Kiya Yeh Khula Tazaad Nahi – Part 2

It was very depressing to go through the facts mentioned in an email that was sent to us by a ProPakistani reader.

Telenor, who has been pinpointing the cheating, or what they call “Booti Culture”, has itself cheated the whole nation by copying an entire AD available on YouTube for on of its “Khamoshi ka Boycott” videos.


Copying a foreign ad isn’t new in Pakistan. Earlier, we have seen Zong, Mobilink (for such logo), Ufone, PTCL and other companies copying the concepts for their Videos, TVCs and logos, however, Telenor’s this act of lifting the whole AD and pasting it in their Keera video is a extraordinary example of Ctrl+Alt+A – Ctrl+C – Ctrl+V (Select All – Copy and then paste).

Telenor, on one hand, is discouraging the cheating culture, while on the other hand it is itself cheating its 25 million subscribers, Kiya yeh Khula Tazaad Nahi?

Following is what Shahid, a ProPakistani reader, wrote to us:

Dear Aamir,

First Djuice disabled comments on its YouTube channel and then enable it when people started talking about their hypocrite approach against Khamoshi Ka Boycott.

Now guess what, their video “Khamoshi ka Boycott” on YouTube is not even original. It has been copied by Volkwagen Beetle ad.  Check the video

It is the ad of VW Beetle and Djuice Khamoshi Ka Boycott video has copied keera clips from this video as it is

They didn’t even care to make changes in the video or reproduce. They just cut paste in their video. Please compare both videos and make these cheaters come to justice and they should be told that they cannot fool customers by making copies from other ads.

Shame on Telenor. Please Take Action!

And Propakistani, as per Djuice message, i am also trying Khamoshi Ka Boycott against Telenor plagiarism!


Shahid Hussain

Have a look at following Videos for your reference.

VW Super bowl XLV ad: Black Beetle

Khamoshi Ka Boycott – DJuice Message for Pakistan:


Telenor has added following line in the description of their video

Credits: VW Beetle XLV Superbowl ad

Though we are not sure if Telenor got prior permission from the owner to reproduce the work or not.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • bahiya ankhain khol kay daikho. lagta hay peechay boss khara hay iss liye app ko nazar nahi aa raha kuch

      • My dear ap ankhain khol k dekhen–Telenor has clearly mentioned the following:

        Uploaded by officialdjuice on Feb 24, 2011

        The philosophy behind djuice khamoshi ka boycott fresh from the mouth of the real people behind the brand. These people are conveying a message to you i.e. the youth of Pakistan and everyone whos watching. Khamoshi Ka Boycott is about that keera inside you which constantly wants to show the world its worth.

        Credits: VW Beetle XLV Superbowl ad

          • I guess you don’t have idea of copy paste and giving credits in literary circle. Just go and read out once whole of this thing and then come to debate with me.

          • And moreover you were saying me to open the eyes. But I guess your eyes have just been opened. So easy to point fingers my dear. I guess your eyes will be wide open now.

            • Okay, let me get this, you are saying:

              I can copy paste someones original work by giving credit to them WITHOUT knowing what copyrights they published their content?

              I think it’s rather you, a telenor slave, (who are you defending? You’re master will fire you the moment you come out of it’s slavery ) who got the wrong idea of literary attribution.

              You CANNOT copy other people’s stuff without KNOWING what kind of Copyrights they published the content.

              Show me where VW mention that their Ads can be copied (with credit/attribution) for commercial use. Don’t ask me to show you where did they wrote that because it’s default that NO commercial organization releases its content under Creative Commons (even this one is limited) or similar licenses.

              I am pretty sure VW did NOT publish that Ad to be copied (even with credit). Email them and checkout.

              It’s even more bizarre to claim that Copy Pasting with credit for a commercial use is OKAY.

              Are you seeing this black and white or are you still in the grey?

  • as told in the article, copying is not new in Pakistan. But telenor shouldn’t have done this as they are themselves preaching not to copy other.

  • Every Body Please before commenting and blaming telenor just check the ad carefully. Donot wattch the Telenor ad in this site. click on the link provide above. when you tube page will open and ad will start then below the ad there is option of show more. There they have mentioned the following. They have clearly given the credit from where they have copied. They haven’t cheated. Cheating is what when you don’t mention the source. They have mentioned the source.

    Credits: VW Beetle XLV Superbowl ad

    Uploaded by officialdjuice on Feb 24, 2011

    The philosophy behind djuice khamoshi ka boycott fresh from the mouth of the real people behind the brand. These people are conveying a message to you i.e. the youth of Pakistan and everyone whos watching. Khamoshi Ka Boycott is about that keera inside you which constantly wants to show the world its worth.

    Credits: VW Beetle XLV Superbowl ad

    • its good that they have given the credit now. It would be lot better if Telenor start making their own animations for future ads.

  • Aamir,

    Before posting such content kindly review it thoroughly. you are pointing fingers at someone for the thing they haven’t done. I guess this post should be removed as it isn’t worth publishing.

      • Don’t be Afraid of Corporate bullies Amir. It might effect your bottom line but people’s voice must be heard, you’ll will gain in the ling run.

        If you delete this post then you’ll be the same as them. They think big corps can dump anything in Pak without any consequences.

        Telenor copied content that IS NOT suppose to copied even WITH CREDIT. Go checkout VW, they DON’T allow copy pasting of their content even with Credit that too by a commercial Company like Telenor.

        I like Pakistanis questioning corporations and other every other thing in their life. It’s time we decided what’s right for us and not some Corporate Slaves.

  • telenor is in serious trouble. first they messed up with easypaisa launch then they copied whole karo mumkin campaign and now all this with khamoshi ka boycott.

    telenor will have to come up with better (original) ideas to survive

  • Aamir is now acting like desperate Geo News, Grow up man.
    Who is paying you to go agaisnt Djuice’s best campaign for youth ever? (May be some Jazba or Uth? This blog is so sold)

    • Common! Amir is publishing facts. People’s comments are not Amir’s responsibility.

      Show us bad things about other companies and you’ll see people ridiculing them also. It’s not just about Telenor. It’s about following principles by EVERYONE. No one is above that not even billion dollar worth Corps.

      I invite you to point out negatives of Ufone, Zong, Warid and Mobilink, with proof.

      • Thanks for speaking on our behalf. Yes, as Umair said, bring us the facts on any issue and we will for sure entertain your input.

  • They are cheating in many ways. Many of Telenor users know about ” Telenor Reverse Auction” They are cheating with this promotion they could not give any kind of gift.

  • larki apni marzi se larke ko apne peechey ghumae wo thek hai aur marzi na to (khamoshi ka boycott) ghalat hai. LOL

    ye bauhat sakht(harsh) example ahi lekin wo log jo kisi bhi tarha baat nahin mantey unke lye likhna par raha hai “ZANA-bil-RAZA aur ZANA-bil-JABAR dono pe saza hai.”(keep that in mind)

    kharabi kahan nahin hoti lekin choti baat ka batangarr bana-na(ilzaam lagana) zyada ghalat hai.

    hamarey gali muhalley abhi bhi Telenor(norway) ke gali muhallon se kahin behtar ahi.

  • Shame on these marketing directors/brand managers for coming up with copied campaign and shamefully adding ‘credit’ when caught on top of that shmefully talking about corruption and cheating. It would be interesting to check Telenor if they really asked for permission from the VW or the owner of the advert for commercial usage. I highly doubt it!

  • hello Amir,

    i am a very satisfied reader of your blog but i personally believe you have been going in a direction where it is becoming very much obvious that whos getting these posts in. Anyways i must say that khula tazaad yeh he ke when mobilink copied the whole friggin jazba logo you never opened your mouth because they were advertising on your website.

    Please change your placement as a neutral telecom discussion blog to a telecom pay me and advertise blog.

    The telenor video is not an advertisement and it was just used as a viral video. If you have not forgotten the zong m9 campaing all of it was copied in the first place. But i see they also advertise on a regular basis. wow so you wont do anything. I am not saying telenor deserves positive but i say be the same with everyone


  • telnore really introuble compaign seems to be fail
    very controversial
    and 4 favour commentators kis kis ko safiya dry gy telnore waly k is add sy hamara ya matlab tha

  • Amir Atta is so busy in writing politicised blogs that he forgets to write about actual news, for instance, Ufone’s daily SMS bundle’s price has been decreased from Rs.3.99 to 2.99, but he’s busy in propagating like Geo.

      • For God’s sake, Amir saab. The post for which the link u’v given is of 6th May 2010. The news im talking about is about this week’s event. Ufone was charging 3.99 for many months. They’ve lowered it to previous rate that is 2.99. I hope u understand, but pretend not to.

        • Let me get this; Because Amir missed one news he should MISS EVERY negative about Telenor, that’s what you want?

          Telenor or other corporate slaves; why are you working so hard to bully people who show your negatives?

          Why not take this as Feedback and fix things in your corporations??????

          Or may be you are reactive bunch of slaves who only know to agree with EVERY thing your boss says?

          It can be devastating to NOT agree with your bosses but please if this corporate culture continues where will go as a nation? S

          • very well said…. This corporate culture is a *************… We are already dead as a human being just slaves of money

  • Meri sab se request hai plzz khud bhi telenor use na karein aur apnay janney walon se bhi kahin wo telenor use na karein .Telenor ney flurt promotion ad dekhaya hai jo hamari family values aur culter k bilkul against hai.mujey tu lagta hai in ka AGENDA hi yahi liye plzz telenor ka BOYCOTT karein sab.

  • oh bhai bas kardo ab…….jab bhi ProPakistani kholo there’s something AGAINST Telenor. I mean theek hai ye Telenor ki galti hai, 1 dafa bolo, 2 dafa boloo lekin har dafa nai. Ap log to hath dho kar peeche pargaye!! :-S

  • Keera is a symptom of worms in large intestine and rectum. I suggest a good antibiotic to all people appearing in this TVC.

  • Umair, dont deny that u r not slave. U may be ignorant but it doesnt mean u r free. U ppl cant do anything other than writing repeated blogs… Khula tazaad part 1 part 2… Its been long time since i began reading blogz here. Its my experience that amir doesnt accept his negligence or erro. He tries to justify himself by hook or crook. Look at his reply of my comment. He posted a link of a year old blog to prove that he hasnt missed the news. U may be his devotee or slave, wtever, i dont care. Backoff child n let him answer. I hate telenor n i hate ppl who write rubbish against a mere ad policy. Celcos r here to get profit. not to pamper children like u.

  • yar seedhi saadhi cheating hai ye ,bekaar main argument karney ka faida nahi telenor k haq main ,telenor ney cheat kia hai clearly likin asal baat hai k “MUNAFQAT” ki bhi had hoti hai likin telenor ney wo bhi paar kar di hai SHAME ON U TELENOR.

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