Jazz Jazba to Bring Live Digital Concerts

Jazba-Digital-ConcertJazz Jazba is bringing for the first time in Pakistan, a unique and first of its kind digital concert that has a lot to offer to Pakistani ‘internet savvy’ youth.

For the very first time in the history of Pakistani digital media, Mobilink will be presenting pop icon Ali Zafar in the live Digital Concert on the 10th and 11th of April, 2011. Selected few will also be getting a chance to share the stage live with Ali Zafar.

The live digital concert by Jazz Jazba is a unique chance for all the fans across Pakistan to be a part of the concert while Ali Zafar plays live, the fans can cheer live and enjoy the concert at their homes.

The broadcast of the live digital concert can be viewed by simply logging in at www.jazzjazba.com/live, which will begin at 8:30 pm on April 10th & 11th 2011

As Jazz Jazba continues to explore avenues and opportunities to promote and identify the SUCH Talent in Pakistan’s youth, it is also serving to provide a platform for nurturing the singing and music talent in Pakistan.

  • oh now that is an interesting way of going about with activities in a modern way for toadys tech savvy world!! it only makes sense to have such trends pop up in the digital age..Good work Mobilink honestly, for intorducing the rather simple, yet interesting concept!!(Y)

  • eTechsol did this in Jan 2001 from PC Lahore and Holiday Inn. Many articles were publsihed in newspapers and received lot of appreciation.

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