LG Introduces Wireless Charging Pad

LG_Wireless_Charging_PadLG Electronics (LG) announced today the LG Wireless Charging Pad (WCP-700), which will allow phones to get charged without pinning in the charger. Though, the device charges devices with in 7 MM distance only, but it is considered as a step towards better range wireless charging.

Featuring a sleek design, LG Wireless Charging Pad is poised to revolutionize wireless charging as we know it. With inductive coils built into the battery doors and internal contacts, advanced wireless charging technology allows for a cord-free power source – alleviating the need for external connections that limit the phones usability.

For easy and intuitive use, LG Wireless Charging Pad features audible and tactile feedback when a phone is placed on the pad, as well as multi-colored LED lights to indicate charging status. Taking the hassle out of charging your wireless devices, LG Wireless Charging Pad also sports a compact, sleek design to easily accommodate an on-the-go lifestyle.

Key Features:

  • Visual, audible and tactile feedback – allows user to see, feel and hear when the phone is placed properly on the pad
  • Power LED – Blue = Plugged in
  • Battery LED – Orange = Ready to Charge
  • Battery LED – Flashing Green = Phone is Charging Correctly
  • Battery LED – Solid Green = Phone is Fully Charged
  • Slim and sleek design – allows for convenient storage, taking up minimal space
  • Effective Range – 7mm from center of placement guide
  • Dimensions – 6.29”x3.54”x0.39”

  • Khareedar

    is it available in pakistan? and whats the price??

  • its charge iphone 4 or not

  • Fj

    Its just introduced. I don’t think it is available anywhere yet. However, there are wireless charging pads offered by other companies. (though not in Pakistan yet)

  • Saad Durrani

    I Think it will land here. LG knows Pakistan are very gadget-savvy.

  • Asif

    lol, whats the point for it to be called WIRELESS. 7mm is a accountable range in reality ? lolz seems a Technology made specially for some DUMB people of Pakistan.

  • Khalil

    great an other invitation of Science and technology

  • aamir

    VERY VERY incomplete post, don’t even know if this is for LG or is for a specific phone?

  • Lol

    What a crap invention. Making people fool. 7mm range lmao

    • roFL

      Lolz, Really agree with you @ 7 MM.. but its new and latest technology, it willy surely one day come out and We will get rid of the “Taar” (Wire) Electrcity in Pakistan.

  • zee

    same charger of iphone is already on market,
    but who will go for LG Mobiles :p

  • Husnain

    oye kadi site update v ker diya karo 3 din ho gy hain aik he post ki hy

  • Nauman Afzal

    will it work with HTC phones as well?

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