PTCL Revises Vfone Internet and SMS Tariff

Pakistan Telecommunication Company LTD (PTCL) has come up with a new internet and SMS tariff for its Vfone customers.

According to a statement issued by the company, PTCL is offering an internet tariff of Rs. 2.00 per 15 minutes and an SMS tariff of Rs. 0.30 per SMS for all networks.

Earlier, internet tariff was Rs. 2.00 per 20 minutes SMS rate was 0.25 per SMS for all networks.

Naveed Saeed SEVP Commercial on this occasion has said that PTCL has always strived to provide best packages and offers to its customers and these new internet and SMS rates will have an added effect on facilitating our customers. He further added that PTCL has always and will always strive to provide its customers with the best and most affordable services.

Syed Asim Ali EVP Wireless Business said, these new rates are to facilitate our customers while elevating PTCL’s image as consumer oriented organization. Adding to this he said that PTCL have plans to introduce more customer friendly offers in near future also.

Further information can be obtained from PTCL helpline: 1236 or by visiting nearest PTCL franchise or One Stop Shop.

  • phaly 2.00 main 20 min thay and ab 2.00 main 15 min… yah kia revise hova ha yah tu manga kar dia ha bahi..

  • That Is not a good revise its make it more expensive then before. Now people would not use Vphone and shift to brodband because it is more cheaper and high speed internet……

  • Vfone ke package option me aik naya option a raha hai us package ka naam hai Smart Package kisi ke pass is ke bare me koi info hai

  • oh it is not a good plan… i think i must stop using vptcl. i will use world call now . or wateen..

    vptcl failed.. huhh. :@

  • i am using vptcl the old tariff is still there nothing change for me why i am using the Simple package

  • PTCL Landline users free internet k maze autha rahe hain, bhai hamain kiyon nahi mil rahe hain aise packages? Aur hum vpone waloon ko ek to mari hui internet speed milti he aur auper se koi hamare liye exciting package hi nahi he jo youngsters k liye enjoyable ho. Is se achcha to cable net he, kum as kum dhang ki speed to deta he na. I am not satisfied with vpone packages. I wan to request to vpone service providers that provide us a cheap monthly internet package, whose rate should be appropriate and reasonable regarding to internet speed please. Agar dekha jaey to ek din main 24 ghantay hotay hain, yani 24*60=1440 minutes. A agar vpone wale hamain 2 rupees main 15 minutes k liye internet service provide kr rahe hain to is ka matlab he 1440/15=96( 24 hrs divided by 15 mins ) and 96 means (we can divide a day in to 96 parts if we divde 24 hrs by 15 mins. ). To agar dekha jaey to vfone hum se 96*2 rupees = 192 rupees per day and similarly, 192*30= 5760 per month. Ab yeh batain keh itni mari hui internet speed k liye itne high charges????????????????????????????????????????/

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