PTCL Introduces Public Cash Payment Machines

PTCL_Bill_PaymentIn a bid to enhance customers’ bill payment experience, PTCL has introduced Public Cash/Card Payment machines (PCPM).

These machines are self payment collecting kiosks which accept cash from the customers against the services provided by PTCL and provide receipt/SMS confirmation to their selected Mobile numbers against the cash input.

By using the machines, the customers will be able to pay their PTCL invoices by visiting PTCL business offices.

By using the machines, Customers can themselves pay their PTCL bills without involving any PTCL staff.

Key Highlights:

  • Customer can pay while shopping at Metro and Malls.
  • Payment of PSTN ,BB,EVO, IPTV
  • Recharge of WLL and other prepaid services  
  • It updates the customer account immediately .
  • Advance and partial are accepted.
  • The machines will generate receipts for customer in confirmation for the payment.
  • SMS will be sent to the customer in confirmation for the payment .
  • Automatic restoration of suspended lines on payment.
  • Machines are customer oriented easy handling touch screen mode feature having the dialect both in Urdu and English.

  • A good effort. One more IDEA.

    But I will suggest that if PTCL disconnects DSL/EVO due to non-payment customer should still have access to payment page like Wi-Tribe and Wateen, so customer can scratch PTCL phone bill cards and enter to easily pay their bills.

    This can be achieved by allowing customers to be able to dial a payment number atleast even when all services are disconnected.

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