PTCL National Package: 256 Kbps DSL for Rs. 299

national_package_pbFor those with limited needs and budget, PTCL is now offering “National Package”, a broadband DSL with 256 Kbps speed for Rs. 299 per month. With National package, you will be allowed to download 1 GB of data in one month.

Initial impression suggests that 1 GB cap with “National Package” is not going to impress customers, however, they may get fine with 256 Kbps speed.

Additional GBs are not allowed as well, which means you may face a blackout if you consume your data limit before time.

Note: Existing customer can also avail this package but they will have to pay one time charges of Rs.1500 as downgrade charges.

We had heard of upgrade charges so far, but being in Pakistan, expect any type of charges such as these downgrade charges with “National Package”. We fear someday companies might introduce “customer charges”

Below are the all PTCL Broadband packages now available for customer

  • 256Kbps          @Rs 299*
  • 1Mb                 @Rs 1199
  • 2Mb                 @Rs 1499
  • 4Mb                 @Rs 1999
  • 6Mb                 @Rs 4999
  • 8Mb                 @Rs 6999
  • 10Mb               @Rs 9999

*Limited download with 1 Gb

  • you are write.
    first limit shouldn’t be imposed as this tariff become more costly than GPRS packages as well.

    second if they wanted to impose limit it shouldn’t be 1 GB . 1 GB is noting .

    • 256kbps is a much better speed than what mobile can offer with EDGE.

      I do think that PTCL will soon do something after checking the uptake and customer feedback

        • Shahid ….256Kbps is much better than Edge…and downloading in GBs using mobile is not a very convenient option.

          broadband whether on wimax or dsl has an EDGE over mobile offering and comparing the two differnt products is something i wouldnt do.

          the isue is you dont get 1GB broadband at 299 in Pakistan and yes we have cheaper options from wimax if we want to download up in a 3-5 GB domain ….for unlimited packages ptcl has an advantage over others

      • no its not true because you can avail Zong EDGE SERVICE with speed of 25-35KByte (self tested and using the same at this time) Rs. 200/-(tax included) with limit 2GB with no line rent

  • I like this package.

    it makes broadband service affordable.

    it is a niche product and should be well taken by the semi urban and rural subs as well as lower income households

  • it is a breather for those who were fed up with frequent disconnections. 256k speed shall keep SNR margin okay no matter how fubar the land line is. With time, the cap shall be extended to match that offered by wimax operators.

    • pappu jee ur prediction seems to make a lot of sense.

      I think the first move is to lower the entry barrier as PTCL remained adamant on keeping its offrs limited to more than 1 mb packages

      ptcl kau aqal zara der sai hee aati hai

  • Very bad, once again.
    And a funny joke, Downgrading Charges.
    There is No Rule at all.
    PTA Zindabad.

  • O good oyee!!! shukar hai ptcl waalon kau bhee kuch hum ghareebon ka khial aya jau netcafe main 4-500 rs har maheenai jhonk daitay hain.

    ab hau ga apna internet connection aur apna raaj

    only request to ptcl is to lowere the additional GB charges…199 main sai one nikal dau laalai ke jaan

  • I understand why there is a limit. The speed is too less which might get them a lot of people joining in. Hence, it may collapse the system.

    Limit is to make better use of the system.

  • baat tau tab hai jab hamaray pind main bhe yeh package aaye warna narowaal waali pehlai he ptcl say jaan churwa rahai hain

    ptcl should expand its dsl network to vilages as well

    • 5 GB is enough for such speed and consumer class..
      Nice package introduced for low income students and households… only wanting to get connected with their beloved once or their study etc..
      Thanks but with some expectations…

  • Not bad. i think those who are already on some internet package will not like it but the nes who are yet to taste the internet aza will find this package to be there intro to broadband

    dialup finally dies …at least i hope that :)

    so keep it up ptcl and we expect more from u

  • pay for 6GB and rest is free :)

    har waqt critcize he nahin kartay rehna chahyeh…har aik nai youtube aur torrents nahin use karnay hautai…

    CD 70 kai liyeh 1GB bhee bohat hai…let’s understand what the intention behind this package is

  • ye kia mazak hai bhai jab 1mbps unlimited Rs.1199 mein mil raha hai 1 gb ki limit mein same price kaise?????/

  • Great BUT 1GB..A huge letdown for me at least..I would definitely have gone for downgraded 256Kbps BUT 1GB limit..Come on, PTCL! Pure crap!

  • I am using wi tribe 6gb 256 kbps for 650 and its wifi too so not intrested it can be intresting for those where witribe is not avalaible

    • The question is not where witribe is not available but where is witribe available?? :)

      Let’s be real and appreciate that wimax coverage remains partial and that too in a few urban centers and the ptcl package goes to areas where the already unviable wimax becomes a no go area….istn that why the package is being called “national package”??

      Why do we think the package is for us who already enjoy high speed dsl? as for us the real deal is 3 months 2mbps dsl at the price of 1mbps package….and here it is not about GBs but unlimited downloads

  • obviously witribe’s coverage is not comparable to what PTCL’s reach is in terms of access to households.

    I hear that PTCL is also considering adding more attraction by waiving off the landline line rent by bundling the zero line rent packages with its dsl services

    i think we are going through very interesting times in broadband evoloution in Pakistan

  • PTCL packages never fail to make me laugh, they always have something in them which gives me great urge to find those people who make these packages. I won’t go in past how PTCL are every time a lame joke but lets consider this.

    1- I cancell my PTCL 2Mbps connection.
    2- I apply for 256Kbps
    3- I pay Rs.575 as new connection charges.
    4- I give Rs.200 to line-man or tea with biscuits.

    I save Rs.725 at least, line-man bhe khush.

  • Ahmed,

    If you apply for a new connection for 256kbps you will pay 1500 for the new connection to PTCL ….and whatever inconvenience u will face is not quantified.

    Very smart right??

  • it is meant to be for those who have lesser needs or who have been hesitant in joining the internet band wagon….you taste the sweetness of boradband…get addicted and go to another operator or get upgraded….

    it is something that will not only help ptcl but other broadband providers as well in my humble opinion

  • I don’t understand who make these policies. Well, if they use their minds, this 1GB would be utilized by Antivirus, Acrobat, PC Suite/Companion, Printer updates and last but not least the windows ‘KB’ series updates.

    PTCL, pls provide users a registered version of bandwidth monitor.

    Users, pls use this package on your mobile phones via Wifi.

    Youtube would run awesome on this :P

  • hey!
    I want to know that is there any line rent for student package of ptcl dsl? and what about the national/local calls rates etc.

    Reply me sooon plz.

    safdar malik

  • Well, I thought at first that users will be limited to 1GB only and then there will be a total black-out. Now, I found out that U can use additional GB, costing Rs.199/GB and if you reach the cap of Rs.1199, the surfing will become unlimited!!!

    Not worth for those with 1 MB package or above, in my opinion. You people will finally end up paying the same 1MB package amount if you people consume a lot of GB. And Downgrading charges for existing users makes no sense!!!

  • Can anyone tell me, if I use this package only to send emails around 100-200 emails daily so it is useful or 1gb is less. thanks shabbir hazari

  • Yaar yeh tu Pakistani loogon ke sath mazzaq ho raha hai .
    yaar ajj kal ke dooor main 1 GB ki kia ooqat hai
    PTCL walon ko sharem ani chahhe yaar ab tu india mian bhi unlimited net ho gia hia

    aghr pakistan ko represent krna hia tu DADA 20 GB tu hona chahhe

  • Assalamoalaikam

    OVERALL a good move seeing the old media if we talk about the support, price is also OKAY, but the limit should be, at least, raised to 2GB.

  • even ptcl agent dont know about 1 gb today i received a call she was saying its 5gb per day limit how funny

  • 256 kbps is a good speed and also 299 is lower price but 1 GB is very very low volume……………..

    KION K
    1 MB SPEED 1200/= KI HAY,


  • Nice package…
    But come on it should b atleast 5gb…
    Saara mood khrb kr dyty ho yar…
    Ramadan package may isay unlimited kr dia agay b rehny do naa… !

  • Ptcl wale bawelay h shayad, limit to ajkal k d0r m wese he nahi h. . It sh0uld be unlimited. .
    Ktni speed milti h 256kb pe? Any idea?


  • what if the limit exceed from 1 GB
    how much charges to above 40 to 50 MB ?
    admin do reply me please i am waiting for answer

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