Telco’s Business Strategy Being Followed by Other Sectors

The cellular phone operators have been successful to set up captivating ideas in the field of sales, marketing and advertisements in Pakistan where they have also introduced persuasive trends in their business strategy in a way that companies of different sectors are also following their footsteps to make difference in their respective competitive markets.

jazz khi thumb Zong’s Lahore Unlimited to Mobilink’s Karachi Limited

The Karachi Unlimited Package introduced by Zong didn’t not only hit in its market and was followed by its competitors afterwards but the idea of business is being copied in other sectors as well.

Omore, the Ice cream brand of Engro Foods Limited, has launched its sales campaign with the theme “Karachi Ka Dil Kushyiun Se Fill” (The heart of Karachi is full of happiness).

Similarly, Levis, the international and well-renowned clothing brand, kicked off its sales campaign with theme “Karachi! Are you ready to fit out”. Levis followed the same pursuit and is offering 50 percent special discount to its customers in Karachi as exclusive and aggressive sales campaign.

Remember, Zong came up with the idea of location specific offers in October 2010. The idea influenced its competitors who also launched city-based packages with similar themes.

Ufone Karachi Offer appeared with slogan “Shaher ho tu Karachi Jeysa. Signal ho tu Ufone Jeysa (The city is alike as Karachi and Network is alike as Ufone.)

Mobilink also joined the race with its package “Karachi Bachat Offer” and its theme is Baday Shaher Ki Badi Batain. (Capital City’s Capital Talk).

Logos signifying Karachi

The Omore adverts have been embellished with famous buildings of Karachi such as Mausoleum of Qauid-e-Azam, Habib Bank Plaza, Merewether Tower.

IMG_3038-Custom2Remember the backside of typical minibus of Karachi representing Zong’s package tag. The same technique was exploited in Ufone adverts that contain buses and buildings signifying Karachi.

Likewise, Mobilink advert has portrayed the picture of Quaide-e-Azam Mausoleum with Shahid Afridi pose.

These adverts were seen in print media and on the roadside billboards of the city.

Why Karachi?

Karachi is the commercial capital of the country with dense population of approximately 17.5 million.

Karachi is the hub of business activities and millions of people move to Karachi from their adjacent cities such as Hyderabad, Thatta, Sukkur and etc.

Keeping in mind few of the fact and success of mobile phone operators, companies of other sectors are capitalizing the same technique to capture the largest market of the city.

Image Credit: TheIdeaArtist

  • — Karachi is the commercial capital of the country with dense population of approximately 175 million.

    Badly worded. makes it sound like Karachi has a population of 175 million.

  • Yes Karachi was finincal capital but now all big MNCs Head offices are in Lahore Islambad which opended operation in last 2 decades
    and much more
    are in this region
    Just to clarify that equation is changing rapidly
    but karachi have lot of opprtunites

  • Its business strategy to copy the idea of your opponents business modified it and use it on your way to gain more powerful result. this role is followed by all over the world not only in Pakistan.
    Telecom sector has the power of youth so they get new ideas that copy buy other in feature.

  • Well very nice post and a grt point raised, but u just missed all other strategies of it. E.g habib bank now copying the trend of involving humor in thier marketing campaigns, same is the case with most other companies. Then another example may be Ariel and bonus washing powder conflict in which they are copying jazz and ufone counter attack policy by attacking each other in thier adverts. Similarly we have many other examples

  • How ridiculous. Its the other way around. Anybody who has worked in FMCG cos knows that campaigns are mostly regional in nature and are run in areas where sales need to be pushed.
    Good to know that telcos are following what FMCG cos have been doing since ages

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