Google Tips: Improving Your Search Skills

All of us are accustomed to using Google on daily basis, either directly or indirectly (like the ProPakistani search feature which is powered by Google).

If I ask you what’s the number of cancer patients in Pakistan? Almost all of you readers will jump onto Google or any search engine and query for the answer. Google is good at understanding natural questions like ‘what is this’, ‘what is that’ but Google is also able to understand certain other statements which can help you make your search less time consuming & relevant, here are a few.

Get the World Time:

You want to call someone who lives in let’s say Canada but you don’t know the time there. Here’s the simplest solution, just Google ‘time Canada’. A screenshot of the result:


Currency Convertor

Want the currency exchange rates or the exchange value? Just Google Currency A in Currency B.



Local weather?

No problem.

If your city result doesn’t come up directly, use this term ‘weather channel CityName’ and open the first link of their reports are quite elaborate and neat.


Get Definitions

Want the definition of potpourri but don’t want to read the Wikipedia article or lengthy explanations? Use this keyword, ‘define: DesiredWord’


A little calculation?




Search From a Particular Website:

So you want to search for MMS Rates on Warid’s website but the search at didn’t get you your desired results or you are on a website that has no search facility. Here’s how Google can help, write your search term than the keyword site: followed by desired website.


You read an article about blocking SMS on Telenor last week on ProPakistani, want to find it? Use the Search Tools on the left to limit your results to a specific time (last week in our case).


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