PTCL to Offer 50 Mbps Internet Speed

PTCL-logoPTCL is working on a project, after which, it will be able offer broadband internet of 50 Mpbs, said a statement issued by the company.


An industry first, Pakistan’s PTCL will be using VDSL2 Bonding technology to provide existing digital subscriber line (DSL) customers with speeds up to 50 Mbps.

The project leverages Alcatel-Lucent’s VDSL2 Bonding expertise and should be completed by the end of the second quarter of 2011.

VDSL2 Bonding takes two copper-based VDSL2 lines per subscriber and aggregates them – almost doubling the bandwidths available to existing customers, or expanding high-speed broadband access to areas that are underserved today. Using VDSL2 Bonding, service providers can extend the life of their existing copper infrastructure – supporting the delivery of bandwidth-intensive services such as triple-play voice, data and IPTV.

According to a recent study from market research firm IHS iSuppli, simultaneous access to applications such as peer-to-peer file sharing, online gaming, streaming audio, VoIP and IPTV will soon require bandwidths between 50 and 100Mbps. This fits exactly with VDSL2’s capabilities, especially when combined with innovations such as Bonding and Vectoring.

Commenting on this achievement President and CEO PTCL Walid Irshaid has stated


“PTCL is the first service provider worldwide to deploy a commercial VDSL2 Bonding solution that aims at doubling the bandwidths provided to its existing customers. We are thus setting the trend in international telecoms, and are taking the broadband experience in Pakistan to the next level.

Alcatel-Lucent’s VDSL2 Bonding technology and comprehensive services and network integration expertise is helping us to keep pace with the increasing bandwidth requirements of our customers, while capitalizing on the existing copper infrastructure. This will enable us to quickly deliver high-quality, high-speed and high-availability business and residential services – even in areas where it was not possible before.”

Alcatel-Lucent is providing PTCL with its Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM) IP access platform – which is the first platform to commercially support VDSL2 Bonding. Alcatel-Lucent will also supply Bonding-ready customer premises equipment (CPE). Alcatel-Lucent serves as the project’s master network integrator, and is providing a range of professional services – including project management, installation and commissioning, integration and technical support.

“We understand that service providers need the right tools to bridge the gap until fiber deployments have become ubiquitous. VDSL2 Bonding is an ideal approach: service providers like PTCL can almost double the speeds supported by their DSL infrastructure or expand their network’s reach. This makes it a fast and cost-effective approach to bridging the digital divide,” said Aadil Rauf CEO Alcatel-Lucent Pakistan Ltd.

“This commercial VDSL2 Bonding project with PTCL marks the beginning of VDSL2 Bonding deployments outside of the US – where the technology is typically used to expand the reach of the copper network.”

Alcatel-Lucent is the driving force behind the world’s most advanced VDSL2 roll-outs, with customers such as Belgacom, STC, Swisscom and Telekom Austria. Our VDSL2 solution has also been deployed by competitive operators, including M-net (Germany) and South Yorkshire Digital Region (UK).


  • These are probably peak theoratical speeds I’m guessing. I don’t think they would be offering 50Mbps to residential users anytime soon.

    • the theoratical for VDSL2 bonding can be upto 100 Mbps on a bonded line. It seems this is a very conservative statement, thus a more practical one.

    • Same Opinion. Ptcl is just focusing on trying different DSL packages rather than improving the quality of internet for existing customers.

      • Agreed with you guys…. PTCL should enhance quality first then quantity….

        • PTCL wants to dominate the market… leaving no space for competition.

          A company which can invest in new technologies (being first in the world to launch VDSL2 Bonding) I feel they will improve their customer care standards…

    • speed pe speed barha raha hai PTCL lekin issues kon resolve karega, Privatization ka koi faida nahin hua as far as Resolving Issues are concerned

    • My experience with PTCL Quality of service and Customer Support is really good. Only once when they were on strike, I got delayed support but before and after passing that period, I always got timely support whenever required.

      I am from Karachi, and connected with Defence Exchange.

  • They should really focus on giving good customer supports… they cant even provide stable 1 mbps :/ even on ONU lines

    • Agreed.
      I am on 6Mbps and 12 out of 24 hours it feels more like 1Mbps (ish). The remaining 12 hours it’s either not working or continuously getting dc.

      Every other day there is a new complaint from me but they dont seem to care.

      • my connection was 1mbps in 2010 for 3 months not even dialup type speed wasn’t coming from 1mbps, i complained a lot of time to PTCL even visited the most corrupt exchange in Karachi(Norht Karachi Exchage near U.P MORE) but line men says that its a DSL problem, DSL men says its a line problem so i got rid of both and i cancelled my DSL, from April 2010 onwards i m using Qubee WiMax, i know its limited bandwidth but in 1 year it got disconnected only 1 day and in consolation Qubee gave all there users FREE 1GB for that inconvenience also as far as speed is concerned i got no problem speed is same from April 2010.

        last thing about PTCL DSL inquiry i used it from its beginning and i called them more than 200 times from March 2009 to March 2010 and QUBEE in one year only 7 times.

      • you just need to check it with your DSL officer on which DSL equipment you are terminated, if this is some chinease equiment then ask them to shift you on european vendor and eventually you will feel the difference

    • cant really compare, If this is Bonding, it should be double!!, lets hope its out in time.

  • rofl…is this the same company which is not capable of providing reliable 1mbps service even? Joke of the century, i would say.hahaahahah..I just cant stop laughing.

    • pappu. the company has 600k DSL subs and is growing every month despite all the bad things they are retaining subs so there must be a happy lot who is enjoying their dsl services.

      wimax operators look like babies and unfortunately PTCL has no real competition when it comes to broadband.

      • Please note that most of their subscribers have no alternative. If LDN is present in some exchange, ptcl purposefully messes up their stuff. LDN has almost vanished due to PTCL’s monopolistic behavior. And there is no other DSL operator to go for.

      • Smart Boy I don’t think 50MB is possible on current copper wire conditions. I have 4MB DSL and my house is located 1/2 KM from exchange (Islamabad), still on weekends I only get 50~60K/sec download speed (It becomes normal on weekdays to around 400K/sec)

        • That has nothing to do with your copper cables. It has to do with the bandwidth to your exchange and other dsl subscribers at your exchange

        • In other words, it is an OVERSUBSCRIPTION or bad sharing model from ptcl end. Your cables are fine.

        • F who says 50 Mbps on all wires…it is obvioulsly going to be limited to the new exchanges and that too within a very short distance…let’s not start dismissing every news about PTCL

        • 60 million DSL users out of a population of 180 million?? Impossible.

          Even 60 million phone lines is impossible.

          Check ur figures.

      • I would agree, compared to other players in the market PTCL has the best offering ( No Volume limits!!). really excited about this new service, I hope its not limited to business users only.

    • Pappu, this is new era, please do not discourage any good news about Pakistan, you should b proud of having worlds first technology

  • what 50 mbps i cant believe
    i wondering the day when i will use 50 mbps,

  • Bravo PTCL. This must be a groundbreaking achievement for you. Now if you could just come and install the 4 mb DSL connection I applied for 6 months ago, that would truly put you up there with the world’s best broadband companies.

      • They never gave me one. All they do is give me one call every month from an Islamabad number, and the guy asks “Sir aap abhi bhi interested hain connection lagwanay mein?”. When I got the call this time I gave him a right bollocking. Pagal kahin ke har mahinay poochtay hain hain aur connection koi lagata nahi hai.

  • 1mb to theek se de nae saktay, youtube pe streaming ko tarastin hy awam even in thier 2mb.. flop idea, definitely not for awam.

  • i just want good pings/latency, i dont really care much about bandwidth :(

    • For good latency, you have to move closer to your websites :) Like from server in Europe I can ping and in 14ms.

      No technology on earth can give you faster than light speed, and all commm technology is slower than light speed. No way you will get less than 100ms to a server in California.

  • This is the best news I have ever read on propakistani
    I am using vdsl in Germany 50mb connection
    And thinking of this in Pakistan , simply Great!!!!!

    • yes, this indeed is a great step. we should be able to get 50mbps on VDSL, however i think given the PTCL copper, bonding should do the job.

  • I guess it will be provided in F10 Islamabad, the rest of the country cann’t even get 1MB DSL stable connection.

  • Funny. PTCL can’t manage 1MB DSL(always slow and DC every 5 minute) and they are going to start 50 MB package. ha ha ha ha…..

  • 50M connection cant be less than Rs. 30k/month. Check Comcast, Rogers, RoadRunner etc. tariff.

  • In last one year I have lodged countless complaints to PTCL and PTA that PTCL has failed to provide stable 1Mbps connection even on fiber and when I am not far from exchange. I wonder who they are focusing for a 50Mbps ? or they are just trying to get some prize for introducing 50Mbps first time in Pakistan ?

  • ptcl sucks guys.
    linkdotnet rocks. i used ptcl for 1 year and every day speed was half. then i used linkdotnet for 1 year and never faced a single issue of disconnect.
    while linkdotnet speed is also very very good

  • 99% satisfy customer of PTCL using 1 mbps, 4mbps, 6 mbps, smart tv and evo 3G 3.1 mpbs all are currently in use. My vote for PTCL.

  • Linkdotnet is finished… Infinity has been a flop (thank God they only subjected the Karachi folks to it), their DSL is still based on old copper, not like the onu of PTCL.

  • This is not an amazing thing nor a wonder. They are getting bulk of data and speed without limitation.But they are unable to produce it in a good way because the infrastructure/Lines are not able to support this kind of bandwidth. Otherwise they can provide Gbs of data transfer speed.

    • At least its a step towards the right direction, given the delays in fibre deplyments worldwide most services providers have moved to VDSl2, In Europe esp. where copper condiiton is good, they are able to support upto 50mbps. Its seems smart of ptcl to go for bonding to be able to mitigate the effect of poor copper.

  • This is utter BS, the whole of KHI is not on fiber yet, the company has no plans to do it either, who will get a 50 MB connection on a copper line, I have 1 MB and distortions and DC are a part of my package now.. PTCL is getting desperate :S

    • Fahad looks like you are the one who is feeling threatened ;)

      I wish PTCL had competition and we would have seen musch reduced prices than what we have.

      Wonder what PTA thought while selling Why Makes in 3500 Mhz

    • I think you are clearly missing the point now. VDSL ( which is a copper based tech ) is capable of providing upto 50Mbps! , and With bonding ( where you use two paris instead of 1 ) it should be able double.100Mbps or/ extend the distance.

      this indeed is a big news from PTCL.

  • I don’t think PTCL is trying to introduce 50Mb package in near future, According to this press release they are trying to increasing bandwidth capability of existing copper wires upto 50Mb, Its will help them to provide IPTV, Data, voice on same copper wire,

  • to hell with they cannot event mentain there current products,, all services of them are hell .. like DSL evo and bla bl. i hve been facing problem of DSL 4 mb since last 4 weeks , they enen do not care about my compalints and till now t has nt been resolved,,
    they should focus on current problem and then go furthur,,,,,,,,, hell PTCL ,,

  • yar its confirm news 50 mb dsl charges per month 20000 for both residential and business and installation charges 10000(non refundable) and its require 2telephone connection which combine in spliter and makes one connection

  • bhai net ki kya barwat hai sai nai chal raha plz kuch kare warna nikal kar office le ao ga mein g.a sindh me ho samjhe

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