Warid Introduces MircoSIM

micro-sim-glowAfter Ufone, Warid has also introduced MicroSIMs, primarily used for iPhone 4 and iPad devices.

Warid says that its MicroSIMs are designed for use in the iPhone4, iPad 1 & iPad 2 and all other Micro SIM compatible devices.


This 32KB MicroSIM from Warid is priced at Rs. 500, little pricy!


  • These SIMs are currently available at Warid Business centers in the following cities:
    • Lahore
    • Gujranwala
    • Faisalabad
    • Multan
    • Islamabad
    • Peshawar
    • Karachi
    • Hyderabad
  • SIMs are available in limited stock only

  • Whistle-blower Program

    Warid Telecom has created a “Whistleblower program”, for all of our stakeholders, to voluntarily provide information relating to fraud or illegality involving the Company. This Whistle-blower program stands for “making a disclosure to safeguard common interest”. It serves to create an atmosphere of openness and trust and to maintain a safe and effective environment for our business partners. A Whistle-blower may be any employee, distributor, franchisee, vendor, banker, etc.

    Features of the Program:

    To provide an opportunity for confidential or anonymous submission of complaints to the Company on any concern regarding questionable practices or fraudulent activities.

    To report any misconduct or concern about an employee’s actions which are considered to be questionable, misleading or fraudulent, without regard to the position of the person(s) responsible for the complaint or concern.

    All reports are expected to be made in good faith. The information is required to be factual rather than speculative and may be presented along with supporting evidence/proof, including, name(s), dates, places, events, person’s perception of why he/she suspects the fraud, illegality or other wrongdoing.

    The confidentiality of the whistleblower’s identity, the nature of the report, and the suspected/alleged person’s identity shall be strictly maintained to the extent that it is lawful and the investigative process allows.
    All complaints are to be reported to [email protected] or mailed to the Head of ARG at Warid Telecom corporate office address:

    Warid Telecom (Pvt) Ltd.
    Head Office
    9th Floor, EFU House
    Jail Road

    Whistle-blower program is not intended to cater to the subscriber-related complaints as the same are to be reported at [email protected]

    • My Dear Operator,

      Allow me to make a few things public.

      1- Without my consent I got my number’s ownership changed. My number which was ported to Warid from telenor is so called “Golden/Silver number”. When I contacted [email protected] after a few days I got this reply claiming that they “investigated” and it was a system error. Strangely system didn’t change my friend and family numbers on Warid members portal, and my address, name and CNIC number of owner was changed. Warid replied on replying only on this, no apology for my privacy concerns which showed company isn’t much concerned about this.

      2nd company has no idea probably of PTA rules that even with owner consent ported numbers can’t have a ownership change.

      2- On a Pakistani forum I once say a warid Lahore HQ employee offering his paid services to change postpaid to prepaid which wasn’t allowed by warid in past, certainly this was on Internet, i.e. an Internet business.

      3- Do you make it sure that your franchises have their staff wear an employee card and don’t allow strangers to peak into your systems ? I haven’t seen this at your franchises.

  • why should I pay Rs 500 for this micro-sim.
    I have I-Phone, i got a prepaid sim ( normal size ), and got it cut down to micro size from Hall Road, Lahore for Rs 100/=.
    I not agree to this cost of Rs 500 being charged by Warid.

  • wow….! Shakir farooQ u prove that u r real pakistani……! haha….! its a good offer by warid but price is so high…..! :)

    • bro even on ebay UK, eaby Germany, Canada, US all over you can find SIM cutters in Euro 15, US$20. In that case they are more Pakistani than Pakistanis? ;) We Pakistanis aren’t different human beings in positive and negative terms.

  • where Ufone provide microSIM at just Rs. 50/- a normal SIM change charges….
    whats so big in it why they are charging 500 rupee
    o hello……come on have same controll on ur desires in order to get better customer response and trust….
    wake up before its too late.

  • O bhai 500 ka to Micro sim Cutter aa jata hai , even app dobra woh sim normal phone ma bhi use kar saktay hain, with additional covers.

  • Ufone have also this


    SIMs will be charged as per exiting rates inclusive of tax:

    New Sales: Rs. 200
    SIM replacement: Rs. 50

    • new sale mean new connection, but if u want to replace the sim card u have only to pay RS. 50 no additional charges

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