Never Ever Give Away Your Pictures / Videos [Especially if You are a Girl]

0Most of us already know the seriousness of a situation when our private pictures or videos land in fraudulent hands. Still, we make mistakes – and are often embarked with this condition when suicide becomes the last option to save ourselves.

Night packages (the root cause of above mentioned problem) have bought our nation on the verge of social destruction. Every other mobile phone subscriber has a list of friends (of opposite gender) with whom they spend nights, every night in fact. Soon it becomes a habit and then a mental dis-order, depression, irritation, increases annoyance and what not.

Let’s forget the mental and physical health for time being and talk about even greater problem.

Lately, thanks to significant increase of Camera Phones, and almost zero MMS charges (with SMS/MMS Packages), the number of such incidents have increased where pictures and videos (at times with objectionable orientation) are shared with partners over internet and MMS.

Based on few incidents I recently came across, here are few recommendations:

Now Remember Following (as an advice / request from elder brother):

  • Never send your pictures to ANYONE, WHO EVER he/she is – no matter what relation he/she has got with you, or whatever level of trust you guys have between each other. (This doesn’t apply to your family members).
  • Never keep your private pictures in your phone – save them in your PC/laptop and delete from mobile phones. Your phone can easily get stolen/lost.
  • Make sure that privacy settings of your Facebook aren’t revealing the information you would not like to reveal otherwise. (Go to Facebook –> My account –> Privacy Settings –> customize setting)
  • Make sure you don’t have casual acquaintances mixed up with your family members or close friends on Facebook. Make proper lists with different level of privacy settings for each list.
  • NEVER EVER shot objectionable pictures/videos – because they will remain in your phone even after deleting them.

Never Trust Phone Friends: This is for those who make friends over phone and talk to them indefinitely. Never trust them. There are organized groups targeting both girls and boys to attain intimate information/pictures/videos to later blackmail them.

Deleted Pictures/Videos are Recoverable: If you think you have deleted a photo/video and you safe, then unfortunately its not the case. A deleted video/photo or any data is recoverable. So never shot videos / pictures at first place which you may not want to keep without self for ever. Read this unfortunate example for more details on this.

Fear Voice Recorders too: So if you are good with not giving photos, videos, you are still prone to voice recorders. Please make sure that you are using your mobile phone without any risk and with utmost care.

What to Do if pictures/videos are exposed? God forbid, if your pictures/videos are somehow in someone’s hands who is blackmailing you (for money or at times with some other demands) then do following:

  • Tell everything to your parents, they are going to be your best buddies in this bad time.
  • Lodge FIR at your nearest police station
  • Though Police station, lodge a complaint with FIA

Disclaimer: I highly recommend you to talk to your parents, however, approaching Police and FIA should be considered based on your circumstances. (Considering our police’s performance) I fear,that approaching police (if you don’t have high-level contacts) may ruin your life.

We need to be extra careful, especially, when there is no cyber law in our country.

At the end, I would say: Bad deeds meet bad consequences, so be sincere to your self, your parents and to your life.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Great article. You have rightly mentioned that night packages are the root cause of all this. These packages are greatly distracting our youth from our golden values.

      • No, really. Would you buy a phone with a camera after reading this? Some day they will do a “warning” post about dangers of logging into twitter and gmail and facebook from your phone. Would you use GPRS after reading that?

        I have a simple honest question: how many of the above rules does the author follow??

            • sick! … you are one of those people jo her baat mein keera nikalte hai aur tankeed kerte hain,,, mere bhai do something productive in your life and instead of criticizing others extract good things from other’s point of view and make your life better.

              • Please understand that my criticism isn’t just for sake of criticism. I ask the author one honest question above: how much of the above advices does he follow? No answer.

                What do you say when someone gives you advice and doesn’t follow it himself?

                • What question is it? Are you alleging me of Phone sex or what? lol

                  You are defending a lame thing and for this you can go to any level.

                  • You write: Never keep your private pictures in your phone – save them in your PC/laptop and delete from mobile phones. Your phone can easily get stolen/lost.

                    If you lose your phone today, how many pictures will you have on it that you don’t want others to see?

      • Hey attack me all you want but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m right. This post, and many like it are FUD.

  • To delete pictures or video permanently do the following steps:

    1) Delete the photos or videos from the mobile phone.

    2) Then if you have deleted a picture shoot dummy pictures to fill up your memory and then you can delete those dummy pictures as well. What this will do is that it will permanently overwrite the sectors of the older pictures with dummy pictures you have taken so even if a software tries to recover it will get the dummy pictures.

    3) Same steps for the video as above in point 2 … after deletion take dummy video to fill up the memory.

    I hope that helped…

    • irtaza,

      It will not give 100% surety that pictures will be remove from the memory, yes you are right to some extent that it will be destroyed but not 100%. because there are certain softwares which recovers the data even when the memory was used first time.

      by the way great sharing by aamir as well as you.

      • let me explain how software recover data…. when you delete the file its basically deleted from your OS but it remains on the sectors of the memory. So if you overwrite the sector with a new data it will always show a new data… so there is no such software which can then recover old sectors… its like in a hard disk have 1gb space and place a movie and then remove it and replace it with another movie its totally not possible that it will still retain the 1gb sectors of old movie as it is refreshed with new data….

        • @Iratza: I am totally agree with your all information, but strange thing happened to me. I just deleted a indian movie and then copy there a english movie then deleted that one also. My brother asked me that he didn’t watched that so i recoverd that english one. when he was watching that after half movie played, indian movie started till end :)

          • that situation can happen if you have copied the movie on a hard drive with with like 10 gb and the movie is 1gb and in that case even if u delete it it can be recovered but like i said to you need to fill the memory up so that there is no free space left that way no sector is unused or has old information

  • The real issue is that there is a demand for picture/phone no of girls that is why we see such websites and happenings.

    This is not the “verge of social destruction” as you like to call it it’s human nature and you cant suppress human nature ;P

    • It’s not human nature to ask about the number of girls and try to get their videos…if it’s human nature,where it was 5 years ago…its a social destruction and should be dealt properly by government and media and every one else.
      I appreciate Admin on writing on such an important issue.

      • Um, if it not human nature, why do humans do it? Makes no sense.
        Do animals do it?? No. So?

        • Human nature has many other characters that u don’t do in Public. There is something known as civilization, Society, ethics & social values that define rules & limits of everything. I don’t know whether you are really alien or trying to be funny by talking opposite to universal facts. Even if you go to Scandinavian countries, their gentry & responsible people know what is right & what is wrong & to what extent something is tolerable & where it should be stopped. It is simply Numskull of you to justify an evil deed. These values are common in every religion & every society & every race…. what nature are you talking about???? Idiot

          • It is interesting that you brought up Scandinavian countries. In Scandinavian countries, in the summer, women walk around topless.

            So, if a woman does it in Lahore, does it mean it IS or ISNT’ human nature??

            Anyway, you miss my point completely. What Sami said is 100% true: Sami points to the real problem: — The real issue is that there is a demand for picture/phone no of girls that is why we see such websites and happenings.

            We can type all day and night on whether you should take any personal pictures on your phone or not but it won’t change the fact Sami mention.

            Related point: why doesn’t anyone ask the Scandinavian women for their pictures??

            • I got his point but what I am trying to elaborate is that… Yes there is demand of these things & it will be there but this does’t means human nature is bad….& the demand is justified. Look the difference between animals & man is that its human nature is controllable & animals follow the instinct only. You know this human society, religion & everything is standing on the pillars of controlling human nature & bring it well within limits under the control of mind/brain. If these pilers are demolished, the whole society is destroyed rather it will be more ugly than any of pigs & filthiest animals herd…. Goat always forgives but it can’t be called as good AKHLAQ rather it is goat’s cowardness, & a lion always tries to take revenge & kill but that is also not bravery but just Lion’s nature. Human has both qualities but these will be good when these both forgiveness & revenge are well within limits & under the control of mind & at the right time. A loyal human is more appreciated in society than a dog because human loyalty is a conscience act of complete will & desire but dogs act is just a natures uncontrolled outcome.

              • Sami’s point is “You can’t suppress human nature”

                My point is we should not supress but we should learn to activate nature at right time & right place. Otherwise there is no difference in Animals & human beings.

        • Hi. It might be your nature or, you are caught up in stereotyping others. Take it easy. Everyone is not like. How come you say that its human nature? Its about time that you broaden your vision.

        • hmm.Nature does not lure us to wrong ways..Human beings do wrong things and then call it natural…If its nature.what abt people,when there were no mobiles or packages like this……were they not human?

          • Sure, but that was Sami’s point: it’s about human nature, not about the technology used.

            There was porn before internet, wasn’t there? What changed? Nothing.

            • SHAHID sahab jab SHEETAN k behkaway main INSAAN ata hai tu phir is tarah ki harkatein karta hai insaan.INSAAN ki nature achay kaam karney ki bhi hoti hai likin isnaan jab ghalat kaam karta hai tu is ka matlab wo us ki nature nahi hoti ,AUR AAP hamesha NEGATIVE hi COMMENT q detay ho har post pe,mujey tu aap khud aik SHEETAN lagtey ho NEGATIVE sooch waley.

              • If you disagree with my comments, that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. Keep that in mind. I have experiences, too. I have lived in Gulf States and in West, and I know how much people are different AND the same in both places.

                • aap ajeeb hi insaan ho,shayad thoray dump ho .aap ki sooch bilkul ghalat hai.aur agar aap musalman ho tu aap musalman ki hisiyat se soocho.

                  • Now we see your viewpoint. If you disagree with someone “maybe they are not a Muslim.”

                    Don’t forget that you will answer for this on the day of judgement.

                    • SHAHID SALEEM main ney kaha tha na aap dump ho,aankhain khol k comment parhtay tu baat samajh ajati SHAHID sahab aap ko, q k main ney ye kahi nahi kaha k aap muslim nahi ho, main ney aap ko maswara diya hai k musalman ki nazar se soocho na k nonmuslim ki nazar se. OK AB BAAT SAMAJH AI?:S

  • There you go Amir… you can always find people acting as critics on every topic u write…

    This article does not state anywhere or one cannot derive that this article wants anybody to boycott mobile phones… yes it can help you keep ur private moments private…

    aur aik mere bhai ne human nature kee baat kee hai… I just cannot understand why people do not want to understand the essence behind the post…

    bathing is also part of human nature and I agree that we cannot supress it but most of the people do not bath in public (at least intentionally)& [Especially if You are a Girl]…

    yaar aamir aap koi article likha karein… ab pata nahin kis ne paisay diye hain aap ko…

  • Every body know this Aamir but no body follows it until something bad happen. We people have made a habit to not learn from other experiences until God forbid we actually get into that experience.

    All these things you have mentioned are absolutely true and they are taking us to the verge of social collapse. Leave night packages even. If those packages were only limited to nights then may be they were some how better but now 24 hours a day these packages are available. Just visit a school/college/university and you will find every one having cell phone. You will fiund every one texting even during lectures. These cell phones are being widely used now for teaching; Through blue tooth, through office documents.

    Here is the responsibility of our parents and our teachers to inculcate social and moral values in our youth so as the responsibility of us and civil society.

    It may feel odd or whatever but due to all such things Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had said that marry your sons or daughters as soon as they reach the age of puberty. In the name of trust too much liberty has been granted to young generation and these incidents are results of this liberty.

  • yeah I have seen many boys profile which have albums like..girls 1,girl 2 girl3…n they update their albums on weekly basis with new pics of girls..or jo apne gher walon se chupa kar khud solve karne ki karta hai wo bht buri tarah phasta hai…

  • I think Telenor should float this message instead of those cheap ads….
    Though majority is aware of this all, but still its a good post for those who are not aware….Keep it up.

  • Great Effort Aamir. Please keep up the good workl It was better if Khamoshi ka Boycott, Kro Mumkin & other campaigns focus on real issues like this one which is silently destroying our family & social values. Actually parents are most responsible for this at the end of the day unless someone is of real bad breed that parents are helpless. & off-course they suffer a lot. You know these thing should be taken care of from the very first day of child. Parents should start culminating Sense of responsibility & social values after the first azaan in the ears of baby. Parents try to control them when they are already 15 yrs old which is definitely useless.

  • Nice post nice advice especially for girls…..
    think before doing anything…its dangerous

  • Excellent job Amir Bhai. Just one advice from me. DO NOT EVEN TRUST ur family members. This includes cousins. Even if they are sincere, their mobile phone could get snatched/stolen. Their friends could also “steal” the pics from their mobile.
    So BE CAREFUL!!!

  • Dear Attaa really a good post but one thing media is very Important for exposing such people,groups who blackmail the innocent people. you must inform the media too.
    A.K Mohsin
    Assignment Editor Apna news TV

  • hitler once said
    if you are right then you don’t have to explain and if you are wrong then you should not be there to explain

  • bakwass!!!!!!!every one know about how danger it is but still all people are doing same mistake and for night packages u cant belive but it is fact that day packages more useful than night package if u dont belive then u should visit to girls college and university :)))

  • Nice information and prevention is better than cure. Only one point brought me here to write comment is ‘Inform your parents’ does not work most of the time because Pakistani parents whether in Pakistan or abraod do not have buddy relation with their children. Specially in case of girl they are extra protective to the level that seems they own them as property. Telling them in such case means worsen your life. Girl will be scolded and victimise and will make it your biggest sin on earth.

    I only suggeset and wish that parents gives confidence to their children, trust them, and in case of such mistake resolve it intelligently and gently as their best friend not their owners.

    • In the end, it’s all a problem of upbringing. People who are brought up properly don’t go around searching and posting girls pictures.

  • All these problems are rising due to a phenomenon called “Generation Gap”. Parents don’t update themselves with time & consider the new technology as rubbish, overkill & fazooliat…. As a result, they can’t understand what their kids are doing & in which direction they are going. Us waqt roote hain jab paani ser se guzar jata hai….
    I bet k if parents accept the new innovations & update themselves accordingly & guide & supervise their kids’ activities in a friendly manner, these problems would have been minimized. Parents should build friendly relationship with childern so that childern can trust & also they should be up-to-date.

  • Who cares all enjoying there own lives every thing is going on with similar fashion no change by reading these novelty like articles.

  • A great work from Amir. But after reading the article and posts I have came accross that ” there is a very long ___________________________

    [Comment Edited]

  • To be honest amir we can only warn the youngsters but no one will follow these rules.
    Let me tell you about the Youth organizations. Now a days many youth organizations are in action. they organize group discussions which is a good thing but as every one have camera phones they shoot pictures and without permission of girl participetants they publish it over the internet. This happend to sister of my best friend and a guy copied that picture and made a fake facebook profile. We some how hacked into his pc and deleted these pictures from both his pc and fb account.
    So the fact is that soon pakistan is going to adopt the western culture and we can’t do any thing.

    Youth is so much involved in this. They feel like being friend with opsite gender make them look cool. I am not against being friend with opposite gender but fact is that its impposible to be only friend. Some day one of them going to step up the relationship.

  • I request you to Please circulate / share this article with your as many as friends. regards, Shabbir Hazari

  • Shahid Saleem and Sami Khai dont like this great article because it they are the ones who pass their times with such sick activities like harassing blackmailing girls, coaxing them to their sick plans. By the way, why don’t you post topless pics of your loved ones, to help “human nature”. See? When it’s YOUR sister than it’s another kind of human nature but when it’s someone else than you justify your SICK mind!

  • Very good post; MUST BE FOLLOWED.JazaAllah
    God forbid; but this is getting very common in our society; Innocent girls having not proper knowledge of using mobile or computer or even internet, are doing bad acts; resulting in ruining their life!!!
    May Allah put us all of us on right track. Aameen

  • aoa
    dear bro apny jo b kaha bohat acha kaha agr isi tarha k soch hum sb me a jaye gi to inshallah humary mulik sy bohat sari buraian khtam ho jaye gi suc me muj ap k sari baten advise bohat achi lagi or mere dua hy k ALLAH apka or hamara sath dy k hum sb mil k apny behan bhaioin ko is burai sy bacha saken always respect your parents.

  • good post…its reality…we caN’t deNy it……
    butthe replys are likie*****
    i cant say any thing but we pakistani do so always thats why we are behind of all…………

  • close