Dr. Shah Joins ‘Internet Media’

Dr.-Syed-Anwar-Ali-Shah-eTechsol-Country-Manager-Sales-And-MarketingDr. Syed Anwar Ali Shah, who had recently resigned from eTechsol / EyeBlaster, has decided to move on with a digital media marketing company, named ‘Internet Media’, told us a source close to Dr. Shah.

As per information we have got, Dr. Shah will be Director Marketing for the said company. Based on his profile, knowledge and the prior experience, this is what exactly suits him the best.

From what we have heard, Internet Media is providing 360 degree digital media solutions and global brand planning with the big picture and results to its local and international clients.

We are told that Internet Media already has a handful number of clients including famous brands of the local and global market.

With the joining of Dr. Shah, one can easily derive that ‘Internet Media’ would clutch a notable advertising share of the local industry in coming days.

Dr. Shah, who is largely known for bringing in new phenomenon and technologies, may end up with something entirely different at Internet Media. From inside scoops, we can speculate that Dr. Shah is working on a CPM network, an automated one, which will allow Pakistani publishers to sign-up and earn handsome amount of money from their online ventures.

Competition agencies are going to live a tough life, if this expected CPM network thing goes through.

This update will cap those countless rumors about Dr. Shah’s career, a notable rumor was that he may join Ufone or Zong to look and manage company’s media advertising activities including online media.

It merits mentioning here that Dr. Shah has got a doctorate degree in Strategic Business Planning.

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  • what is the website address of this “Internet Media”?

  • Arif Khan

    Who is Dr. Anwar Ali shah and why there is an article about him posted here?

    What are his contributions to Pakistani Telecom and IT industry that made him eligible to have an article about him here?

  • Tanveer K.

    Glad to know about Dr.Shah that he has joined Internet Media. I’m pretty much sure about him and his newly joined organization that they will transform the whole digital industry.
    Good luck Dr.sahab!

  • huma khan

    can we have the contact of dr shah, and what is the email address..

  • His linkedin profile already showing that he is with zong,ufone, wi-tribe and PTCL

  • S.Khan

    @Arif: It is clearly mentioned above about Dr.Shah, and you are asking who is he? :)
    Well, I would like to congratulate Dr.Shah for his new joining after shaking eyeblaster:) definitely, Internet media would be the next big thing of digital media industry.

  • Tahir Ali

    hmmm..association of Dr.sahab with Internet Media…sounds interesting btw what is the URL of Internet media??

  • Aman Sardar

    Dr.Shah, A marketing guru and great personality. I know him personally.He would definitely takes Internet Media to the new heights and bring a wave of change in the advertisement industry.

    Best of luck dear.

  • Syed Haider Ali

    Poor etechsol…..lost a key person…

  • Azam Saleem

    Where is Internet media located?
    Congrats Dr.Shah for the new position..You will rock the Internet Media for sure.

  • Salman Akhtar

    Internet Media will definitely grab the market share due to Dr.Ali Shah

  • Farah Tabassum

    Congratulations Sir

  • Haroon Baig

    Is this a local venture?

  • Abdul Khaliq

    Chagaye ho Dr.Sahab:)))))

  • Sultan Afaque

    Internet Media seems to be on top in coming days..I wish them good luck in this cut-throat competition era.

  • Hadi fazal

    One more addition of digital player..but Dr.Shah will give a new dimension our new born online industry…Best of luck Dr.Shah for a new journey!

  • Talha ahmed

    Internet Media created the crunching situation..

  • Adil Ansari

    Internet Media …you got a jewel:D

  • Fahad soomro

    Now our industry will get the boom by this new addition.

  • Anila Zahid


  • Shahid chaudry

    What exactly Internet media will do? can any body tell me?

  • Anees zaidi

    Dr.sahab zindabadd=)



  • Digitally_yours

    Ah! Propakistani, are you trying to secure some business from this gentlemen by promoting him? I know his correspondence skill and you are labeling him as a qualified digital personality having doctorate degree. Wo! please consult some good psychiatrist, you need a good treatment. This guy has no contribution to the digital industry and where it comes to etechsol, the agency was not even able to breakeven… forget about the rest…