Israel Trying to Develop Relations with Pakistan Through Facebook

Social Media especially Facebook and Twitter are very much popular all around the globe. Every one is using them whether he/she is a student, businessman, housewives, religious scholars etc.

Name anyone from any class of life and you will find him a user of any of the above mentioned media.

The popularity is increasing by every passing day. We have already seen that businesses are advertising and winning customers through Facebook whereas recruiters are recruiting potential candidates through Facebook too. Some are making friends while others are searching for their life partners. All this and many more activities like games, information gathering are being carried out through these social networks.

Israel in Pakistan Facebook PageAll of the above mentioned activities may not look odd to anyone but what is interesting about the Facebook is that it may be the first time that social media is being used to develop relationships with other country.

As we all know that Pakistan has no diplomatic relations with Israel and infect Pakistan hasn’t recognized Israel till yet but in an attempt to foster relationships with Pakistani people, especially with youth, Israel has decided to use much popular social media Facebook.

They have created a page on Facebook by the name of Israel in Pakistan.

At first, by the title of Page, it looks as if Israeli embassy is working in Pakistan but when you go into “info” tab, only then situation gets little clearer.

The information mentioned on the page is as below:

Since Israel and Pakistan do not enjoy formal diplomatic relations, this online embassy serves to foster friendship between nationals of Israel and Pakistan on Facebook. Hopefully we can soon build real embassies in Pakistan and Israel, Shalom!


“The Embassy of Israel in Pakistan has created this Facebook page as a resource of information on Israel and provides updates on the Mission’s activities to the general public.”

For the time being they have also allowed user postings on the page and till date 2350 people have joined the page. The page is being advertised rigorously through Facebook adverts. Till now most of the postings on the page contain hatred and racism against Jews & Israel.

Let’s see how much they will be successful in their attempt to develop relations with Pakistan. But one thing that people should do that despite the hatred with Israel they should comment or post in a civilized manner as they are representing Pakistan.

Right now people are posting in an offensive, uncivilized manner which is bringing disrepute for them and country as well.

Moreover this matter should be taken at Pakistan Government level and government should devise a strategy in this regard too.

    • The Quran tells us to use the word ‘Salamoon-Alaikum’

      وَإِذَا جَآءَكَ ٱلَّذِينَ يُؤۡمِنُونَ بِـَٔايَـٰتِنَا فَقُلۡ سَلَـٰمٌ عَلَيۡكُمۡ‌ۖ كَتَبَ رَبُّكُمۡ عَلَىٰ نَفۡسِهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَةَ‌ۖ أَنَّهُ ۥ مَنۡ عَمِلَ مِنكُمۡ سُوٓءَۢا بِجَهَـٰلَةٍ۬ ثُمَّ تَابَ مِنۢ بَعۡدِهِۦ وَأَصۡلَحَ فَأَنَّهُ ۥ غَفُورٌ۬ رَّحِيمٌ۬ (٥٤) Sura Al-Anaam verse 54

      And when those who believe in Our revelations come unto thee, say: Peace be unto you! Your Lord hath prescribed for Himself mercy, that whoso of you doeth evil through ignorance and repenteth afterward thereof and doeth right, (for him) lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

      There are other verses, which tells us to use these words for greetings.

      • The thing is that in Hebrew Shalom Aleikum means the EXACT SAME THING as the Arabic Salaam Alaikum. Hebrew and Arabic are related to language Aramaic (which is very likely the language spoken by Prophet Isa PBUH in his life) and many words are same or similar. Things like barkat or taharot are the same and mean the same. Aramaic was language of that area (Syria, north Arabia etc) from 100 BCE to 700 or 800 BCE and was replaced by Arabic after Muslims conqueried.

        In many cases you can change “sh” sound in hebrew to “s” sound in Arabic. Shma = Isma (hear).

        In fact if you compare first part of prayer of Israel (Shma Yisrael) with Surah 112 in Quran they seem very very close.

        The difference is They are told to HEAR and We are told to SAY.

        • A first ‘actually’ useful comment i’ve seen on this blog in ages! great job, respect!

        • Mr. Shahid,
          If you dont see any difference between these two phrases then please go for Shalom-aliakum. Meet your beloved one, going into and outside your home and say ‘Shalom-alaikum’
          No one stop you

          • It is like saying there is a difference between “Good Morning” and “Sabah Alkhair” and “Sobh bekhair” . It’s just language man.

            You don’t like English speaking countries (UK, US, etc) because their wars but you have no problem writing in English, so…what is your point?

        • Asalam-o-Alikum ,
          “Asalam-O-Alikum” is only word that we can greet with each other. You can not use any other word nor any same meaning word , So Please use only “Asalam-O-Alikum”.

    • — But the activist restated his belief that his website had helped trigger the ongoing Arab uprising.

      You see? It all depends on if it used for GOOD or EVIL. In Tunisia the government used to inject JAVASCRIPT on Facebook login page so that they could steal username and passwords of everyone signing up. This is why it is BAD to have the government control your access to internet.

      After revolution Tunisia closed their Ministry responsible for this. Yet we still don’t know how badly our government tracks us and we will never know for sure.

      This is why many sites are SSL (facebook, twitter, youtube) this year. It is a little harder for governments to bypass or fake SSL BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE unfortunatly.

  • You’re a bit late in putting this up. I asked them as who is actually running this page and a simple and disguised response were: “Embassy of Israel”.

    But since our job is to consult client for social media and mobile phone apps, I dig a little!

    Anyone who is actually member of ‘UK Embassy in Pakistan’ and ‘U.S Embassy in Pakistan’ witness this advertisement first (since I was part of these two pages so me and many other friend saw it).

    this is a very easy case to target ads like this!

    Although when we further dig in and tried to research (i cannot share the methods – this is our business) then we came to know that many people trying to “interact” with the page are actually fake account with “information” copied from other accounts and in some instances mixing up two accounts randomly to generate a false profile!

  • Is this real official Page from Israel ?

    Why Israel want to make a tie with Pakistan ?

    Its also there in history, Israel also sent the Message to Quaid-E-Azam, to create relation.

    • Israel wants to make a Tie because, they will want to ask Pakistan in a friendly way to accept them as a Nation.
      They are just playing there games this way or that way…

      Just FYI…
      “A Jew could never be a Friend of a Muslim”

      Read this, write this and remember this.

      • Can a Hindu, Christian and Communist state be our friends?

        We have diplomatic relations with India, China and American and other western countries. We have even established contact with Bangladesh. Why cannot we establish contact with israel?

      • — Read this, write this and remember this.

        When you see everything as black and white, you ignore reality.

        Before 1960s black people and Asians were legally discriminated against in America. Do you know who helped them fight discrimination and get laws passed to make everyone equal. Yep, Jews especially Jewish lawyers. In fact, it is because the blacks and Jews worked for civil rights that Muslims from PAkistan and Bangladesh and other Muslim countries could even immigrate to America.

        These days many people make cases against Muslims because they imagined Muslims did something terrorist like. Look at the history of cases after 9/11. Know who usually works as lawyers to defend Muslims (and successfully too) sometimes for free? Yep, Jews. Not Christian lawyers. Not Muslim lawyers (there are very few).

        • ** Thanks for your (un)Value-able and (mis) leading commentary.

          Ref. Holy Quran: “[5:51] O you who believe, do not take certain Jews and Christians as allies; these are allies of one another. Those among you who ally themselves with these belong with them. GOD does not guide the transgressors.”

          Well what i know is that, Israel is the most cruel and animal like nation, which treats Humans (esp. Muslims of today) the way we even treat animals. And look at 9/11 (a completely FAKE Drama to which even 30% americans/analysts agree that it was complete fake drama). May Allah show you right path and save you from Devils whom you think are your Angels (i.e. Jew/Christ).

          • I am not against “Jews and Christians” who do respect other religions, and as well as Muslims.

            But in past and still Today, Jews and Christians have proved themselves Concrete ally’s working against Muslims OPENLY…

            Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya…. And still will continue to work against more Muslim states.

            • I shall request you to not quote any Quranic verse or Hadith until and unless you know its complete context and interpretation. This is the issue with us Muslims that we don’t know exact interpretation and start quoting Quran and Hadith without any knowledge. This is not advisable at all. Before quoting any such thing consult a religious scholar first and then quote any such thing. Because there are lot of verses which have different interpretation than meaning and before quoting such thing we should always keep in mind the context that verse or Hadith belong to.

              I have searched over internet too regarding this verse and I found that we can collaborate with Jews and Christians and this verse don’t have the interpretation like its meaning but still as internet cannot be relied upon so I have asked IRF ( Dr.Zakir Nayek & Aamir Liaqat) to clarify the verse and whether we can have relations with Jews and Christians and only then I shall be able to clarify. Till then I shall request you if you have confirmed it from any religious scholar then mention his/her name and let us know.

              • Thanks for pointing it out, and you are absolutely correct about pre-cautions to be taken before posting “Translation/meaning” onf a Quranic verse.

                Here i have just posted a Verse itself and is not “Detailed Translation”.

                What i understand to best of my knowledge “Generally” is that, at this moment, the Leadership of countries which represents “Chritianity and Jews” are backing PRO Anti-Muslim activities around the world. Most of these activities are Visible (i.e. Afghan/Iraq/Libya), and many of them are invisible such as (C.I.A backed Blasts, Funding Terrorism in many part of Afghan and Pak) against Pakistan itself etc.

                A common sense is required to understand that, all these Agencies are backed by Jewish Backed America backed C.I.A.

                So from a neutral point it is clear that all these conspiracies are Jewish master minded without any doubt.
                To conclude, Muslims should never be friends/trust Christians/Jews in majority.

                Though i think there is no problem having personal friendship with a Jew/Christian if you are sure of his character. Afterall all people are not evil in nature.

                • What India is doing in Kashmir and Baluchistan and all over Pakistan? Why we are trying to develop relations with India? What U.S is doing in Pakistan through CIA and drones? Why we are having relations with U.S. Whatever we say that Jews are backing them but don’t Americans have mind?

                  I mean to say if we are not willing to have relations with Israel because of all this then why we are showing hypocrisy by having relations with others. It should be equal for every one.

                  • I already am against friendship with India. I guess it is only because of people like you who believe in so-called (Freedom of Speech and expression), and gave are in favour of allowing them to have good relations where a Huge issue like Kashmmir is pending.

                    Well i cannot say anything more to you…
                    as you have already decided to Support Israeli’s and Indians to Enter our already too weakened state due to their (In-direct involvement). And guess what will happen when so-called TOO OPEN and Blind people like you will Allow their “DIRECT INVOLMENT” in to our state.

                    May Allah save this Country from “over confident and over impressed and over excited” people like you who are under influence of the Jewish controlled AMERICA and its 51st Un-Official (yet brotherly) state Israel.

                    I dont have more time to talk to people who never want to come out of darkness.

                  • “I mean to say if we are not willing to have relations with Israel because of all this then why we are showing hypocrisy by having relations with others. It should be equal for every one.”

                    The answer is simple:

                    When people like you (who will beg for Money and die for money) are controlling this State. Who are brought up and born under influence of Greedness, than obviously they will follow their masters (i.e. Jewish backed America since past 60 years).

                    Allah willingly will save us from such people very soon. And give Pakistani’s a pride of being a Muslim just like IRANIANS (the only True state following the right Islamic path).

          • Simply posting a verse does not make you a scholar. Read the tafsir for the verse (and also related other verses) carefully. Also, read the many hadith where the Prophet and stories of the Caliphs interacted with Jews and Christians. Like I always says, it is not black and white issue.

            Lastly, know that you have not looked into my HEART and so any JUDGEMENT you make of me is FLAWED. Remember this, I have not made any judgement on YOU in public but you have made judgement on me IN PUBLIC.

            This, too, will come up on the Day of Judgement.

            • Hi Shahid,

              Sorry if any of my comment did hurt your feelings, and i would honestly request Admin to remove that comment if Admin feels that is objectionable in any sense.

              I had passed the comment because this is a very sensitive issue, and you should not encorage people to Endorse “Israel” because this is simply Rootless in its nature from its so-called roots.
              Soon you will see an end to its existense (InshAllah).

              So kindly do not endorse “Israeli” activities which seem good to you. (like your above examples of “Jewish Lawyers and activists”).

              So just my request, not to post any comments based on a “Minority’s behaviour” which could wrongly interpret behaviour of its majority.

              • — Soon you will see an end to its existense (InshAllah).

                If we look at the predictions in Hadeeth, many many things have to happen before Israel is destroyed, before Day of Judgement (see kiyamat ki nishanian). I am sorry but I do not think it will happen in our lifetime, and that means we will be forced to watch their atrocities for as long as we live.

                — So kindly do not endorse “Israeli” activities which seem good to you. (like your above examples of “Jewish Lawyers and activists”).

                None of that is Israeli activities. You make a common mistake of assuming Jew = Israel. I will explain.

                Do note that only 30-40% of Jews in America actually support Israel. The others are embarrassed and unhappy but they don’t know what to do about it. Even in israel there are Jewish soldiers who are in JAIL for several years because they refuse to go fight in West Bank.

                Do you know who support Israel in America? More than Jews? It is the EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS. That is why in states where there are FEW JEWS, people still cannot be elected to America’s Senate or other places unless they have support of EVANGELICALS. Why do they support Israel? Because in THEIR beliefs about the End Of The World, the world cannot end until all Jews move to Israel. So, for them if Isarel exist, then the world can end. THEY WANT THE WORLD TO END.


                As to the lawyer thing, There are two reasons the Jewish lawyers help civil rights movement, one SELFLESS one SELFISH.

                1. because it is the right thing to do. Equal rights and equal laws for all humans, yes?
                2. because if one MINORITY is persecurted (blacks), then another minority can be persecurted too (Jews).

                I did not mention that openly but did you realize that? Think about it.

                — So just my request, not to post any comments based on a “Minority’s behaviour” which could wrongly interpret behaviour of its majority.

                Is “Truth” uncomfortuable minority view now??

                Only if you see things in black and white, right???

            • Shahid,
              You looks so sympethetic toward making a relation with Israel. Telling you again. No one stop you going ahead. Go and get your reward …

              • Did you see my other comment that say I am opposed to it? Yes? Then why you again and again accuse me of sympathy?

                You know the saying, “in the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king”? Well, in Pakistan, it is “in the land of the blind, the blind try to poke eye out of one-eyed man because he see what they cant'”

  • All of us MUST watch 9/11 Missing Links complete 2hrs video available on youtube to see Israel involement in 9/11.

    After this one can easy realize that they are following a policy not from last few decades but centuries, movie will show that they aren’t even friends of USA. This isn’t produced by Muslims.

    A Must Watch…

    • Another conspiracy theory.

      Look around you. So many in Pakistan want to destroy America. So many go to Afghanistan in 2001 to fight with Taliban. so many blow themselves up or throw bombs against our people because they think our government is close to America.

      Why do you think Muslims cannot be responsible for 9/11? Some of us have enough hate in our harts already.

      What is more likely? The people who hate America DIDN’T DO IT and the people who get BILLIONS from America DID it?

      • WOW, I appreciate your commenting even before watching the video, Thank God it isn’t produced by any Muslim else you might have said more. In fact you are one of the case of “being positive” and holding Muslims and Pakistan cause for every wrong doing in the world. Your criticisim and “conspiracy theory” would have more weigh if you had watched it before commenting. This documentary isn’t talking non-sense but refers to events and proofs not even denied by US administration but just refered to as “conspiracy theories”, there is a huge acceptance of this even in US.

        Questions raised in this documentary and many other I am sure you have no answer. But please see facts, don’t make it choice of personal likeness.

        • You’re right, I have no answer. You know why? Because I wasn’t there and I don’t know the facts.

          Very few people actually are in position to know th efacts, and they are NOT talking. All we have access to is “hearsay” what other people said or implied or stuffs like that.

          There are many things in this world that we will find out about on the Day of Judgement, not before.

          But my other point is still correct: we are the ones with anger and hatred in our harts.

          • “But my other point is still correct: we are the ones with anger and hatred in our harts.”

            When i read this i feel like *** what more to say you.

            ARE YOU BLIND ? or are your Deaf ? or are you Sense-less that you cannot See or Listen or Feel the fear, terror, torture been done on Muslims in “Palestine”. Even when a single Human dies (regardless of any religion) due to cruelity of another human, it is one of most unbearable act.

            I dont know how easily you can forgive the “Blood” of your Brothers and Sisters who are daily being killed around in Iraq, Afghan and Palestine.
            Either you have a most Merciful heart which can forgive this or a complete senseless heart.

            Only Allah (Almighty) knows better, and Allah may show you what is right.

            • How you have forgiven the blood of innocent Kashmiris and Pakistani armed forces? How you have forgotten that India was too a part of movement to separate Bangladesh from Pakistan? Why we watch their movies, their dramas? Why we play matches with them? Why we are having double standards. We should be same for every one if we are talking about justice, peace and harmony then it should apply to every one. If we are boycotting one country on these reasons then why not others?

            • — Only Allah (Almighty) knows better, and Allah may show you what is right.

              I can tell you what I am witness to. I am witness to what I see outside my window every day, and believe me no Christian or Jew or Hindu is responsble for the misery we put ourselves into. If we are not willing to get off our chairs and fix the ENVIROMENT WE LIVE IN, what is the point of getting angry at some video on youtube?? Can we go fix America? No.

              We can fix Lahore, and Karachi, and Islamabad, and Peshawar, and Queeta. Do we? No. So, work on that,.

          • You shouldn’t claim on behalf of others, hate and anger in hearts of others (not we) is so much obvious from what they are giving to the world in form of wars and conflicts (and still denying calling it conspiracies) and then some people pointing fingers to victims because they try to expose or find the reality, and then some people (who are unfortunately within victims) condemn poor victims calling them believers of conspiracy theories.

            Btw if you wake up, families of those killed on 9/11 are speaking up, not silent, you just need to keep yourself updated, unbiased.

  • 2,361 people ‘like’ this – I wonder how many pakistanis are there. I saw some Boycott israel image in there. Interesting!

  • When we can have relations with an “enemy in disguise” called USA, that has killed more than 2000 people just in recent years through drone attacks, we should welcome other countries too including Israel. I know for sure than our so-called enemies India and Israel won’t kill that much people.

    • I wonder why Government of Pakistan doesn’t hire intelligent people like you. Watch 9/11 missing links and you will find how “good” friend of USA Israel is. For your memory, we fought 4 wars with India, Pakistan lost more than half of its part in 1971, and thousands of Pakistanis killed by India so far in 65 years. I don’t know what knowledge compels you to make such assumptions.

  • Dont you think, your this post will promote this page and likes of the page? the same thing happened last year with draw drawing page??

    i mean almost every Pakistani visit this blog, and defiantly once they will visit the page!!

    • At the same time govt officials visit this website too… they might think of doing something about it.

      • Maybe they should focus on real problems, like what they were elected for. Fixing electricity supply, gas. Inflation.

        This is just a distraction, like the retrial of Bhutto.

        • I appreciate your approach, then it means we elected this government to produce electricity for us and forget abouy “unreal” problems ? Have you ever read about governance issues, foriegn policy and bla bla?

          @ Asad Ur Rehman

          There might be so many pages on Facebook, what made you assume it was the Government of Israel initiative ? which forced you to come with this post?

          • Yep there might be so many pages but this page is being advertised too rigorously through Facebook adverts and after some time you will see it popping it in your Facebook adverts.

            Secondly this might be the first example of developing diplomatic relations or only relations from a one country to other through Facebook.

            Third thing which made me to believe it more that it is Government of Israel initiative is that it has also been joined by ” U.K in Pakistan & U.S embassy in Pakistan” and both of these pages are real embassy pages.

            Rest ALLAH knows better.

    • I guess hiding the fact isn’t a good idea. And its better that we have revealed it here so every one can discuss it and we can reach to a conclusion how to counter it. Some day every one will come to know because they are advertising it too.

  • Who is in favor of joining the page and who is not?

    Who thinks that Government should restrict access to
    this page for Pakistanis?

    Personally I am in fever of joining the page as joining the page will bring no harm and we should listen to their stance and should counter their negative agendas with discussion. What is more disturbing at this time is that most of the people in emotionality using wrong language over the page that is brining disrepute for all of us.

    Moreover I have sent an email to IRF ( Islamic Research Foundation) to clarify whether Muslims can have relations with Jews and Christians because some people quote Quranic verse and say we should not have relations with Jews and Israel but at the same time we have relations with Christians and West. As I don’t have enough idea about the exact context of that verse therefore I cannot speak at the issue. Once I get detailed information regarding this then I will let every one know and decides to join the page.

    • — Who is in favor of joining the page and who is not?

      I am in favour of ignoring the page.

      — Who thinks that Government should restrict access to this page for Pakistanis?

      I am ALWAYS AGAINST the government deciding what I can and what I cannot view, especially when there is nothing AGAINST my religion here. I am AGAINST government monitoring. We have seen how countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Libya (all MUSLIM countries) use the internet to spy on their own citizens and to arrest or kill them. DO YOU WANT THIS IN PAKISTAN? NEVER

      Thank you for writing the email. Please do post their response. I think their response will say it is okay. I searched Islamicity and that is what they say also, using the Prophet’s life as an example. See

      Please also read this very important section by Yusuf al-Qaradawi here

      Search for “I will never forget what one of the participants, a nationalist Christian”

      and read until the VERSE FROM THE QURAN that explains his viewpoint. See if you disagree.

      If the government blocks pages like that, how can you and I have a dialog against them on their page??

  • if the same compaign continues, isreal is gona attack the ideological basis of Pakistan. And our rulers will come to know when the disease would be at no cure stages…..

    • Oh believe me brother politicians in Pakistan already destroyed ideological basis of Pakistan in 1950s 1960s 1970s…

  • Well – Personally Im not really against if an Israeli embassy started its operations in Pakistan and vice versa but the thing is that this page could be reported as FAKED (since there is no such embassy exist).

    @Aamir Atta

    Aamir Bahi, are there any laws here in Pakistan which could be used as a ground to block such pages? I cannot see anything illegal (from Pakistani laws).

    I mean they might be violating facebook policies but not Pakistani law

    • Pakistan not recognize Israel as a Country.. and this page is representing the fake thing, i mean the image is using the word of embassy, how could we have an embassy of the country which does not exist according to Pakistani law..

    • On what basis do you want to ban them? Because they made a fake page? Then you should ban all the fake pages for Zohair Toru!

    • Dear Ali,

      As I mentioned in my post when you see the page name it looks as if Israeli embassy is working in Pakistan as that is how they are catching the attention but when you will go to info tab situation will be clear. As they have mentioned

      “Since Israel and Pakistan do not enjoy formal diplomatic relations, this online embassy serves to foster friendship between nationals of Israel and Pakistan on Facebook. Hopefully we can soon build real embassies in Pakistan and Israel, Shalom!”

  • We should condemn this kind of relation with israel,
    they were the people who divided us in two groups
    Sunni and Shia and still trying to divide us more.
    So please be aware of this kind of prapoganda.

      • I think, Admins should Dedicate a complete SECTION and Nobel Award to Mr. Shahid Saleem, as the Ambasador to most illegal nation “israel”.

        Yes Shahid Saleem, you deserve this Job. Congrats!

        [i would like dying 1000 times before getting such a job]

        • Personally, i don’t agree with Shahid Saleem…

          But he has an opinion, let’s listen to it and respond logically.

          • — Personally, i don’t agree with Shahid Saleem…

            About what? Not ONE LINE I have written defending the fake embassy or Israel or Jews. NOT ONE LINE.

            I have stated verifyiable facts. You can ask scholars to confirm if you are unwilling to trust internet sites like Wikipedia.

            — But he has an opinion, let’s listen to it and respond logically.

            When people attack a PERSON and not what the person says or writes, they r beyond the point of responding logically.

            • come on sir, all people are not same, there are some people who like your comment and some not, you could not argue with them who does not like your comment! they have their own opinion.

              and it is not about Jews, its about the people of Israel.. for example if a Jew of Pakistan killed a Muslim, then we will not pay much attention to him even media show the news once, but an Israeli killed a Muslim in Pakistan, then its a issue, the all media will update about each second… just happened with Rymandvous case (Lahore care).. We dont have problem with their religion, actually we are not like them who blame religion rather than the people of religion!!!

              • It is okay if people argue based on points people make. I know my views are very different for most people and that is okay. But once they start attacking the person who makes points, they’ve crossed the line.

                This is why I don’t follow politics and talk shows on TV. It’s always people shouting at each other about the PERSONS involved and not the actual problems.

    • Sharam to phr hmei aani chahiye k unhon ne hmei divide kr liya…. Ap itne qabil hein to ap unko divide kr len … koi mana nhii kr ga… dushmani mei to sab chalta hai…
      Akhir har koi humei itni aasani se divide q kr leta hai….. Bhai maan lo k hum khud ganday hain…. humei fasad ki baaten pasand aati hain…. jo chahe hmei lara de

  • Yes Israel has no existence for us and Pakistan will never accept Israel until the solution of Palestine issue.

  • We are hypocrites… Nothing else…. jab hum ne asla khareedna hota hai to Isreal yaad ajata hai (In 1980)…. Egypt, Jordan & Syria ne to Isreal ko kb ka tasleem kr liya hai jin ki waja se hum is aag mei koode the… Hum hi sari duniya k thekedar reh gaey hain…. Thekedar b un logon k jo hum se Ziada Indians ko prefer krte hain… Go n chek middle east & other muslim countries. Jin ko hum apne chachazad bhai banae bethe hain wo humei ghaas b nhi dalte….

  • Actually hum koi b policy apna mafad samne rakh k nhii banate…. Jb hamare sar pe jootiyan parti hen to hum foran man jate hain…chahe wo Talibanization ho, Israel ka masla ho, Kashmir & kargil policy ho, gawadar-baluchistan ka issue ho, afghanistan se taluqat hon ya Water reserviors ka issue ho…
    Mujhe koi btae k hum ne konsa kam waqt pe kia hai… konsa faisla waqt pe aur halat ko samne rakhte hue kia hai. Konsa issue aise hal kia hai k tareekh mei likh jae??? …. We are numbskull donkey & we deserve to be beaten.

  • Israel is a terrorist state killing thousands of Palestinians till date and had destroyed nuclear plant of Iraq. It also attempted to ruin Pakistan’s nuclear arsenals so the nation who don’t like the existence of Muslims and has occupied Bait-ul-Muqadas, willing to demolish Masjid-e-Aqsa and have a dream for Greater Israel covering many middle east Islamic countries including religious Place Madina in Israel territory. So under above circumstances we are still thinking for establishing relations with Israel.

    I will appreciate your reply in this regard.


    • In reality many countries already have secret links with Israel. You know how much Iran publicly hates Israel but in 1980s they bought many weapons through Israel. Recently it was in the news that the ruler of Bahrain boasted about his countries secret service’s links with Mossad. It is an open secret that the Saudis have a back channel with Mossad too.

      Remember that assassination of the Hamas person in UAE? There was lots of noise about who the killers was, the police chief was in press conferences a lot. And then SILENCE. Why? Because the technology UAE is buying for its border fenses comes from…Israel. They did not want to upset the Israelis. Sad but true.

  • I never understood one thing…Pakistan stands up for every Muslim country either it be Palestine or bosnia or even in india but ever any Muslim country has ever stepped up for Pakistan for kashmir…NO NEVER..Has Saudi Arabia or any Arabian country has ever taken a strong stance in the issue of Kashmir..NEVER..So why should we oppose Israel..which alwayz wants to have good relations with us and this is due to our retaliation against Israel that they(Israel) have given India access to their spy satellite…I do understand the importance of Brotherhood among Muslims but we are a quite poor country a third world country which cannot afford enemity with Jews..

      • There is an old saying: All that needs to be done for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing

        We can not be neutral.

        Look we are Muslims. We are supposed to be the righteous ones and we are supposed to do the right thing NO MATTER WHAT OTHERS SAY OR THINK.

        We can not be neutral.

    • Sorry brother, but i am here to make you feel stronger (if i could). Even if Pakistan is a poor country (interms of Wealth), that does not means the people should beg and lay down.

      Poor people with Honesty and Faith in (God) always succeed and will succeed in the long run.

      Never look at Nations which are weak in Faith (i.e. Saudia Arabia, UAE) which are already taken over by Jews backed U.S.

      Look at IRAN as an example, that is what i call truely on the path to success.

      Unfortunately, some poeple in Pakistan are too impressed and shadowed by the so called “Freedom of Speech” etc, adopted from U.S. Whereas U.S itself does kill/arrest anyone for anuthing they dislike.

      Learn, and look at IRAN and follow that spirit.

      • Dude..i appreciate your comment but see let me explain you why Iran hates Israel:
        First thing, its not about religion. Its just power tussle between the arabian nations and as Iran supports Hizboh-ullah which is against Israel that is why Israelies are against Iran and vice versa. Look I am just an O levels student and i can tell u that we are very weak in our faith..even our education system (matric) doesnt tells us much right about our religion as it hides the hideous things like the Battle of Camel or the assassination of caliph Uthman (Muaiwaya-Ali controversy)..whereas O levels or GCE which is a british made circullum gives us whole knowledge about Islam and tells us in true and precise manner..which shows that much hypocrysy has taken roots in our culture..Critics can give refrence to the verse of the Holy Quran that `Jews and Christans can never be the friends of Muslims` but havent u seen that verse regarding Jews and Christans as People of Book..So we Pakistanis should remain neutral in our stance because we have a lot of our local problems to solve

        Follow me on twitter: wasiq_fire

        • Well i think this would be a never ending discussion. Let me clearify few things (basics):

          About Pakistan:
          1. Pakistan is and has been always a WEAK MUSLIM state post independence. [Hardly Any Human Rights , Very low-level of Justice]
          2. Pakistan has about 50-60 Million un-educated class which contributes a lot more problems/issues itowards economical and religious matters.
          3. Pakistan has a key issue “Kashmir” kept pending intentionally by Britishers (to avoid Pakistan and India (sub-continent) to grow stronger economically).

          To Simplify as per best of my knowledge and what i believe is true:
          1. Today all countries including U.A.E, Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, [Afghanistan/Iraq as you know] and obviously all other Christian countries-ally like [U.K,France,German,Australia] are UNITED and are openly killing Muslims just for sake of Natural Resources.
          2. Israel is 51st (Un-Official) STATE of AMERICA. Just like Govt. of Pakistan (which is purely backed by U.S), the U.S is purely backed by the Jewish (masterminds) always planning to wage new wars against Muslim countries.
          3. It is a Game plan of Jews to Dis-courage Muslims and spread rumors and dis-belief amoung themselves, so that they may fight in themselves and get their already weak state to worst.

          To summarize,
          – always keep your Faith in Allah and his last Prophet (P.B.U.H).
          – Avoid Non-believers involvement into our own system.
          – Do deal with Non-believers, have good relationships with them as far as they Respect your religion and morals of Humanity.

          Lastly, think with a logical mind, that HOW MANY [NON-BELIEVERS] have been Killed by the Muslims in last decade ?
          How many Muslims have been killed by he [Non-Believers]. Compare the figures, think again about the so-called Freedom of Expression and Speech in which today’s generation is getting blind about.

          May Allah show us all the correct path and power to defend ourselves, because surely we are not the Attackers.

          • You should also add one more statistic to that: how many Muslims have been killed by Muslims. I think you will find that it is highest value in the last five years.

  • Already fighting with covert policies of India & US. Here comes another one …

    Dear Pakistanis who seek relation with israel must know this will never go into your favour. You are trying to pet another snake

  • Again a very strong point of having social media network of our own that should be attached world wide and we as country have complete control and not look up to others.

    • Problem is if all your friend sare already on facebook (or orkut or twittre or …) then why they will switch to New Pakistani Social Network? Chicken and egg problem: you can only get users if enough INTERESTING (interesting to them) users already on your system.

      • @Ammar Dude i really LOL on your comment..come on man..what has Facebook done wrong with has actually helped the victims of oppression in Libya, Iran to stand up against their corrupt, violent and forceful governments..thinking of pakistan`s own social network is a total dumb idea..
        NB: No offence intended

  • That’s wht these jews do!! First become friends and thn stab you in the back!!! Becarefull they can never be ur friends but being good muslims we shouldn’t show hate,instead be smart and just follow the ways of muhammed PBUH.wht he taught us is final….Assalaam u alaikum!!!!

  • I am so disappointed that this story was selected to be the lead story for your publication.

    I subscribed thinking that you will be sharing with us something that will enlighten us. Instead, I find you giving prominance to non-issues. That makes me question that level of quality and sanity that prevails at your editorial.

    I cannot change that. What I can do is to unsubscribe, and hope that you will be more sensible in selecting your stories.

    • ProPakistani is here to discuss the issues related to Pakistan, the issue which somehow come under the shade of internet, technology, IT and Telecom of Pakistan.
      If you did not like the article, that is personal choice and i believe all above comments are best answering the situation and things than mine.

      And btw, there are other interesting stories too, for you, if you didn’t like this one :-).

  • Surah Al-Baqara
    Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with thee unless thou follow their form of religion. Say: “The Guidance of Allah that is the (only) Guidance.” Wert thou to follow their desires, after the knowledge which hath reached thee, then wouldst thou find neither protector nor Helper against Allah. (120) Those to whom We have sent the Book! study it as it should be studied; they are the ones that believe therein; those who reject faith therein the loss is their own. (121)

    Surah Al-Maeda
    O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: they are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust. (51)

    Surah Al-E-Imran
    Let not the Believers take for friends or helpers unbelievers rather than believers; if any do that, shall have no relation left with Allah except by way of precaution, that ye may guard yourselves from them. But Allah cautions you (to fear) Himself for the final goal is to Allah. (28)

    “Allah’s Messenger (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: ‘You will indeed follow the ways of those before you, hand span by hand span, and an arms length after another. Even if they enter into a lizard’s hole, you will follow them.’ We (the Sahaba) asked, ‘Is it the Jews and the Christians?’ He replied, ‘Who else!’” [Bukhari]

  • If we can have diplomatic relationship with India and almost all the Christian countries in the world then why not Israeli ? And ‘remember’ India is our enemy nation 

  • Lets have diplomatic relations with the country that is plotting each and every moment against us? Yeah!

  • Sorry to ask, you are asking about which Palestinian state or Arab countries relations. I personally visited many Arab countries bordering with Israel they all are living in peace without having any conflict even a part of Palestine is enjoying good relations with them although we have a lot of hatedness among us, so we are fighting for whom? Ask you about Qadyani/ Ahmadi people who are serving Israel army and creating that page. Rest you all can understand.

  • Wow interesting!,0,213771.story?page=2

    In Egypt, he chatted with the national police chief about his “surgical” approach to beating back the Muslim Brotherhood on the Sinai Peninsula. In Pakistan, then-President Pervez Musharraf agreed to have Baca briefed on two assassination attempts. In one, Pakistani authorities used an Israeli cellphone scrambler to halt a remote bomb detonation.

    When did local police and military get Israeli equipment???

  • i would like to bring attention of you all ..
    that page Israel in Pakistan was created by Indian cyber force and it was promoted by fake facebook accounts showing pictures of Naked wowmen and teen girls which probably every guy or Man likes to add on his profile.


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