SideKick Web Banners Introduced in Pakistan

eTechsol, a digital advertising firm, has announced the launch of sidekick web banners in the country.

In sidekick format when user rollovers the banner, the entire page scrolls to the left revealing a microsite (rich media ad) in the wings.


Media firm has said that sidekick banners are capable of expanding horizontally to ensure maximum user interaction with the brands.

“The beauty of the Sidekick Banner is that the user doesn’t need to move away from the site, so the publisher also benefits from retaining the user on their page”, said a statement sent by eTechsol.

eTechsol claims that it was the 1st digital media agency of Pakistan, established in year 2000. Agency says that it has executed many display ad campaigns in year 2001 and introduced first rich media MP3 interactive creative asset in local market in year 2008 for Zong Music Channel Campaign.

  • indeed this a great milestone reached by eTechsol. the move is a big step towards internet media revolution in Pakistan.

  •’s great execution.i love the character used. wi-tribe looks smart and innovative through this ad:)also seen this ad on

  • I have seen the banner at it is good format for advertiser to create a greater brand impact.

      • Even when I see ads, how many do I click on? One ad every ten thousand views?

        I just remove annoying distracting blinking graphics from page.

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