April Fools

This year, like every year, the internet embraced April fools day and as usual, major tech companies and websites shocked people who didn’t realize what the date was. So without further ado, I present the better pranks pulled off this year:

Australia to get 2022 World Cup, FIFA descends into chaos:

Sport news website “The roar” had quite a few people going with this one. The article stated that FIFA had some internal disputes and Qatar had been stripped of its World Cup hosting rights. Instead Australia had been given the right to host World Cup 2022. Here’s the posted article:


Google’s Hiring Autocompleter:

Google always comes up with the better jokes every year and this year was no exception. Turns out, Google autcomplete feature is powered by people. And you can be one of them! You are eligible if your typing speed is around 32,000 words per minute, and you are willing to travel to far off places to learn local trends. Here’s a video of life as an autocompleter.

Another one from Google is the new Gmail Motion feature which uses body gestures to control everything in Gmail, as is demonstrated below:

Groupon patents April fools day:

Keeping in line with companies applying for crazy patents in the industry, Groupon decided to patent April fools day.

“For centuries, April Fools’ Day’s intellectual trademark ownership has been uncertain. That’s why we are proud to announce our patent application for April Fools’ Day. Everyone’s favorite day of daffiness finally has a new owner—Groupon!”

Here’s the page where they announced it:


A pen that tweets as you write! :


“Artline” have revolutionized the industry with the release of the world’s first Twitter pen. This piece of equipment can twitter whatever you are writing through the use of a series of accelerometers and a small camera mounted in the barrel track the pen’s movements and translates that into characters. A specially designed 4th generation microchip allows the pen access to your Twitter account, updating it instantly.




YouTube posted the top 5 viral pictures of 1911, complete with grainy black and white film. It’s a collection of actual viral videos these days by the way for the YouTube newbies.


Kodak really got into the groove this year. They offered an app for removing a specific person from all of your photos and videos regardless of their location. Super creative stuff.


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Talal is the Editor in Chief at ProPakistani.