A Pakistani Student Develops a Foot Mouse

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  • great work..
    @Shahid.. atleast you should appreciate, rather than just criticizing . In Pakistan there is lack of research work so if anyone is deploying anything in practical so hats off to him,

    • I’m not criticising the invention, i’m criticising the term “innovative” used by the author. Please read carefully in the future.

    • I think you should again see dictionary to find definition of “boring”.
      “So lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness”
      Is this mouse causing you this? :o

      @Shahid Saleem
      You are positive sometime really, LOL.

  • no one noticed that author even did not know the basic English rules. check it out,
    2nd it is an old idea.

    • Bhai, angrazi hamri komi zuban nai hai … ager author na koi grammatical mistake kar di hai to koi bat nai … in addition to that we can at least listen, write and comprehend it do english people can do it for Urdu?

      Food for thought….

  • Good work!

    He is far better than millions of other Pakistani computer users killing their time on facebook.

  • It is very easy for us to criticize the people who did something good…if you find it boring or old idea than why dont you come up with something new and exciting…

    Well, Indeed its great work by M.Ahsan, May Allah gives him lot of success in his life and let him do good for THIS country…Have a blessed life…

    If you are born to do something NEW, than no one can stop you unless you by yourself left the hope.


  • This is the BIG DIFFERENCE (I mean seriously big) between the developed countries and developing countries.

    We appreciate whatever the damn project is, this is the most we can do sitting at our home.

    Have you seen Indian Media. In there different talent shows, No matter the voice of a singer sucks or the dance is nothing but for the birds, even if a child performs not to the public’s expectation but the way they (judges,guests,audiences} appreciate is something like OK, NOT THIS TIME. I WILL DO THIS LATER.

    The point is BE MATURE, Never criticize or crriticize in a way that give the good points and then the bad

  • Good work done by the student, but isn’t that mouse will make its user’s leg tired?? I think it will be very difficult to use this mouse for an hour long or more.

    What do you guys say?

    • See in start, everything have to face some opposition as you have must listen the term Resistance to change….and if you read the article you noticed that it is mainly for handicapped people..the people who doesnt work with their hands, this thing will be like a blessing for them…dont you think…?

  • Once Edison invented a machine which he thought was his greatest & amazing invention & would revolutionize the world but no one bought it because they thought it to be useless. From this Edison says he learned the biggest lesson of his life that invent based on demand & requirement instead of own imagination. I hope this innovation captures market specially for disable people.

  • Look around, you will see that many of us even before you start talking about something/someone will immediately start their criticisim, ignoring positive sides. Is this some way we bring our frustration out ? I mean this is serious.

  • LONG LIVE MY SWEET PAKISTAN…i really pray that we should continue like this… and the day will come INSHALLAH, we will be also standing in developed countries…

  • This might not be the ‘first’ but this is ‘Made in Pakistan’. It shows that fruitful ideas (maybe stale or stolen) are there in a country which is known for virus and bombs.

    Rather than calling it ‘old and boring’, how about motivating the guy who at least did something. It is way better than making a new type of bomb.

  • It’s a fabulous thing. the work is very much appreciated! I know a friend of mine who got his hands fully turned naturally and although he can type, but he does that with the backside of his hands and it’s frustrating. and the idea of bringing braille keyboard is awesome! I myself am blind but I can type efficiently with the standered keyboard. to those visually impaired people who’re new on computer learning, they could take advantages with it. For all of you who’re cryticising the idea have nothing to do but to create havoc with the things. I wish this guy can develop something about the facebook to obtain the credit and appreciation from the people like you.

  • there is always reaction against change,so continue working and improving the idea, Should appreciate.

  • Good, all of us (Pakistani) should be happy for such an idea whether it is new or old. Remember none of us has given such an idea in past. You are great Mr. Ahsan. May almighty ALLAH give us unity.

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