ZONG launches ‘Top Shops’

ZONG-TOP-SHOPZong has come up with a new concept of offering before and after sale support through the launch of retail shops across the country that offer customers an enhanced level of convenience.

The exclusive ZONG branded retail shops, each named ‘TOP SHOP’, has been developed to address the growing business trends of channel specialization at Zong, which would further develop & strengthen its channel penetration.

In addition to routine services for customers the ‘TOP SHOP’ will be providing specialized services to customers thus further enhancing their experience.

Expressing his views at the opening ceremony, Usman Ishaq, Director Sales, ZONG stated that ZONG is constantly assessing the evolving needs of its customers and understanding these needs, it proactively develops solutions. Now, consistent with ZONG’s core objective of continuously adding value to its customers through innovative means, we have launched this convenience retailing initiative as ‘TOP SHOP’ as a one-stop solution.

“With our branded retail shops, we believe that we would be in a position to maximize convenience in this category, We would be working aggressively to come out with more innovative consumer offers to create maximum value for our customers,” said Mr. Ishaq, further added.

The company has planned to open ‘TOP SHOP’ retail outlets spread across the length and breadth of the country.

  • Khalil

    sounds pretty good. As many compnies are lacking from such support.

  • In the image there is already a person inside the shop before the ribbon has been cut :P FAIL!!!

    • Ahmed

      Hahahaha…Zong ny “feeta” kat kar usko nikala hai :p

  • Encore

    Ufone is step ahead of Zong with its USTARS and USHOPS…..

  • zafar bhutta

    lanat hay main ne bhe topshop ley kar pahnas gaya hon

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