Well, Geo is Lot Better Than Indian TV Channels

In the past, we have heartedly bashed Geo TV, for the reasons we thought were right. But you will have to believe me that Indian Media has turned out to be the best (obviously lot better than Geo) at falsifying the facts and bending them for their own good.

Preparing the nation for today’s Semi Final between India and Pakistan, India media has left no stone unturned to belittle Pakistani team, and for this they are bluntly altering the facts to add spice to their shows.

Check following screen shot for example:


According this show, Pakistan has played a total of 26 matched in India against India, out of which India won 17 matches and Pakistan managed to win 9 matches. Well, this is not true.

Check think link on WikiPedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/India_versus_Pakistan_cricket_rivalry

It says:

ODI matches summary
  • Total 119 Matches: 46 won by India, 69 won by Pakistan. No result 4
  • 26 matches in India: 9 won by India, 17 won by Pakistan.
  • 27 matches in Pakistan: 11 won by India, 14 won by Pakistan. No result 2.
  • 66 matches on neutral grounds: 26 won by India. 38 won by Pakistan. No result 2

This is one example of Jugglery; there are dozens of other incidents where India Media is playing with the facts.

Have a look at following video, and note the commentary, does it make any sense to you? Does this channel deserve its existence on the planet? I doubt it.

Image Credit: Tune.PK

  • Geo is 10times better than Indian media.
    Second, we also must remember indian media is 10times older than Pakistani media… So Pakistani media done a very good job even in his child age:)

    • well said……

      to me GEO is doing a good job….
      geo tires to show both sides of the story…

  • Well done Mehwish for correcting the Records

    Also once they put our AIRFORCE CHIEF in their Newspaper as theirs… :D

  • What a bunch of loosers. Indians are cry babies who are always overconfident about their lamest thing.

  • Geo doesnt bash indians because GEO is indian. Unfortunately indians have creeped influence in our for sale media much faster than any other area.

  • I’m not defending any side – but couldn’t this be a typo?

    I can’t see the video at work, so can someone confirm whether the same thing is SAID in the video or not?

    The reason I suspected at a typo is because 9 and 17 were interchanged. Had it been something like 10 and 15 or some other random numbers, then yeah – that would have been a blatant spin on the figures.

  • Why indian Movies at Geo?
    Why indian awards at Geo?

    This is business. Every thing is fair in Love, War and (unethical) Business.

    Acctually every in Love, War and business has to be fair.

      • hahahahahaha…

        because GEO wants to earn profits too…

        people watch these movies and awards on indian channels ….

        then why not on geo….??

      • But why then in every bulletin there is always a news regarding madhuri,katrina,deepika,etc. news about their personal life:s

  • Jew TV is Indian my dears…. Unfortunately it is so powerful that even our govt & agencies are helpless in front of these guys.. Alas we are so doomed.

    • i agree with u Geo jitna indian culture dekha k hamari awaam ko barbaad karna cha raha hai is pe plzz meri appeal hai k koi in ko rukay ye sab dekhaney se humari youth tabah ho jai gi.balkay meray khayal se kaafi youth tabah ho chuki hai privae channels ki waja se(aur sab se zyda geo responsible hai)

  • Propakistani is not for that kind of stuff, CRAP stuff… There are many more forums to post this…


  • I don’t want to give credit to GEO news .

    but i want to say that SHAM ON inida and their media and there fucking hinduzzz..

  • Quote “I don’t want to give credit to GEO news .

    but i want to say that SHAM ON inida and their media and there ______ hinduzzz..”

    I thought propakistani was better than this :) but then money matters.

    Moderate comments which abuse other religions, countries, nations etc or also allow that against your own.

    [Comment Edited]

  • Well here in U.S many people consider GEO TV as over rated pakistani network. These guys spread many fake news and infact have been found supporting many things which goes against Pakistan.

    Geo is crap, Pakistan should get rid of such (Jewish-Indian backed) tv network.

  • Dear All, Firstly i pay to Aslamo Alikum to all reader of this topic. Well no dout unknowingly we are changing mind of our nation by broadcasting other countires culturs in our contry. It,s the responsibility of Goverment of Pakistan to check the content and broadcasting of all channels to filter materail which will effects our moral values. I think PEMRA is responsible to monitore as channels incuding Geo Channed. there should be code of conduct for all channels. Regardless we say this is wrong or write, if we purify our selves no one can change our throughts. Plz check your own acts before criticizing any one.

  • Agree with yasir whats happening here on propakistani. So now any one can abuse in comments?

    Btw i must say thats the media because of which india pakistan are enemies. That was a game and better team won it.

    Atleast propakistani should not promote hatred against india because 90% of readers here are youngsters.
    I was seriously amazed to see the comments above like loosers, babies etc.

  • AZ – AZ – AZ



    AZ – AZ – AZ

  • I dont think that propakistani is promoting hatred against India. It had shown the reality of Indian Media, how they r falsifying the facts. These types of news would create Hatred in Indians against Pakistan…!

  • All the channels are doing great work…………They all of are good…………….And The media is strength of a Nation..We should give respect to all kind of Media…. Whether they are from India & Pakistan…..

  • Why do pakistanis always compare themselves with India – Get over it….compare with the arab world….. You are no longer part of India.

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