you said that all famous smartphone have snapdragon and A5 chips then let you know 1 A5 chips just come in IPAD2 even Iphone 4 doesn’t have this and A4 and A5 chips are just made for Apple by themselves.
      2nd Check the specs of Ufone Image(Huawei X5) if you compare its spec with other manufactureres then you will find that its being given very cheap as same qualities phones are being sold for more than 35K in the market i.e. HTC and Samsungs.
      So if you want to use new technology and you dont have enough money then Ufone’s is providing very nice sets. but if any one have enough money then he can go for HTC or Iphone.

      • Haroon Azza

        As I said before

        “If a company isn’t even in first 20s in brand names and doesn’t spend on advertising its products at all, and new into business of smart phones, and isn’t known by majority of users..then it shouldn’t even think of expecting selling its products at price other well known brands are selling for.. even if the quality is same like other high tech phones of reputed brands”

        2nd, Ufone might be unique in this effort but ofcourse not the best operator. Whatever they do till they don’t stop spamming their customers everyday.

      • m

        Ufone Rep? :D

  • Sheikh

    Sorry, system is busy try a bit later!

    I hate this zong messege

  • Zia Bashir

    Anyone has found any info regarding unlocking of U8800 ? Can it be unlocked simply by a code ?

  • Nasir Zahid

    The only good thing Ufone did is claiming that U8800 is unlockable, otherwise they are selling it at full retail price and still locked. What a bad joke with end user.

  • oldfriend

    Cannniiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :D

  • Noman Aftab

    Does anyone knows if the OS on these mobiles are upgradeable or not?

    • Nasir Zahid

      Yes u can always upgrade but any of these phones will be dead slow after upgrading as requirement of higher OS are more hardware hungry.


    woww man so ugly piece like ufone :p

    [Comment Edited]

  • Atif

    i have purchased two image handsets…
    One became dead after three days….
    The other is fine but the touch screen is not good at all. Tooooo slowwww…..
    It doesnt worth to spend money for these crapy handsets….
    Signals are also not good….:(

    • Adeelx

      Seriously? Did you contact the Customer Service Representatives and inform them about the problems with the phones?

    • Ahmad

      Are you sure???I have been used my Huawei Ideos for 5months and it still good functioning.

  • bilal

    guy in the vdo said tat image fone is hardware locked… wat does tat mean ???…. cant we unlock it by simple code or will hav to change the chip?

    • Nasir Zahid

      This is what many many people wana know but no one has yet replied this question on this tech portal..LOL.

      @Atif, bad luck bro you are ripped by Ufone. Write to PTA or sue them SERIOUSLY.

      • bilal

        lol yea :s.. the report says tat its unlockable.. buy the vdo guy says tat its hardwarelocked.. but i just knw 2 kinds of locks … one is software which can be unlocked by using jaf box kind of tools.. and the other lock is sim lock .. which can be unlocked by simple code … but wats tat hardware lock :s…..

        • Adeel

          Only Ufone Image is Unlockable which is only software locked…

          and Ideos and Verge are hardware locked so u can only use ufone sim on it. it is not possible to unlock it.

          • bilal

            oh tats gud.. but the UFONE guy in this vdo said image is hardware locked :S.. are u sure its unlockable

          • Ahmed

            What you are saying and what that guy in Video is saying are two different things, do you have a reference to it ?

  • guyz be serious about it? is there WIFI in ufone VERVE ? and also suggest me whether i should buy ufone VERVE or ZONG IDEOS?

    • Adeel

      Shehroze. you should go for Verve. As it has every thing you need and very much better than Ideos you can get the full spec by this link


      • Nabeel Amin

        Go for IDEOS. Verve is outdated and has less ram (ONLY 192MB, which is not enough for Android) than IDEOS. Plus IDEOS has Froyo 2.2 while Verve has 2.1 Eclair. Froyo is faster.

  • Ahmad

    I love Huawei smartphones. Im currently using a Huawei Ideos in the USA. Can I know when the Huawei ideos X6 will be launch in Pakistan?I think it will be a slightly cheaper than the price in the USA.I will buy it in the pakistan if it launch there.

  • Nabeel Amin

    Major blooper in article:

    “Ufone claims that its Image Phone (U8800) is unlock-able.”

    Ufone claims it is “NOT” unlock-able!

    • admin

      thanks for notifying, will correct it.

  • Nabeel Amin

    BTW, the correct sentence would be:

    “Ufone claims that it’s Image Phone (U8800) cannot be unlocked.”

  • saleem

    I have image u8800 from ufone and have paid 1500 to unlock it.it works great on all networks now.thanks to GSM doctor for unlocking the phone.

    • Nabeel Amin

      Care to share the link?

  • me

    i have unlocked it by simply entering a code bought for 1500 Rs :).

  • Miesam

    em Zong user and \ve purchased Zong IDEOS last months…. its a great phone in very low cost… its rocking…..!!! I love my IDEOS

  • Zain

    Is the Image (U8800) able to install Gingerbread? (Android 2.3) ???

  • arfan

    i have read all comments then i think
    y not using unlocked phone

    Google H6 Android
    Mobile Phone Price

    Price in Pakistan: Rs.15,000

    International Price: USDollar180

  • arfan

    can anybody use this mobile it is also skype supported, can anybody clarify

  • hasham2

    Image does not have WIFI hotspot support

  • MySchizoBuddy

    Any one knows the price of U8510 IDEOS X3

  • Nice and sleek phone!!!

  • Harold PErez

    Easy to unlock, I like their design! Huawei will improve!

  • rizwan hq

    Selling my iphone 3g blk 8gb in 17.5 with original charger plss contact [email protected] 0323-2451082 exchange with htc need box and charger or exchange with iphone 8gb 3gS

  • moosa

    all of them are unlockable i got ideos unlocked for 12000 and btw zong is giving it for 16000

  • asad

    Damn! these phones are out of stock in islamabad

  • Moazzam

    I wanted to sale my ufone verve u8500 in good condition with 7 months warranty remaining …serious buyers can contact me at 0334-9727486 …………price is 12000

  • May nay ideos u8150 sarena market say liya tha par us ka sensor kharab ho gaya hay to may kya karun koi bhi sensor laga nahi pa raha hay pl tell me what i do

  • irfan

    there is samsung glaxy y. android 2.3.6 gingerbread 3g wifi hs best smart phone in just 12500 rs.