Mobilink is up for 3G: Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan, CEO MobilinkMobilink is ready for a go to offer 3G services in the country, provided the government assures a fair and cost-effective allocation of spectrum in the industry, said Mr. Rashid Khan, CEO Mobilink in an interview with Daily Times.

He was quoted saying:

“We give our assurance and commitment in cooperation for early launch of 3G, we also would like to recommend an appropriate approach for allocation of the 3G spectrum.

The allocation of this spectrum should be planned in a manner that presents a plausible business case for the cellular mobile operators keeping in view the challenging financial situation surrounding the cellular mobile industry in Pakistan”.

Mr. Khan showed his concerns over high tax rates for telecom services, despite the fact that telecom sector has contributed the most for the country’s economy. He said:

Telecom companies have continued to invest and expand their networks in Pakistan. Out of a total investment that exceeds $11 billion, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) of more than $6.4 billion has been made by the telecom sector; the telecom sector is the largest recipient of FDI in Pakistan.

Despite geo-political instability and pressures affecting Pakistan, the telecom sector has shown rapid growth and evolution and also been a key economic driver, he said and added the telecommunication sector contributes 3 percent to the country’s GDP.

He pointed out that the cellular industry alone has paid over Rs 300 billion through various taxes in the past five years alone.

Pakistan cellular sector is paying high taxes in comparison to the entire region as its overall rate reached 31 percent whereas the regional countries tax heads contained between 10 to 15 percent,” Rashid Ali said. “In contrast the cellular tariffs in Pakistan are amongst the lowest in the region.”

Rashid Ali Khan urged that the relevant authorities should support the cellular sector and ease this tax burden to provide relief to the common man keeping in view the challenging financial situation surrounding the sector and its users.

    • According to my Knowledge, every cellular company has tested 3G 2 years back, but there is the problem with PTA, they want them to get another license for 3G, and thats the issue, as this is just a value added service doesn’t require another license. but i believe that 3G is not going to be the real 3G in Pakistan.

  • we are listning frm past 5 to six year that 3g is comin 3g comin bt till now no progress inpakistan…still i hope 3g service will strt soon pakistan ….

  • All the companies are READY to launch 3G, its just that they are NOT ready to pay the ridiculous license fee.

    Its a dead end, i don’t see the NEED or the future of 3G in Pakistan, when companies make decision like this they look into profits, thats how a business works. They wont be paying Millions of dollars to bring something in Pakistan which will only be used by a handful of users.

  • Mobilink needs to first improve its 2/2.5 network and then think about 3G!I’ve witnessed worst data rates here! :(

      • i am using Mobilink GPRS services for last 2 years now and moreover i even have mobilink infinity and both of them have excellent spped. I download movies at great speed and never had issue with without data serivces. I even had services in Sahiwal.

        • You are right, but there is a difference between GPRS and Edge Services, As we all know that there is no concept of Service Agrement that states, ” User will have best quality of Services at Peak Times too”
          So may be at your region you may have best service but at peak time, you will not.
          And about infinity, that is the whole different case. A WiMax service.

  • Its a very common misconception that 3G stands only for better data rates, this is the partial truth, with 3G you get way better call quality & much more capacity for simultaneous call connections under a cell site.

    Considering the legacy networks Mobilink has been working on to provide competitive services, I think its high time that Mobilink embraces the new technology as & when its becomes available, in order to sustain its position as the market leader.

    It is also good to see that Mobilink being a market leader has voiced very genuine concerns of the entire industry. I hope the government & regulatory authorities will look at the long term sustenance & growth of the industry, rather than short term ‘$’ gain that would adversely affect the industry & already hard pressed common man.

  • In Pakistan only Telenor can start 3G because they have the power of Money and Also they have Pakistan’s Fastest and Smarter Edge/GPRs Network. Only Telenor Go for 3G.

    • @Aizaz, i think u are employee of Telenor, anyhow why Telenor is not making such kind of AD in Norway, even -ve things and points are much more than Pakistan. Telenor always run compaign inwhich they just give us messege that we Pakistani are just sick and unmannered people. Kabhi karo mumkin show or kabhi khamoshi ka boycot? whats the hell?

      • Grow up. Norway is considered to one of the world’s most happiest countries as they do not have law & order issues and consumer ethic issues. If someone is backing up Telenor, it does NOT mean he is an employee of there.

        Furthermore, do not forget that Mobilink was not even interest in giving EDGE/GPRS a common chance. Mobilink has always kept things ‘elite’.

  • Also ZONG have the power to launch 3G but why not till launch it, If direct going to 4G then we go with modern technology.

  • Yeh Mobilink is one & only who provide EDGE service in all Pakistan in this time.
    Baki companies sirf big cities main service de rahe hain

    • Disagree!
      Its only Telenor with nation-wide Edge network..Mobilink offers edge only in Urban Cities..

      • Why Telenor is not making such kind of AD ;DJUICE; in Norway, even -ve things are much more in Norway than Pakistan. Telenor always run compaign in which they just give us messege that we Pakistani are just sick and unmannered people. Kabhi karo mumkin show or kabhi khamoshi ka boycot? whats the hell?

  • V.good news coz it will create competition amongst CO. and hopefully they will start 3G war like they do in SMS packages ;)

  • By chopping promotions and bonuses of employees Mr. Rashid can claim this

    [Comment Edited]

  • But the question i have in my mind is, do we have sufficient people who really take the benefit of these services, like video calling, high speed internet?

  • funny post, bhai idher DSL to hay nahi fiber optic wala….copper line per 2mb ghis pitt ker chalta hay, kahein duurrr kisi khushkismat ke ghar fiber optic ki access he…… aur batein suno zara hum pakistaniyu ko “4g ayege ye hoga wo hoga”

    • i think ur comment is most funniest joke i have heard in a while.( NO DSL and fiber optics ) LOL.u must be living under a rock for some years !! ghar se bahir nklo zara bhai .

      • Dude, He’s is saying right. There is no wired stable internet connectivity in Pakistan. Only few people have fiber optic landlines which provide stable DSL support. First our telecom companies must fix these issues then they should go for wireless stuff. They are spreading rumors about 3G/4G networks. These upgraded networks will not be available until everyone has 3G supported mobile phone. All they know is to make top profit from the consumers.

  • aaah tired of listening all this crap!! we ain’t gonna get 3G soon, not atleast in this year coz our government SUCKS and PTA SUPER-SUCKS!

  • good show!
    a technology like 3G calls for heavy investment and initiative. and i think mobilink is THE MOST suitable company to go for it and well it’s already leading it. since it has the biggest network currently, i think it will be easier and more practical for them to go for it.

  • Other countries are heading towards 4G LTE, and we poor Pakistanis are very excited with The news of 3G, which we dont know when we will be able to get this service, our Govt. dont want us to move forward, they will keep us engage in electric, water and other infrastructure problems. We youth should seriously think about how to get oUr country & freedom back from these looters, assholes.

  • our main problem is we cant do anything, we just talk, talk and talk. this is what we are doing and the all the nation is doing all day.
    we are just sitting in front of the computer at home/office and reading forums and blogs and giving comments. the media is also doing the same, all the TV shows and talk shows are just doing BAATEIN BAATEIN AND BAATEIN.
    the bottom line is “HUM LOG SIRF BAATEIN KAR SAKTAY HAIN”

    [Comment Edited]

  • i get why everybody’s so frustrated but we should realize that even 3G is a luxury and we should be glad that these big giants are going ahead with bringing it to our country. i think we should salute mobilink for taking the initiative and actually support them as much as we can and rest well.. just pray that they are successful in this. :)

  • cmnts parh kr khushi hoyi
    han yeh such he hamare hukmaran he hamen facilities provide krna chahty
    or … dua he kr skty hen ham

  • Its official mobilink is not launching 3g services but instead going for 4g service.
    Keep it up mobilink.Ye hoi na baat.

  • Yar yeh log dhanki speed de nh sktay 4g kya dain gay.3g july 2012 ko ya march 2013 tk release ho jae ga

  • Inshalla.h dostoon in siasat danoo say koi umeed nh rkhna . Or sb say pehlay waraid 3g release karega

  • bhai yahan pehlay companies hidden charges tho khatam karin, radio fee thak lay rahein hein customer say….. yahan NTC waghaira ka abhi thak fiber stable nahi, kionkeh sifarshi beitay hothay hein PTA, NTC mein , technical problems ke liye bahir say logoon ko bulana partha ha, our pakistani brilliant tallent ke liye koi jaga nahi woh bahir ja rahy hein, Mein khood kia saloon thak kaam kar choka hoon Pakistan mein likan akhair kar majboor ho kar bahir hi jana para, Agar khuloos say chahay tho pakistan mein thamam companies aik din mein 3G service shoroo kar sakthi ha, agar baray level par commission ka chakar nikaal diya jay…

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