Pakistan to Celebrate Earth Hour on March 26th

Earth Hour 2011Warid Telecom in collaboration with WWF-Pakistan and its business partner Singtel (Singapore Telecom) is organizing the Earth Hour 2011 in the country when Individuals and organizations in Pakistan and world over are going to contribute towards a greener environment.

Earth Hour is the world’s largest global climate change initiative. It’s a global commitment led by the (WWF) World Wide Fund for Nature for energy conservation, climate change and global warming.


You can show your support for Earth Hour 2011 by switching off/dimming your Home/Office lights at 8:30 – 9:30pm (Pakistan Standard Time) on 26th March 2011. (Given you are not already hit by power outage)

When you turn off your lights please take your time out to think as how you can contribute to keep this planet green.

How to Support Earth Hour?

  • Turn off your non essential lights and appliances at 8:30PM-9:30PM on March 26th (Pakistan Time)
  • Light a candle and see your world in a whole new light.
  • Show your support adding yourself to our world map.
  • Add Earth Hour widgets, logos and banners to your blog or website to help us spread the word. You could even be our Earth Hour Online Supporter of the Day.
  • Talk about Earth Hour in your social network by updating your Facebook status and more
  • Get together with your friends and family, by hosting an Earth Hour party or holding your own candlelit affair.
  • Rally your local council or community group to run an Earth Hour event for your community.
  • Encourage your employer and workmates to take part in Earth Hour and make energy savings every day.
  • Make an Earth Hour Lantern as a symbol of hope for the future.
  • Be creative! Find a new way to mark Earth Hour and let us know all about it.

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  • Are you kidding me??? We celebrate Earth Hour everyday for several hours.

    Kiya Bakwaas hai yeh, Bhair Chaal Chalna Zaroori hai kiya? :-X


    • I understand your concern, that’s why writer has written k switch-off lights if you are already not struck with power outage.

    • Pata hai. Kuch cheezein apne kudhne kerni hoti hai. Mere ghar raat 0730 se 0830 light jati hai mager March 26th ko mein khud 0830 se 0930 light bandh rekho ga. Isliye k mujhe apne siyaray se pyar hai. Hum logo ko chahiye k kuch demagh ko khula rekhein aur kuch apni anay wali nasloon ke liye kerein.

      Kuch kaam dekhne mein fazul hotay hain magr unka kerna zarori hota hai.

      • with every day 5 hours of load shedding i wouldn’t be doing this because we are doing it daily 5 hours

        Jisne ye din invent kya hai usse kaho ke rozana 10 ghantey apni electrcity bhi band rakhey tab jakar ye Dunya safe hogi, purey saal men 1 din uspar 1 ghanta band rakhne se kuch nahin hoga

  • at least ppl live in karachi are not going to be the part of this, being the one of the karachian, i would like to share my experience with KESC, as one of the KESC official S.Kolachi said “KESC is not accepting the consumption of less than 100 units of electricity if so then one should charge with the avrg of 200+ unit bill every month” If this will remain the attitude of KESC officials then why and how could we help them in dimming our lights and so.

  • every Pakistani celebrate Earth-Hour(load-shedding) mind u HOURS every day(minimum 10 hours a day)

    and all over the world they only celebrate it once in a year for only 1 hour

    thats ridiculous.


  • Actually they enforced Earth Hour prior to the decided time. NO ELECTRICITY THIS TIME!!!! LOL!!!


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