wi-tribe Introduces Enterprise Packages

wi-tribe has introduced enterprise packages with higher data limits during business hours (9 AM to 6 PM). These enterprise packages are aimed at business and high end users with rich data upload/download need.

You can choose between two packages of 1.5 Mbps and 1 Mpbs speed with 100 GB and 50 GB data limits respectively.

Introduction of enterprise packages from wi-tribe shows that the company realizes the high bandwidth needs of the consumer/businesses. wi-tribe already offers endless package (30 GB Limit) for the consumers.



How to get wi-tribe connection:

Visit your nearest wi-tribe outlet or call 111-187-423

  • yes, Khan sb you are right.. I am using the Enterprise Package since 15 March 2011. first my package is 1 mb with 6gb downloading. I pay 550 additional rupees to transfer for this package..

  • Mr. Admin, hope you aren’t on sleeping pills.
    Instead of giving a month old news, why didn’t you covered the new packages of both witribe and qubee.
    Or you were too busy in trying to think rubbish about Djuice again (or waiting to eb fooled by Mobilink?)
    I wish you could be good as old again (as you can never improve from being that good)

  • i m a student nd 4 me ptcl broadband student pkg is best wid unlimited download, bcz of this i hav shared 3 connections nd my speed is the same as single connection not only this i collect 300 each person. that does not effect my pocket

    • O Bhai! don’t disclose Your Secrets!…… :p
      If PTCL guys become aware of this fact they will raise the tariff upto 3x……..

  • I dont believe these losers still have data limits on their packages!……WATEEN FTW! UNLIMITED RULES!

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