PTA Issues List of Telecom Equipment for Type Approval

32811Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has updated the list of advanced Telecom Equipment, which is subject of its type approval by its manufacturers, importers and users for the purpose of trade and operate within the boundaries and airspace of the country.

The authority has identified equipment of eight categories under its type approval with varied fees separate for imported and locally-manufactured telecom equipment.

Type Approval is granted to a product that meets a minimum set of regulatory, technical and safety requirements.

Generally, type approval is required before a product is allowed to be sold in a particular country. Further approval or no-objection certificates are is issued to users of the equipment by the authority.

Local manufacturers, importers and users are provided certificates while maintaining full details and information about equipment and accessories supplies, its purpose of use and place of installation.

PTA’s regulation said that “It issues Type Approval Certificate to any person, class of persons, company or corporation.

Any concealment of material facts, whatever may be, by the applicant or his agent at the time of submitting application or thereafter shall render the certificate liable to be cancelled, PTA Type Approval Regulations 2004 added.

The telecom watchdog special test committee assesses the functions of telecom equipment against the providing details and its purpose of use by the applicants,

Following are categories for Type Approval Telecom Equipment

1. Wireless Module

This category will include module used for data communication using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE, 3G (HSDPA) and other such terminal modules. It fees are set at US $ 100 for imported and Rs 5000 for locally-made items.

2. Wireless Radio Sets

Radio device like Toys, I.T equipment or any portable device where two way communications is involved, and whose working range is up to 50 meters will be allowed to operate on non-interference basis without getting any type approval. However all other radio equipment will be type approved. The charges are fixed at US $ 500 for imported and RS 5,000 for local brands.

3. Vehicle Security Devices

This will include the Vehicle Tracking Device, Remote Keyless Entry System devices and other such terminal equipment. The fees are set at US $ 100 for imported and Rs 5,000 for local brands.

4. RFID Equipment

RFID equipment are type approved operating in approved RFID bands. The fees are fixed at US $ 100 for imported and Rs 5,000 for locally-made equipment.

5. VoIP Terminal Equipment

This category contains only the desktop IP Phones. Other such terminal equipment can be added whenever required. The authority has set charges for type approval at US $ 500 for imported and Rs 5,000 for local brands.

6. Fixed Wireless Terminal Equipment

This category includes CDMA Desktop Phone, GSM Gateway and other such terminal equipment. PTA will issue Type Approval certificates at US $ 100 for imported and RS 5,000 for local item.

7. Broadband Terminal Equipment

This includes the WiMAX Terminal, Wi-Fi Terminal, CDMA USB/PCMCIA Modems and other such terminal equipments. The type approval fees will be US $ 100 and Rs 5,000 for imported and local items.


This category contains the PABX/IP-PBX and other such terminal equipments can be added whenever required. The type approval fees have been set at US $ 500 and Rs 5,000 for imported and local machines, however US $ 100 and Rs 1,000 will be charged separately for additional 1,000 lines.

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    • No need to give hats off t0 PTA for anything. This caused much frustration and suffering since the SRO issued by PTA was not clear and PTA was not accommodating when the people suffering from detained shipments in customs went to them for help.
      A crap initiative with even poor implementation. The buffoons need to rectify this ASAP. Why do i have to take a type approval from PTA for a 90$ tablet that i am importing from China for my personal use?
      The fee for approval of each model is 100$. In most cases more than the cost of the equipment itself. PTA should publish a list of all type approved equipment on their website and there should not be any Type Approval requirement for equipment that has already been type approved. The SRO further states all tablets that contain wifi. This is utterly crap. Since there is no tablet today without wifi. Which means each and every tablet coming through customs would require a Type Approval from PTA.

  • Hi
    Other side of story is that PTA is adding on new requirments for Type Approval without consulting stake holders which is clear violation of established practices by “Regulators”.
    As per regulations, PTA is required to maintain a record (for public veiwing /consultation) which is normaly not updated.
    Why does not PTA publish the list of type approved equipment on its official web site for consumption of general public? Probablyfor hidden motives for keeping this public inoformation restricted !!!!

    • Dear Ali,

      My name is Muhammad Najeli, from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

      Can you help me to apply Pakistan PTA Type aprpoval for the product Keyless System?

      Please give me your mobile phone number, i will contact you.

      I need your service to apply Pakistan PTA Type Approval Certificate for my products.


      Phone : +60133979173
      Email : [email protected]

  • A ________nation with ______ organizations and _____ rules and policies. Dont worry guys, in an unconstitutional country it happens. Pakistan law is completely wrong low

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  • Dear Mr. Asad

    I want to import UHF or HF RFID (Radio Frequency identification) tag for labels for the warehouse management system.

    do i need a licence from PAT to import.


  • I have imported 13 IP Phones from china for my office to be used with my asterisk based ip pbx system. custom demanded type approval from PTA. when i went to PTA they told me to submit 600 us dollars for the process and certificate. i told them that my equipment total cost is 320 us dollars so how can i give you 600 us dollars. they detained my ip phones. What kind of country is this. Is this Islam. Is our constitution islamic. Should we get involve in terrorism because our own constitution is stopping us using the latest technology. Should we convert to some other religion because in Pakistan Islam is total making us frustated by the laws. even it is taking our rights to live. should we left this country for always. because breathing is not allowed here. If our constitution is Islamic and Islam beleive in freedom, so what kind of organization is PTA. should we become Taliban and attack the PTA. I just hate the thing PTA and Pakistan. Pakistan nation for only limited people. It is not country for the mass. Why God made me born here.

    • Dear Naseer Ullah Khattak,

      I too feel your pain. Since i also imported some tablets which were detained by customs asking for Type Approval from PTA. This was some serious bullshit. Since the fee PTA was charging for the Type Approval was more than the cost of the tablets themselves.

      Originally if i go through the SRO issued by PTA this was supposed to be required by commercial importers who were importing in large quantity and was meant to ensure that the end user gets standardized equipment.

      But this was totally misinterpreted by customs buffoons. They started detaining even single unit items from individual users.

      I can feel your frustration, but letting out the steam on Islam and Pakistan is totally misguided. What has Islam and Pakistan to do with all this crap?

      Islam is no doubt the best religion and Pakistan is no doubt one of the best countries in the world. I have been traveling around the world and have visited countries who are considered to be super powers or developed. Believe me we are better then them in a lot of ways.

      You might have had better luck involving a clearance agent. There are ways of getting the shipments cleared without involving PTA.

      • Non-Sense, another way of making money, they just are making things very difficult, i wonder why we are so backward, corrupt and inefficient.

    • yeh haramkhor khud sale karte hein confirm ….. ALLAH ki maar ho in per aur is duniya mein azab ho in beghairton ko ……. islam? kise samjha rahe ho? …… aap ko insaniyat kafiron mein aur janwaron mein nazar ayegi, but these filtheee baaasturds does’nt have any credibility ….. they can sell their mothers for money ……

  • Dear Asad, if you import UHF or HF RFID and it stop by custom then you have to go to PTA for license and it cost you $100. For each model you have to pay $100 for each device not RS.5000.

  • Implementation is my foot PTA is My foot these bullshitter will suffer the poor paki people more and fill the pocket of customs and PTA assholes ..implement it for large importers and why for normal people where in world it happen assholes inventing money making scheme instead of giving relief to collapsed paki people fuck

  • Pakistan is already ranked poorly for innovation and innovation can only happen with proper telecommunication policy.

    Bullying and harassing individual single item consumers who are importing useful equipment for their personal use will not help!

  • I’m confused about the fees, are those fees going to be incurred on the single product ordered?

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