PTA Approves Mobilink’s RIO’s To Operators

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has approved Reference Interconnection Offer (RIO) of Mobilink for facilitating different operators, seeking initiation of telecommunication services with its collaboration in its stronghold region having significant network infrastructure and subscribers.

Mobilink (Pakistan Mobile Communication Limited), which is considered as Significant Market Operator (SMP) is obliged to provide service to operators to minimize wasteful and uneconomic duplication of network facilities; the existence of fair competition among operators and users of one operator should be ensured on different networks’ users.

Mostly SMP is requested by operators for Call Termination and Short Message Conveyance services. Besides Mobilink, Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) and Special Communication Organization (SCO) as SMP operators have granted access to different operators for interconnection services in different telecom region.

PMCL is required, pursuant to Rule 13 of the Pakistan Telecommunication Rules, 2000, to enter into an interconnection agreement within ninety (90) days from the request of another operator.

Interconnection means the physical and logical linking of telecommunication networks used by the same or different operators in order to allow the users of one network to communicate with the users of other networks.

Interconnection services refer telecommunication services for the purpose of conveyance of intelligence between two connectable systems including any ancillary services which an operator has requested from another operator after entering into an agreement, PTA Interconnection Guidelines mentioned.

The services and facilities shall be provided on the basis of unbundled network element and be charged accordingly. That is, a requested operator shall only pay to SMP operator for the network components or facilitates that it requires.

The SMP operator shall not unfairly discriminate the terms and condition of interconnecting and provide the same quality of services it ensures to its customers, PTA Guidelines stated.

Mobilink has been allowed to provide interconnection services to interested operators as per agreement approved by the authority.

Accordingly Mobilink and requested operator will sign agreement on the approved modus operandi for services access, formula of charges, schedule of payment, quality of services, co-location and numbering formula, limitation of liability, intellectual property rights and etc.

The operator shall pay to PMCL charges for the services within the time frame specified, calculated in accordance with and/or as specified and amended from time to time.

For the avoidance of doubt, charges shall be payable by the operator to PMCL for any Calls or Short Messages terminating on the PMCL Network which are handed over from the Points of Interconnection, irrespective of the numbering series exchanged in terms of this Interconnection Agreement, it is stated in RIO agreement draft.

Each Party (Incumbent and Requested operator) is responsible for the safe operation of its network and shall take all necessary steps to ensure network with practicable measures.

The Parties shall manage their networks to minimise disruption to the services and they shall restore the services in the event of interruption or failure, it is stated in RIO agreement draft.

The Parties shall convey telephone numbers to each other in the national and international formats as contained in the Numbering Plan issued by the PTA.

Neither Party shall use or permit the use of any service, or install, connect, link or use (or permit the installation, connection, linking or use of) any telecommunications equipment in contravention of any law.

The Parties shall enter into an agreement to modify or replace the Interconnection agreement in accordance with any order, direction, determination or consent of the PTA, unless such order, direction, determination or consent is subject to a legal challenge.

Full copy of the agreement can be downloaded here.

  • As PMCL can not run its business in Kashmir so they want to sign this RIO and giving opportunity to SCOM to cover Mobilink customers in Kashmir, its all because in PMCL negative management is siting.

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