Kiya Yeh Khula Tazaad Nahi Hai?

Few months back, in September 2010 to be exact, Telenor made following TVC, and aired it country wide on various TV channels.

If by any chance you missed this TVC, which was later pulled back by Telenor, it encouraged flirting by showing few guys going after a college girl. Have a look at the TVC yourself

Now look at following TVC, which shows a similar college girl being followed by few guys, even an uncle as well. Look at the resemblance of acts in both the ads.

  • As Sohail Waraich says : Kiya yeh Khula Tazaad Nahi Hai?
  • or its “Dair Aye Darust Aye”

Have a look please!

  • Samz

    September 2011? 2010 I think?

  • bilal

    well really there isn’t much of a similarity in the acts. one was with consent, the other shows outright molestation.

    • asif

      telenor supports flirt with consent?

      • Saad Waseem

        Its a free country, is it not?

        • Jibran

          I am free to stare gals too. Why do then telenor has problem with my starring if i m free to do anything?

          • Gul

            @Jibran: Would you have problem if some one stare at your sister, after a this is a free country???
            Plz learn to respect females they are also mothers n sisters.. Would U??

          • Ubaid

            “free to do anything” also implies to murder anybody..Go and kill someone as well after all, you are free to do anything…**sigh**

  • Imran


  • Asad Kiani

    Do you think they care?

  • thulla

    one company, two faces

  • I think date should be September,2010.

  • hahahhahaa! Now this is good memory! looking forward from to see a response from Telenor :p

  • Asad

    lol good catch

  • Aizaz

    oooooooooooo bahi enhon nay cheez sell kerny hai… aur awam ko tu hai hee ahmak… jo media dekhata hai waisa hi boltay hain…

    bahi yehan pay her koi apna ulu sedha ker rha hai.

    Gardari Awam ka khoon choos ker khush, Mooj extension lay keh aur Tato ka paisaa khaa ker aur amreeka key bat maan ker Baymani be khush hai :)

    • Aizaz

      samjh tay fair tusi gay ee hovo gay :p

      • imran

        achi tarhan

  • Dar’s Opinion

    It’s more like realizing mistake.
    On the other hand, two different brands of the same operator with different approaches. :P

  • fari

    pehlay ap titlion ko tang karnay ka kehtay hain aur phir jab awam titlion ko tang karti hay tu khamoshi ka boycott bhi kartay hain?

    kiya yeh khula tazaad nahi hay?

  • Zonger

    Ansari sb kithay chalay gaye? bolday nahi hun tusi

  • kashif

    Crap blog! I knew this was coming. This ad was left to talk about in the series of campaign. I wonder if… Aho!

    • Zonger

      bahiyo aa giya ansari, par naye naam say hahahaha

    • Thulla

      tu kya telenor ka asli chehra dikhana ghalat hay?

  • sid

    I was waiting for this post = D I am sure this is not what Telenor meant by “Khamoshi ka Boycott”, must be something else which concept team and ad agency messed up with their own ideas i guess = D

  • Munna

    learning from mistakes is not bad

    • positive

      u r one of the “chamcha” of telenore

      [Comment Edited]

  • Fazal

    Agree with Bilal, if you think that verbal/physical molestation is the same as adding someone on Facebook then you need to think twice!

    • blunt

      we dont need to think twice both are same educated one use fb for this type of molestation and uneducated on use verbal one
      so no diff at all

      • bilal

        I think you missed the point of the first advertisement then. The girl waved at him in the end – essentially she AGREED to add him to FB.

        Choosing what is right and what is wrong is a personal decision, but being unable to understand the acts in the two advertisements are VERY different are signs of a troubled mind.

        • positive

          trouble mind?????
          in first TVC he didn’t only added a girl ‘if u really think then u need to focus ur attention again in previous one TVC
          at first he was behaving immodestly
          then he focused that he should have to used fb for girl’s further in4mation
          the girl added him or not it doesn’t a mater ,
          in both tvc boys and uncle behaved
          immodestly and in first one the girl became the part of that and in latest one girl shouted out it means difference was shown in female characters not in male one
          its means first telnore told us to keep chating while electricity break down is no matter and how boys get in4mation about thier classfellow and now telling us”kahmoshi k bicott”
          Choosing what is right and what is wrong is a personal decision
          Yes it is but usage of fb not the change meaning of molestation
          on fb what the people do usully?
          kia wo aik dosy ko bhi behan ban kar baat kar ry hoty hay ?
          I hope u will understand properly

        • blunt

          trouble mind????
          in first TVC he didn”t only added a girl if u really think then u need to focus ur attention again in previous one
          in previous TVC first he was behaving immodestly and then he focused on cell phone that he should have to use fb for the girl’s further in4mation
          the girl added the boy or not it doesn’t matter
          in both TVC boys and uncle behaved immodestly but in first one the girl became a part of that and in latest one girl shouted out so the diff was showed between female characters not in male one
          in a nut shell telnore first told us “we can keep chating while electricity break down and u can get in4mation about ur classfellow at a time means for molestation choose the educated one method and now tenore is telling us that “kamoshi k bycott”
          and on fb what people do usually?
          two names of one behaviour

          • bilal

            It’s apparent that you feel very strongly about this topic, so in your regard I looked at the first advertisement again to see if I had missed something.

            It’s best to avoid being emotional about Telenor, and look at the advertisements objectively. The first advert (in my opinion) shows a young man noticing a girl walk in, liking her, and then looking her up on FB to say hello. This is almost similar to introducing himself in person the minute she walked in. What is immodest about that? This is exactly how marriages happen in real life: you like someone, find out who they are, get to know them and then send your family over. It’s the perfectly respectable way to go about things.

            If you have an issue with him interacting with the girl (since you called them BOTH immodest) then, brother, please revisit your fundamentals of Islam. It was the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) interaction with Hazrat Khadija (RA) (during the time he worked for her) that impressed her enough to send her cousin with the proposal.

            The advertisement (again in my opinion) shows nothing obscene: the only thing that taints it is the filth in a viewer’s mind that cause him/her to see male-female interaction in an obscene manner.

            Now please go and read up what molestation really refers to.

            • blunt

              plz don’t compare this franster add with our Holy religion
              yes I have an issue on this type of inertaction
              you need to understand our religion or plz this time not vist it !!
              liking a girl and boy and send proposal is another think and added the girl 4 chating is another thing there is no need to explain what going on fb
              !how do you kown that boy would propose her ??? added on fb did not mean that he would marry missed again:(,in tvc it was not showed anywhere that he liked her or fall in love,when the girl entered the background voice explained she was new admission and boy wanted to get in4mation about his new classfellow as it is common in universities to known about each and every girl
              I am not prejudice I am only make realize that first they gave tricks and know they say “break silence” kiya yeh khula tazaad ni ?? and one think keep in mind while during seeing add open your eyes as well as ears

              • bilal

                Exactly my point. You are *assuming* he’s just planning to flirt. The problem is in your perception then friend.

                Even then I respect your opinion, but the whole argument started on that these were very two different acts. One was to know to girl, the other is outright sexual harassment.

                • blunt

                  i didn’talk about any sexual harassment i still stick with my discussion in your point of view it may be problem of perception but 4 many women it
                  worse to pass meaningful smile ,to
                  gesticulating,to behave immodestly and being peeping tom and many other women it may be not so u do not have right to decide that getting in4mation is different and chasing and gesticulating is different a male cant be understand it at all and i dont want to haggling
                  more on this topic

  • Khalil

    good come back

  • Saad

    Its like, first creating and spreading a disease and later its cure!
    Surely Telenor has no long-term goals (evident by their advertising)

  • Affan

    all telecm cmpanies r doing d same job. None of d cmpany shows postv ads.. Kbi ye nhe hua k ad me studnts ko stdy krty dikhaye ya cel ko postv istemal dikhaen.

  • Ali

    We have regulatory authority and I am surprised what exactly they do besides praising themself and busting illegal exchanges??

    The maximum they do is to give notice only and no operator ever bother to stop anything or pay fine.

    • Kashif Hussain


  • zulu

    oye tum log telenor ke peeche kyun parh gaye hoo .. paisey kahan se le rahe ho .. choorhey pakistani every one gets sold just like raymond davis shit

  • Mujahid

    I agree with bilal that there is not much similarity in the ads. Second one shows harassment while it is not the case in first one.

  • Sulaiman Nasir

    Good post to show Telenor’s real hypocrite face.

    On one instant they promote something else to sell their connections and then copying Mobilink, they try to become moral flag holders.

    It’s a failure of their Marketing and Strategy

  • Anonymous

    OMG that is just great and shows there two faces :)

  • Saad Durrani

    It was then. This is now. All you “analysts” are just twisting stories. How come no-one ever talked about Mobilink Jazba’s logo coming out of a widely-available internet tutorial.

  • AsadGh

    None of the Cellular operators have anything to do with Socail & Ethical responsebilities. They are here for money & that’s all. Either it is Easypaisa or Karo Mumkin or Khamoshi ka Bycott or Apna Hai or Sab keh do…. The point is that even the good they show is for their advertisement & marketting… Otherwise jitna kharcha TVCs pe krte hain is ka 0.000001% b ye in actually philanthrapy k liye kharch nhii krte…The regulator & the parliament has also taken sleeping Pills…. Hum pagal hain jo kabi khush jo jate hen aur kabi ghusse mei aajate hain q k ham awam hen…..

    • imran

      200% right

  • Arasalam khoey


    slaves of the money . _______________-

    [Comment Edited]

    • imran

      I am agreed with his words which were edited ________

  • Really free law country must be a joke telenor sucks

  • mohsin

    ha ha good point
    but dont u think thats enough, i mean what i feel is k propakistani is an anti telenor and pro ufone site qk ap log to telenor ke against haath dho k peeche hi par gaye hain g

  • Telenor ki baja di he ProPakistani ne tau :D

    • yasir

      hahaha… Good comments

  • dell

    “KAMOSHI KA BOYCOTT” karney waley besharmo, Apney BEYHOODA aur BEYSHARAM advertisment band karo, aik taraf se achay bantey hain aur doosri taraf se behooda advertisment.Agar koi bhi thora sa acha musalmaan hai tu plzz TELENOR use na karein.

  • K Shahzad

    I guess …. Nahi Hai.

    See, there is difference, in first ad its just a FB request which can’t be put in category of “iklaq say giri hoi harkat”.

    But second one just literally following the girl and invading her personal space..

    That is what I think..

    • AsadGh

      so u do this on FB that’s why ye ikhlaq se giri hue harkat nhii hai…. Even everyone is doing this on FB but this doesn’t mean k aik ghalat cheez ko theek kehna shuru kr den… kamazkam chorr nhii sakte to dil mei to ghalat samjhen bhaiii….

      • bilal

        Did you ever comes across the option of ‘accepting’ a friend request in FB?

        • AsadGh

          noo :p

  • Anas Saleem

    i guess the true message is that if you want to date a chick then enter a educational institution
    Out on the roads yr social values are downsized thus making your chances of getting a hot girl
    Because it has been clearly noted over the past years that girls like to date rich and classy in Pakistan

    NO offense to girls the material quoted above is for the black sheep in the midst of our society

    • AsadGh

      100% correct

  • dell

    SHARAM karo TELENOR ,thats why i never used telenor and INSHALLAH never will be used in future.I started STARTED HATING TELENOR.

  • yasir

    Such kind of dirty act by the Telenor, I also started hating Telenor….. One Company with two Faces, One is good and other one is bad. This is a main Bottomline of this story.

  • Zeeshan Shahid

    I think there is no ‘khula tazaad’ here… What Telenor is trying to teach us is that instead of stalking and flirting with girls outside… you should just stalk and flirt with them online!

  • Farhan

    I guess mahwish doesn’t understand the difference. Or she doesn’t mind the attention she get’s on the road ? :P

  • dstar101

    What ever u guys say but the girl in first videos is very very beautiful

    [Comment Edited]

    • hassan

      hahahaahahaha, bohat allaa bhai jbhi woh add band ho gaya ana ;-) they all are here to make money but telenor is doing something beside it by paying highest tax and installing Solar power project.

  • Banda

    plzz LEAVE telenor and use any other network.

    • yas

      Now in my list Mobilink, Ufone, Warid and Zong. Good bye Telenor, u always broke our feelings with such double acts. We Pakistanis are not mad….

  • Admin, Pl remove my earlier comment to Mehwish. It was a but too harsh I realized :)

    • hassan

      As you realized don’t you think that telenor also realized from there previous mistake and moving towards change… just a thought.

      • positive

        then you will make us sure that in future telnore wont repeat its mistake

  • enne

    mehwish zabardast observation hai aap ki,bhot ala article hai, Aur haan meri bhi sab se request hai k telenor use karna choor do and this is called KHMOSHI KA BOYCOTT :D

  • blunt

    till now telnore only represented flirt and male domination but now it is represening female problems but it seems inoperable bcz djucie changed thier market strategy only for money
    it is fact that djucie TVC always out of limits as we can see it different sign board in karachi

  • Pakistan One

    Very well pointed out

  • fx

    these companies do anything to sell their goods!

  • Keera

    Inhon nay tu keera wala scene bhi copy mara hai aur kehtay hain ka booti culture ka boycott karu. Kia yeh zyada khula tazaad nai?

  • AsadGh

    Telenor = Cheapest & Gatiya tereen TVCs in Past. Shukar hai ab kuch haya aae hai… Lagta hai apni _______ jawan ho gaee hain.

    Zong = 3rd Class TVCs full of jealousy & it continues

    Mobilink = Boring, Buttery & over sentimental TVCs Now & Past

    Ufone = Nira Jhoot about Ufone & it continues till end of times… but good entertainment for sure

    Warid = No Marketing so ….

    [Comment Edited]

    • blunt

      funniest one i like it
      by the way do u have your own network????

      • AsadGh

        Yes I do have lekin mei usko apne jigar ka tukra nhii samajhta…wo konsa mere abba g k network hai… Mei call krta hun wo paise charge krte hain, wo b khush mei b khush…. Y so loyalty my dears… think in terms of money & service only is se ziada inki koi haiseat nhi meri life mei… Much important things to do than to fight for my network.

  • Asadullah

    This is something related so I thought I should share this here, nice story broken by the website on the ‘Keera’ story, how telenor has ripped an international ad >>

  • Telenor pawned big time….. hahahaha

  • Junaid

    Why is propakistani so biased against Telenor. You can create such imaginary arguments against everyone. What surprises me is that every Tom dick and Harry gets their bashing mode on without even thinking. What do you think people who make these adverts are foreigners. No they are as Pakistani as you and me . And why do we think that companies should have different standards than what we ourselves go and do in out real life.

  • Omer

    Dear Author, you need to spend a few years in a college to learn how to differentiate between the two acts.

    The old internet.more ad is about flirtation, the new Khamoshi ka Boycott ad is about sexual harassment.

    Only if you were learned you would have noticed the difference.

    Problem is, subtleties are lost on all the jahil Pakistanis.

    • AsadGh

      Acha g parhe likhe saaab… boht shukriya k hume matlab samjha k aap ne apni danishmandi K phool hum pe nichawar kea….
      Still for me dono ikhlaq se giri hue baatein hain..

    • Nasir


      Alright! So what I ‘jahil Pakistani’ have understood from your enlightened comment is that flirtation is cool and sexual harassment is wrong. Right? If this is the case, I would then like to flirt with your sister first. I am sure you would appreciate it :)

      • Omer

        @Nasir, there you go being jahil again!

        Yes I am cool with the idea of flirtation. And had you noticed, I am not asking that you or any one else be cool with it, you have your own choice to make and your own personal views on flirtation.

        Yet you have failed to notice the differentiation that I am trying to point to.

        Flirting vs. Sexual Harassment.

        It a not-so-fine-line, not hard to miss. The latter has to condemned, the former doesn’t need to be, in my opinion.

        It appears everyone is pissed here because none of the ‘tauba tauba’ crowd on this blog has ever spoken to girl and for all of you…’sab maan behan hain’ to quote from an Umar Sharif comedy script!

        BTW, my ‘sister’ wont flirt with a jahil like ____. If you still insist on ‘flirting, that would become harassment. Samajh aaye?

        Please dont make me stoop so low.

        • blunt

          its mean u want that ur sister firt with on who is educated what a brother kia zamana agaya hy
          ALLAH ISY bHAIO(brother)sy bajay

  • zubair

    Oh God!!!
    This is the last thing i thought would happen to Telenor’s latest campaign. But now i realize it, ‘It’s completely understandable’, because we happen to be a society with double standards – the merits change from family to friends to spouses to girlfriends/boyfriends unfortunately.

    Lets start from the beginning – Human nature – where attraction between opposite genders is what life and its propagation is based on. For ages, it is this feeling which has been there, no matter how modern or conservative an individual or society may be. Whether it was the love letter Romeo wrote to Juliet or was it a pigeon to communicate between sassi punnu, every culture has love stories. Whether it is a person falling for a girl just by looking at her visible eyes through a ‘burqa’ or its facebook, we have to admit to the fact that the opposite-gender-attraction remains inevitable.

    Also, some stories start from the same feelings but end up miserably and make examples of rape, molestation and harassment. Problem is, people cannot always make out the various shades of grey that exist between black and white, which in our culture is a bit too difficult as we have two extreme streaks in the society. On one side, we have the extremists, who tend to make the religion difficult at every step, whereas on the other side, we have underground wanna-be party culture, where everything is acceptable.

    We need to be more conscious of the fact about basic attraction that I mentioned. And we need to try to understand and appreciate the subtleties in such complex things before belting out our verdicts. We need to shape up a little bit.

    Telenor’s campaign is great as they have taken something against the norms, and I can see where all the retaliation is coming from. But like i said, its completely understandable. :)

  • Toqeer Ahmad Bhatti

    Yeh zahir karta hai k Telenor ya in gaisi companies ka maqsad sirf paisa hai..

    Kabhi chadar aurha kar pasai kamayeen gay aur kabhi chadar kheench kar….

    in ka tu faida hi faida hai… tabah tu hamari qaum ho rahi hia

  • plzzzZZZZZzzZZzz

    Meri sab se request hai plzz khud bhi telenor use na karein aur apnay janney walon se bhi kahin wo telenor use na karein .Telenor ney flurt promotion ad dekhaya hai jo hamari family values aur culter k bilkul against hai.mujey tu lagta hai in ka AGENDA hi yahi liye plzz telenor ka BOYCOTT karein sab.

  • Syed Ahmed

    Mr. Omer I think you are the jahil here!

    • Omer

      No you are!

      I had a point of view and you still dont have one. tsk tsk tsk

  • Syed Ahmed

    Mr. Omer & Juanid, how can both of you justify flirting? Is flirting good for our society? What is telenor trying to portray here? What would be your reaction if someone try to flirt with your sis? will you appreciate it? I guess not

    And very said by Mr. Adad ” Telenor = Cheapest & Gatiya tereen TVCs in Past. Shukar hai ab kuch haya aae hai… Lagta hai apni _______ jawan ho gaee hain.”

    • Omer

      Syed Ahmed, can you swear upon the holy book that you have NEVER EVER flirted, and if you havent, you will never do so if ever given the chance no matter how lucrative the chance is!

      Guys, point is, get real. Please understand that gross generalizations (like extremists do) are in no ones interest.

      The societal ill caused by Sexual Harassment far out weighs any ills of flirting or trying to get to know a person using social tools like facebook as portrayed in the original internet.more ad.

      All the commentators venting here, please be honest to your selves and ask if what you are condemning is really worth the time when there are real issues which ought to be tackled.

      Unless we are able to tell bad from evil we will keep having these discussions.

  • Syed Ahmed

    Offcourse its worth a time to condemn this hypocrisy by telenor. how can you not condemn this.

    • Omer

      Because it is not hypocrisy.

  • Zeeshan


    We MUST stop pretending like MUSLIMS ……

    • blunt

      we all are muslims how dare u to say this to stop predending like muslims we are better in all way if u want to see how do non muslims pretend then u must read newspaper to be in4med about them

  • Anonymous

    Haha two face Telenor :)