Ultra Specta Organized an Event for Women Day

The biggest women event was held on March 08, 2010 at Kuch Khaas, Islamabad to inspire, transform & celebrate women’s achievements. Seven sessions ran back to back and in parallel.

A central repository of global knowledge and experiences was created and subsequently shared with the women of the world through an extensive and effective use of media to inspire, attain and transform their lives.

Shahina Aftab Foundation (Global NGO for women Development) in collaboration with Ultraspectra (Marketing and PR consultants) partnered to celebrate this 100th years of International women’s Day in ‘Kuch Khaas’.

Destine introduced a revolutionary program platform by employing technology to make the event live to the world making it the only global women’s day, viewable on social media platforms. It was viewed in 8 countries live on website and had over 700,000 interacting participants online. ProPakistani.pk and PakistanAcca.com were the online supporters for the event.

This event had the most influential panel including men and women speakers in leadership positions at International Human Rights Commission, Rutgers World Population Fund, Higher Education Commission, International Finance Corporation, Asian Development Bank, Pakistan Telecommunication Company, British council, Premier oil, ZBZ associates, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, ACCA Pakistan, CFA Association and South Asian Women in Media Association.

The speakers spoke about women in technology, career opportunities in varied industries for women, entrepreneurial opportunities for women along with discussion on enabling laws for women were also extensively discussed amongst the participants.

The event also marked the launch of Women Economic Council which is a revolutionary platform making effective use of media to create mentoring, networking and career progression opportunities for women in Pakistan. Shahina Aftab Foundation (SAF) will organize series of events to create a database of knowledge, ideas, people and opportunities which will all be recorded in WEC Databases and available for the benefit of women across the board.

The event went online live at: http://womenday.ultraspectra.com along with all the social media i.e. Facebook and Twitter updates all along the day.

The event was partnered by Shahina Aftab Foundation (SAF) which is a global NGO for Women Development, and UltraSpectra, Marketing and Corporate PR Consultants.

SAF converts calamity hit, social outcast, and financially excluded women into dynamic change agents through skill development, mentoring and microfinance advisory. It also provides educated women opportunities for fellowships, scholarships and career counseling.

  • Congratulations to UltraSpectra Team for organising such a big event. As far as i can remember this was the first event i attended, which was streamed online and at the same time live blogging on twitter and facebook was going on. excellent, u guys took one step further to the future of live broadcasting.

  • This was an attempt to break the norms and take the event management one step forward by covering it live – Although its been practiced abroad frequently but we haven’t seen it in practice in Pakistan. So we are trying to redefine event organizing. It was well appreciated and attended by people.

    We plan to take this even further :)
    By the way – Join Us on another event for International Women’s Day by UltraSpectra doing it with UN Women, UNIDO, ICT Administration, Government of Pakistan – Ministry of Human Rights and ECI at Arts & Crafts Village – Islamabad. Represent 52% of our population in the fields of Information Technology, Media, Health, Law and Human Rights.

    Looking Forward – Thanks for the support.
    [ I personally thank Pro Pakistani Team to be the online supporters of this event to support Pakistani Women in Technology ]

  • It was one of the best events …. people from all over corporate sector and government sector were there. how to get a success full carer in social media by women …

  • I think one of the biggest things that happened at the event was the launch of the Women Economic Council (WEC), which will provide the Pakistani women a global platform to learn, network, train, polish their skills and be recognized globally for their talents, skills and abilities.

    At Shahina Aftab Foundation, our work has already been covered by BBC, Forbes, Martha Vineyard times, Hindustan Times amongst others. The founder and CEO of Acumen Fund & the author of blue sweater, Jacqueline Novogratz wrote to Shahina Aftab the founder & CEO of Shahina Aftab Foundation (SAF) “I salute your work”.

    WEC will provide opportunities to women across the globe to have this kind of global audience and an ability to showcase their work to whose who of the world! Your support will make it a tremendous success and I look forward to a lot more women comments, after all its women empowerment :)

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