MoMo Event Held in Islamabad

Mobile Monday (MoMo) event was held last Monday in the faculty cafeteria, Faculty Block, CIIT, Park Road, Islamabad.

More than 100 participants (Faculty and students) participated in the event. As PTA was seeking expert’s opinion on implementation of 3G/4G in Pakistan so the theme of this event was declared as “3G/4G wireless Network implementation in Pakistan: Is this required”.

The program started with short introduction about the theme of the event. Later, a presentation was delivered by Mr. Shahwaiz Iqbal on the generation of Mobile networks.

The presentation was focused on the difference between 1G, 2G, 2.5G, 3G and 4G and what further hardware/software etc. will be required to implement 3G/4G in Pakistan. After Presentation, an open discussion was started among the participants. Everyone took part in the discussions and presented their point of view. The gathering was dominated by final year students of EE department and CS department and they took part in this lively discussion.

The recommendation made in this event will be forwarded to PTA


  • This is what is required to make 3G successful. A business plan which shows a return on investment for a potential investor

    Here are the costs

    1. $ 300 million for spectrum
    2. $ 500 million for infrastructure investment

    We are looking at an investment of Rs 68 billion per operator

    Can someone estimate a market size for internet users?
    And how much would a person be willing to pay for internet usage? This will be revenue
    Then the expenses which fuel costs, dollar devaluation, security costs, marketing costs.
    And then there are taxes (31%) on telecoms
    Taking the above into account, it would be nice if someone could show a ROI of 5 years?

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