Global Telecom Market And Pakistan’s Share

A research conducted by Informa Telecoms & Media pinpoints the fact that mobile data revenues are rising exponentially. Although voice would continue to contribute a lion’s share in the overall revenue but data-rich applications can certainly be the game changer.

Global mobile data revenues in 2010 were $253 billion, and are expected to reach a podium of $453 billion this year!

In Pakistan, operators are battling on voice by decreasing per minute charges; introducing location based charging; launching time dependent voice charges. SMS is another revenue generator but that too has lost all pricing floors.

The concept of Significant Market Player (SMP) seems to diminish somewhere in the unimplemented abyss.

According to the stats published by PTA in November 2010, total telecom revenues are shown below:


According this these stats, Pakistani telecom companies generated Rs. 357,712 million, or US 4.208 billion dollars in year 2009-10.

Given the prodigious population Pakistan is characterized with, this total does not amount to even a handsome fraction of global revenues. We are sixth most populated country; our share should have been far greater than what it is now.

Thanks to the cut-throat competition and ever low tariffs which have become the marquee of our market.

The research predicted global revenues to cross the trillion mark soon and to reach a staggering figure of $1.14 trillion in 2013.

It’s in the hands of our policy makers to contribute a major share to it and thus attract foreign investment. The users should be taught to pay for data services.

  • — The users should be taught to pay for data services.

    Which data users dont pay for data services?

  • Stupid article! Shows a one sided view and does not take in to account the economic conditions which directly affect revenues….

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