Telenor Explains the Philosophy Behind ‘Khamoshi ka Boycott’

During past few weeks we tried to analyze Djuice Khamoshi ka Boycott campaign, and wrote on following topics:

  • The campaign itself, as we think it is spreading negativity
  • Telenor, if it must had to go with this campaign, could have done better with the execution of campaign, for instance, by not showing that uncle in its third ad.
  • Telenor showed dual standards by airing ad against cheating but then they copied a foreign AD for their own video.

We had a chance to discuss our viewpoint with Telenor, and they tried to explain the philosophy behind the “Khamoshi ka Boycott” campaign.

In this regards, Affan Haider, Manager Corporate Communication, agreed for a webcast to respond to all our queries.

Find below what he to has to tell you regarding the campaign – watch yourself and see if he can convince you?

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Is not there any “parchi system” in Telenor? Do they offer all jobs on merit?. No one from Govt or other deprtments ask them to hire their people?

    • If there is, BRING THE PROOF.
      It’s just like western media saying all Pakistanis are terrorists with no proof, when almost all aren’t!

      • Get proof yourself.

        As someone sincere to you, who also happens to work in Telenor, and you will know the truth.

        All orgs in the world have some level of corruption. Telenor or any other org is no different.

        Following statement of Telenor is very funny

        “This drive of ours is to purify the society from all the evils and all Muslims are ordered to do so.”

        Telenor is infested with people who are far away from Islam. Majority of managers and higher management ________ and some of them ________________.

        There are married men in there who flirt and actually try to _______________ ________________. So, when they give the nation a lesson in “purifying” they should rather start from themselves.

        Don’t ask for proof because I can’t make a video and send it to you. Just experience it yourself. Get hired in Telenor :) (I must admit they are far better than most orgs in Pakistan in taking care of their employees)

        [comment Edited – Reason: explicit content]

        • Experience speaks for itself…did you enjoyed all this when you were part of it?? I know you got kicked out for having intimate relations and keeping liquor bottles in your bag!!!

          • I have never worked in Telenor. It’s so pathetic of you to get personal when you could have replied on the topic and I and other readers would have appreciated that.

            Does it matter even if I have worked there or not or I got fired?

            Come up with an argument not mindless rants.

            • Personal??? What about your baseless cheap dirt of your mind that you have linked with more than 2500 employees of Telenor! Do you have right to be personal with them?
              Self declared mulana both men and women read this blog and you should better make sure about the content before you open your big mouth…intimate relations…mindless rant.

    • They do infact… I was hired on merit… and so were many other people I know and have seen hired.
      Many people fail to realize the fact however, that every company’s recruitment policy, while stating their ways of recruitment, also mention networking. This means they internally ask for recommendations, interview them along with the CVs received externally and choose a person fulfilling their requirements. If they don’t, they are calling for trouble for themselves by hiring incompetent people in their own team. Why would anyone do that, makes sense?

  • I guess just like you moderate the comments Aamir, Is there any option to moderate the name of senders who use quite abusive or unacceptable names. e.g Thulla, mobilink sux. This is totally disgusting. People are expressing their views on a blog and look at their names. I don’t know but who are they representing. They are bringing disrespect for themselves.

    I think these comments shouldn’t either be approved or if approved then their names should be edited (if possible)

  • why were the interviewer interrupting him again and again?

    I think it has been evident now that Shamrock did that thing and i am sure Telenor knows it too. Grace shown by them not to go all out against Mobilink.

  • Dare, approving this comment, Mr.Caught out Bloggers (surely that will hurt your revenues from Mobilink)

    Let me catch your hypocricy, Ammir Aata, you didn’t dare to bring Mobilink’s copy of Jazba logo (WHY? GIMME REASON MR. SOLD OUT, DO THE KHAMOSHI KA BOYCOTT HERE)
    Mobilink, they used you bloggers as toys against djuice.
    And, why don’t you old backward people get it that the campaign is for youth not for baba ji like you.
    And, hamari youth ko aggressively hi address karna chaiye liek djuice not the way Mobilink is doing in SISSY WAY – SUUUUCCCCHHHH HAHAHAHA

    • Aggression and abusive words in your comment show your mental state. That’s exactly why we as a nation are known for leg pulling, back biting and enemy to our own cause.

      By the way I agree with you. Amir must point out negatives about others too. That’s the principled stance.

      • yea…we can see your mental state through your above comment which has been declared explicit by the Admin.

  • Not in a way Omer is aksing but Do you guys agree with the latest mobilink Fixing Add?

    Doesn’t that encourage spot fixing. Telenor showed what happens and Mobilink has shown what does not even happens in our daily life and still getting away with it ????

    WHAT A JOKE?????

    • dear Gandolf what a low life you are. what spot fixing has to do with mobilink ad?

      ppl like you make things difficult who get out the wrong meaning of good ads

  • Propakistan main tu bhot khush hoa tha aap ney telenor ki cheat aur un ki MUNAFKAT jo un honey flurt ad main dekhai thi usey aap ney EXPOSE kar k AWAAM k saamney lay thay ,meray khayal se tu ye bhot valid point tha is main sab agree hain.LOVE U ADMIN AND HATE TELENOR AND THIER AGENDA AGAINST PAKISTAN ANS ISLAM.

    • Yes, i do agree with u Owais, Propakistani team has opened our mind for such dual policies of Telenor. They have two faces in Pakistan.

      Now a msg for Telenor Management: you people have disturbed our feelings and I was a big fan of Telenor, but due to such kind of controversies all the time. I am not liking Telenor more, even not using your sim. So, change yourself Telenor and don’t do that again….

      • If you think that the issues raised by Telenor in their ads are not valid ones, you dont live in Pakistan. These are known and valid problems in our society and have been for quite some time now. Our failing education system is clearly at fault here.

        If we hide our heads in the sand, that does not mean the problem isnt there. As a nation we need to stand up and find the problems.

        Remember, you cannot find a solution UNLESS you know and accept the cause of the problem.

        I salute the initative taken by Telenor in bringing these issues out into the open.

      • I think most of our nation is too naive, all organizations are even worse. Telenor is far better.

        By the way I am in no way supporting Telenor in what they are doing. But I do want everyone to be clear that it’s just not Telenor.

        Do you know Pesticide use on Crops in Pakistan is amonst the highest in the World. Who do you think is telling the farmers to use more?

        Do you know Bottled Water Plastic has chemicals that leech in the water and play with our health? Especially dangerous for newborns.

        Did you know every food company mixes preservatives that are PROVEN to destroy our organs over long term use but they still mix them because that increases shelve life.

        If you have read business then you know that primary purpose of business is to MAKE PROFIT and NOT SERVE US.

        I can right a whole book mentioning others commons things in our lives that are not good for us but they are marketed as such.

        So, businesses will almost do anything (bribe authorities, mix poison to increase shelf life, kill people who stand in their way, exploit others, and much more ) to make profits, even influence legislation. It’s a norm world over.

        So, we have to live with it OR be someone who fights with them, probably for the our lifetimes.

        When I say “you” I mean all of us. :)

        • Hey Bro, just keep yourself on this point and reply about these questions:
          > The all problems are crying in Pakistan only? why not in India, Bangladash and other countries where Telenor running business.
          > Is Telenor highlighting this issue in other countries?

          • AKHIR Telenor ye q nahi soochti k wo aik islamic country main hai us ko thoora leyhaaz karna chaiye likin us ney FLURT promotion ad dekha k sabit kar diya un ka AGENDA hi PAKISTAN aur ISLAM k khilaaf hai.

  • Most self conflicting arguments by most people here, which aptly demonstrate the state we are in as a nation. Don’t we have these issues in Pakistan as pointed out in these ads? Why do we care if these exist anywhere else or not? They do in our country and that is all that should matter to us. Would our feelings be any different if these ads were made by a local company owned and managed by Haji Namazis? Is Islam more in danger by our attitude of ignoring these problems in our society OR by the Gora companies portraying them on screen? If we have decided to turn a blind eye towards every evil in our society, at least we should learn to argue logically.

  • get ur heads out of ur butts telenor, u cant dodge whole nation with these GOL MOL answers. we all know this is a pure marketing strategy.

  • I have some reservation,

    1. The all problems are crying in pakistan?why not in India, Bagladash and other countries where Telenor operation is on.

    2 Is telenor highlighting this issue in other countries?

    3. Is said ad showing soft image of Pakistan?

    • I have also same questions but no one reply me in my previous post and comments. Telenor cannot run such promo or activity in other countries… India walay tu inko bahir nikal dai gai… Ye himmat sirf Pakistan mai hi hay, jahan per koi top order sai nahi poch sakta :D

    • Useless questions. If Ufone ran the ads you wouldn’t ask them, but that doesn’t change the fact that THEY ARE REAL PROBLEMS IN OUR SOCIETY

      No matter who runs the ads. No matter who asks the questions. They are our problems and we have to solve them and the first step is to MAKE PUBLIC the issue.

        • What would convince you? Watching someone cheating in an exam? Watching someone follow a woman in a shopping area? What?

          • @Shahid, hey we all know very well that what is good and what is bad in our society. but u are not understanding the main objective and thing which we people are asking. Again, I want to ask why Telenor is not highlighting social problems in other countries like India, Bangladesh or others region. U are failed to reply our questions… and giving irrelevant answers.

            • Obviously if we LET people around us do these things or we even KNOW people who do this and WE DO NOTHING, then who cares if we know what’s right and what’s wrong? What good is our knowledge? It’s not helping anyone else.

              As for other countries, I don’t live in them and I don’t watch their ads, so how would I know what TElenor or other companies show there?

              To automatically assume that NO FOREIGN COMPANY shows such ads in those countries is very naiive. It could be that they fund a local NGO that plays the ads. Ever thought of that?

              You never see such ads from Nestle but don’t you think they fund NGOs here?

      • SHAHID sahab zara ye batana pasand karain gay k TELENOR ney FLURT promotion ad q dekhaya tha(jis pe ban bhi lag gaya tha).Is tarah k ad aap k khayal main hamari SOCIETY main problem create nahi kartey kia?

        • You didn’t like that ad? Why? It happens in colleges in Pakistan every day.

          Maybe you are out of touch with Pakistani society?

          • SHAHID Sahab ap ko shayad PAGAL khaney janey ki zarorat hai.Aap ko baat samajh nahi aati shayad,ab comment aankhein khool k read kariye ga plzzz ,”TELENOR ney FLURT KO PROMOTE KARNEY K LIYE AD DEKHAYA THA ” jo aaj kal hamarey college aur SOCIETY MAIN begaar paida kar rahah hai.Tu is tarah k ads dekha k Burai phela raha hai TELENOR hamari SOCIETY main.and plzz agay se paaglo ki tarah “illogical” REPLY nahi kirye ga PLZZ

  • i think telenor is going right,they are showing us mirror,we have to remove these drawbacks don’t criticise on them.
    if any one thinks that today’s boys and uncles did not do that type of rubbish things,then please watch t.v and news,every day we came to hear the news of gang rapes, open cheating in exams and many other crap things…
    we have these faults and we have to remove them except criticise on these ads.
    make your personality like that next time no company starts that type of boycott what soever..

      • @yasir i m just saying if anyone is pointing out our faults,
        then finish them don’t criticise on them that they are doing wrong or right,
        this is in our nation when someone told us our faults we start criticiseing on them except finish these faults.
        when Q mobile release an ad in which girl says fahad in end “sorry to coffe deny say khtm hoge”
        like that i don’t remember the words
        then you was where ???
        why people don’t come out on roads against this ad…
        and today when telenor is start boycott against this,then we start saying they are wrong they are dash blah blah
        it means we have no courage…

  • For everyone and specially Islam kay thaikaydaron kay liyea who think Telenor is the only player who is against our culture, here is a little preview:


    Pride of the Nation…this video was part of Ufone prepay re branding campaign:

    Mein bi line maar loon!!!

    For some memory recap:

    Promoting our culture (Thanks to Ufone, now everyone knows how to pick/steal numbers of females)


    yeh culture bi apna hai

    so sweet


    I’ll appreciate your comments…

    • Great….Ab Ufone aur Mobilink walon kay tou moun band ho janay chaiyea. These ads are worst then Telenor’s TVC and dont know why everyone is making so much fuss about it.

      • jis ney bhi ghalat ads dekhai hain wo ghalat hai chahey wo UFONE ho ya MOBILINK ho ya TELENOR ho likin meray personal kahayal hai k telenor ney LIMIT hi CROSS kar di thi FLURT waley ad main jis ki waja se BAN laga us ad pe aur is k ilawa kisi ad k opper ban nahi laga.

        • Owais do you work in Censor Board? Dont spread misinformation that the said ad got banned. Ad ka off air ho janay ka matlab yeh nahi hota kay woh ban ho gaya hai.
          And for you if Telenor’s ad is more flirty than Moblink’s ad which SkyWalker has mentioned (Link 1) above then either Mobilink is paying you or you are paying mobilink…and Ufone, they are exempted from all sort of criticism because of there JOKER PARTY ads :) lolz

          • pheli baat BAN nahi laga us ad pe jis k liye sorry LIKIN wo ad OFF AIR ho gaya, tu is ka matlab wo ad is hi kabil tha aur meray kahayal se wo ad ab tak ka BADTAREEN ad tha jis main bakaida taleem di ja rahi hai youth ko k is tarah FLURT karo, ye ad sab ko bura laga jis k saboot aap us ad waley post main comments dekh kar andaza laga saktey hain likin aap phir bhi us ad ko acha samjh rahay ho tu is ka matlab app BEGHAIRAT ho.doosri baat mobilink mujey pay kar rahai hai lolz.Bhai main tu abhi jobless hoon aur mujey mobilink k bhi BEGHARTI walay ads pasand nahi

          • shahid sahab aap k pichley comment bhi illogical hi thay aur ye comment bhi fazol hai ,LIKIN mujey aik baat samajh nahi aarahi k AKHIR aap loog us BHEGAIRTI walay ad ki HIMAYAT q kar rahay ho???:S

  • very lame and beating around the bush…nobody needs a lecture on philosophy

    and how does he explain using material from the ad from Volkswagen? :s

  • by the way all you telenor analysts and employees, monitoring and commenting on this site, no need to hide behind pseudonyms…you can come out and declare yourselves… perhaps you really believe Pakistani society is really as bad as the telenor ads have depicted (or not negatively depicted as the smartypants in the video mentions) it to be

  • It could be figment of my imagination but the marketeers of these telcos are mostly Tommy boys(known as mommy-daddy in some quarters) belonging to certain so-called elite university of this country. Anyway they hold a very different viewpoint about this society (pakistan). They are also so called hip & trendy ppl and think they are the moral, righteous & true representatives of the country. In fact they are just naive & just happen to be deep pocketed.
    Anyway their induction in these telcos & their output in terms of advertisement (not depicting the complete society of pakistan) is glaringly visible. I mean how much of the country is hip, trendy n stuff. So all this defaming of the country could be an inadvertent effect of letting these kids loose on the country (media front).

    Note: btw I don’t live in a cave.

  • if telenor did this compaign in an ethical way this could be an informative and eye openeing compaign.

    but the AD in which uncle elbowing the girl did the decicive thing to end this campaign.

    i m glad that these ridiculous ads are gone.

  • close