Ufone Offers Postpaid Uth Package

uth_postpaidUfone, in a unique offer, today announced that its Uth Package can be subscribed with postpay model as well. Meaning that, all Uth Package offerings will be made available for customers but with postpaid package.

This way, Ufone will earn loyal customers – while subscribers can enjoy the liberty of postpaid with features of a prepaid package.

Uth Postpaid Tariff:

  • Ufone to Ufone: Re 1.00 / 30 sec – call free after 2 min (24 hours)
  • Ufone to Ufone FNF: Rs 2.99 / hour (12am-5pm)
  • Ufone to Ufone FNF: Re 0.45 / 30 sec (5pm-12am)
  • Ufone to Other Mobile Networks:   Rs 1.25/30 sec (24 Hours)
  • On-Net SMS:  Re 0.20 / SMS
  • Off-Net SMS: Re. 0.50 / SMS
  • International SMS: Rs. 2.50 / SMS
  • SMS Bucket 8,000 SMS in Rs. 60 per month
  • Mobile Internet Bucket:   30 MB/ Rs 150 per month

In addition Uth Postpaid customers will get:

  • Every month 50 minutes of calls to other networks – bilkul FREE!
  • And 10% discount on the purchase of Android handsets
  • Rs. 100 monthly line rent is applicable

How to Get Uth Postpaid:

You can switch your existing Uth package to postpaid by dialing 333 or visiting your nearest service center.

Terms & Conditions:

  • The package line rent will be Rs. 100 per month
  • Handset discount offer is subject to availability of stock
  • Security deposit of Rs. 500 NWD access, Rs. 1,000 IDD access, & Rs. 15,000 for IR access are required.
  • Charges of Rs. 50 for Paper & Rs. 10 for e-billing is applicable on this package
  • Terms & condition apply
  • 19.5% FED on usage and 11.5% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies