IT & Telecom Ministry is Seemingly Minister-less, Once Again

TV channels and newspapers are reporting that Dr. Babar Awan, who happened to be the law minister and additionally the minister in-charge of IT and Telecom, has resigned to appear in the supreme court for Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto case.

Official sources have not confirmed us the notification of Mr. Awan’s resignation, however, his resignation rendered in the supreme court is considered as valid by the masses.

If, it happens, this will mark an end to Dr. Awan’s less than two week minister-ship for IT and Telecom ministry.

During past three years, as we have discussed several times in the past, IT and Telecom ministry has remained either ministry-less or otherwise secretary-less. This situation has left so many organizations to work sluggishly or otherwise with no work/development at all.

It is just not understandable for a common man that why the government isn’t able to appoint one man out of 18 million people to head IT and Telecom Ministry.

We recently reported that telecom consumers paid over 36 billion rupees as taxes in just 6 months of 2010-11, however, if government’s lack of interest for the sector remains the same, the consequences could be hard to bear for already stricken economy of the country.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Hassan

    Thanks God, its better than type of minister we had

  • Smarty boy

    Monkey comes monkey goes!

  • That’s a great new for telecom people

  • Tasleem

    it does not make any difference. . .

  • Umer

    koi nai ab koi aur fake degree wala aa jae ga ministry ko handle karna :P