PTCL Offers Unlimited On-net calls on Sundays

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has announced Unlimited On-Net Calls on Sundays effective from May 01, 2011 for a period of two months. Along with, monthly line rent will be increased from existing Rs. 174 per month to Rs. 199 per month (excluding tax).

After May 01, 2011 all PTCL landline Customers will be able to make Unlimited calls on PTCL Network (Landline and Vfone) for 24hrs on Sundays.

PTCL said that monthly landline rent will be reversed back to Rs. 174 per month after the end of promotional offer.

SEVP Commercial Naveed Saeed Stated that PTCL always provides best service and packages to its customers and this particular incentive of free on-net calls will enable all PTCL Landline customers to make longer duration calls to their loved ones without worrying about the bill on Sundays. He further added that PTCL has always and will always strive to provide its customers with the best and most affordable services.

Aasif Inam EVP Wire-line Business said this step will reinforce PTCL’s image as a customer oriented organization .He further stated that it is our top priority to facilitate our customers to the maximum keeping in mind the needs of our customers by giving Unlimited On-Net Calls on Sundays against a nominal increase in line rent.

Further information can be obtained from PTCL Help line: 1236 or from PTCL franchise and one-stop shops.

  • kitnay business users hain yar jin k sundays off hotay hain n they dont use thier business/office landlines.. aamir bhaii kya main yahan g**li de sakta hun luteray ptcl k0 ??????

  • yeh hui na baat! i think 25 rs additional is no increase for the facility it gives …

    thank you ptcl waalon finally kuch tau acha kaam kia

      • PTCL said that monthly landline rent will be reversed back to Rs. 174 per month after the end of promotional offer.

  • Exciting enough and makes sundays more interesting.

    25 rupai poorai karna koi masla he nahin hai. We have ptcl to make calls and i hope PTCL unlmited doesnt come with any catch like the mobile compnies.

  • Well I think 199 rupeez for this package is worth it.

    25 rupeez ka increase hai but it I like it. Atleast there is one day when I can be sure ptcl is the most economical telephone company.

    Jazz only gives limited minutes for 20 rupeez on each sunday.

    I like it and so do my cousins

  • This puts WAPDA to shame. I wish they could give us some free usage like PTCL.

    Bravo PTCL …i know u have increased the line rent amount but at least i can now utilize the 199 line rent charges through abusage on sundays.

    itni calls karoon ga kai PTCL kau naani yaad aa jaaye gee :)

    Let’s show these smart alec MBAs how very smart we can also get with them

    • — This puts WAPDA to shame. I wish they could give us some free usage like PTCL.

      They do… just not to us ordinary consumer :(:(
      We end up paying for others free usage.

      By the way in some parts of the world or with some telcos you pay a fixed amount and get unlimited (I mean REALLY unlimited) free local calls per month.

      • PTCL also offers unlimited local and long distance calls if you are dsl customer.

        1mb package costs 1999 with unlimited voice calls on ptcl network.offer is quite attractive and that is why they hard adverize it ;)

  • Thanks PTCL for this wonderful offer but i do not need it all all.
    How can i unsubscribe from it?
    Any ideas?

    • boss you should take the budget packages 25o rupay main 200 minute aur ooper say sunday muft. aur kia chahyeh sirjee

  • I am already on zero line rent package and I just called ptcl and they said in case of budget packages a subscriber would nt be charged the additional 25 rs and will still gt the unlimited calls on sunday….lovely bhayee lovely

  • I think it is a good offer. mobile walon se to acha hi hai 3 rs per hour huh!

    I would be super excited about this offer agar Saturday bhi free ker detay chahey kuch pai say aur daal detay. PTCL should understand that many people in Pakistan get two days off on week. Humaray liay bhi kuch kero bhai!!

    [Comment Edited]

  • I just checked with PTCL help line, and people on packages which have line rent waived off would not be charged anything for this offer. Wooohoooo!!! :)

    I am already on zero line rent packages iss liay mera to mufta lag gaya hai bhai. Baley o baley Dil khush ker dia PTCL

  • wtf? I use the crap-laden PTCL landline just for DSL. I dont need this ‘zabardasti ki naiki’.
    Is Saadgi Pe Kon Na Mar Jaye Ae KHUDa
    Waar Karte Hain Aur Haath Main Talwar Bhi Nahi

  • Offer se to lagta hai k business users k liay nahi hai.

    Normal customers ki liay to bari achi offer hai, If i remember correctly aur kissi company ki aisi offer nahi hai.

  • What is this zero line rent package?
    Why is the offer only for 2 months?
    When would ptcl offer unlimited calls round the clock?

    • Zero line rent package hai budget packages k naam se. Help line se pata ker lo. Meine toa Budget plus lagaya hoa hai. 400 Rs. mein 400 mins aur line rent zero

      Pata nahi 2 months k liay kyun hai, shayed check ker rhay hain k company ko iss offer se nuqsan hota hai ya nahi.

      Unlimited calls hain per Broadband ke beghair line per nahi detay. Meine help line per kaafi dafa request ki hai, per in k rule mein change nai aai

      • Thank you for your information. I have one phone line I use just for DSL and make no phone calls. I will try to switch it to 0 line rent.

  • Sunday is for mommy and khalas and i can surf on dsl without them after me to stop broadbanding :)

    yaar ptcl kau chahyeh meray say 100 rs lai kara shaam kau bhee calls free karday :)

    jiss nay baatain karni hain wo baatain karay meray internet stamaal karnay par shor tau na karay kam az kam!

  • One thing I don’t understand is that PTCL sab se ulta kyoun chalta hai. Jab sab din k times ki sasti offers dey rhay hotay hain jab hum jaisay log offices ya universities mein hotay hain to PTCL shaam k time ki sasti offers lagata hai. Issi tarah weekends offers bhi PTCL ki baray arsay say aa rahi hain.

    Agar yeh aisi offers hi lagatay rhay to jaldi devaliya ho jaye gai. Arey PTCL walo baaqi companies ki tarah maal banao. mein nahi chahta mera sasta broadband band ho jaye!

  • yes i agree it would be rather great when saturday is also free…but having said that Sundays ko bhi free calls FIT hein :)

    i have gone through PTCL packages and now i think they are on the right track…we can opt in any package accordingly…

    Budget packages are the alternative solution brothers…

  • since when has ptcl started caring for its customers?

    i thought not in my life PTCL would eer bring something worth a shot.

    Truly excited about Sundays ab saaray notes PTCL ke landline par he likhoon gee aur wo bhe conference cal par with both of my friends…hehehe really kool offer and totally unbelievable…

    webmaster r u sure this is a true report..hand na hau jaaye kahin

    • Can u plz tell how to make conference calls on PTCl ? And meh b socha raha tha k mama ko btaun is offer k bary me but meh v isi liye darr raha hn k hand na ho jaye . bad me bil a gya sunday ki calls ka to meri to … aho ho jani hy !

  • Shukar hai line rent barha kar sunday free kia hai warna wapda ke tarah in ka bhee koi pata nahin hai.

    seems like ptcl is finally privatised :)

    Too good after a long long time!

    • Ajwain? Now that is a funny name Khaula ;)

      I am sure we will have fun with you me and hina talking and talking on sundays

  • PTCL baazi lay gia hay ik land line operator ho bohot he achha step lia hay iss nay.
    Geo Ptc walo

  • Welldone PTCL. Following BT you should also allow free calls during off peak hours on regular working days as well and n increase of another 25 rs. should do it

    Voice is now thing of past it is data that will rule and ptcl must embrace the new reality by making voice absolutely free.

    I say allow unlimited calls for 700 rs. a month and give 1Mb dsl package for another 700 rs with 10 gb download..why should a ptcl customer worry about per minute charges?

    PTCL is the only real telco we have and it must show more commitment to its customers so that data revolution becomes a reality in Pakistan.

    Bottom line make broadband more attractive by getting over with heavy tariffs such as the ones on mobile and make telephone a truly cusotmer oriented product

  • Cone on guys it’s just 25 Rs. a month for quite a lavish offer.

    Atleast it is not just a simple increase to offset inflationary impact.

    Just 25 rs and you get 4 days unlimited calling
    What is wrong with us….ready to pay electricity bills in thousands but are reacting over a small increase as if that is what was only left with us.

    Three cheers for ptcl to have brought some relief to the middle class segment ….it is just 6 rs a day!

    • — Cone on guys it’s just 25 Rs. a month for quite a lavish offer.

      For you maybe but I make less than one phone call per week on landline. At home my wife uses VPTCL (not under same offer) and only my mother can take advantage of calls. But the question is, will she make more than Rs 25 of calls in a month on Sundays?

      — What is wrong with us….ready to pay electricity bills in thousands but are reacting over a small increase as if that is what was only left with us.

      If tomorrow charge Rs 1/comment, will you still comment? Come on, ready to pay electricity bills in thousands but are reacting over a small increase as if that is what was only left with us.

      • Allover the world this is what fixed line operators do.

        BT offers off peak and weekends unlimited calls against 10 punds

        even in broadband the heavy users are actually subsidized b those whose internet usage is normal.

        Now PTCL doesnt offer anything for the low end internet users as such as all of its packages are on unlimited download

        so this nominal increase of Rs. 25 is also based on the same principle that some will use and some will not but everyone will one way or the other pay for it.

        the best way to take revenge from ptcl is to talk for atleast 25 minutes on each sunday and this way u recover the cost three times :)

      • Shahid for 0 line rent you have to subscriber to a package that costs 249 rupees against which you get 200 minutes.

        then there is also a ackage that cost 400 rupees and gives you 400 minutes

        sir jee main tau ptcl kai baaray main yeh kahoon ga kai der aayad durust aayad

  • We should be less critical towards the mother of all lines operating in Pakistan and let’s appreciate the effort being put in by PTCL’s management. And please stop comparing landline to gsm market…. yes voice is something which both industries offer but than look at the size and share of market.

    about the offer it ain’t bad duh what difference does an increase of 25 rupees make :p

    • I understand where you are coming from but lets face it telecos are a prime competition. In past PTCL has not responded well and even worse lacks the ability to provide reliable service. What’s the point of having such packages when your landline is out of order….Nevertheless I think this offer is a very good initiative and I hope that the management launches more of such packages and at the same time resolves internal issues like union strikes and other network related issues.

      P.S. “telecoworker’s comment” is the way forward for ptcl!

  • the offer sounds good! and its encouraging to see that ptcl is coming up with innovative packages esp. for women who talk a lot

  • One thing is for sure and that is PTCL needs to advertise its packages more effectively! their packages come and people forget them…. however I think this one is true value for money a lil bit increase in line rent isn’t that big of a deal… you have to pay 174 in any case so whats wrong with 199!

  • پی ٹی اے قوانین کے مطابق کوئی بھی ایسی کمپنی جو اس کے دائرہ کار میں آتی ہے۔ اپنی کسی بھی سہولت کو ایک ماہ کی پیشگی اطلاع کے بغیر بند نہیں کر سکتی ہے۔ اور نا ہی ٹیرٖف میں تبدیلی ایک ماہ کی پیشگی اطلاع سے پہلے کر سکتی ہے۔

  • Dear all, mujhay 2 years ho gay hain apnay hostel mei land lite phone lagvay hway PTCL ka aur aj tak mine us mei tone name key koi cheeez nehi sunni..

    I use it for broadband and it works fine for that but if PTCL come up with those cheap compains I better get some prepaid connection.

  • I live in bhara kahu …apna lineman tau champion hai. rehta bhee yahin hai….

    I really like the offer. Thank you PTCL

  • the best way to deal with this increase is to get on Budget Basic which is a zero line rent package as ptcl calls it.

    you enjoy the sunday package without actually paying for the increase of Rs. 25.

    So did anyone say line rent has been increased? No, not in my case definitely not.

  • Does anyone know that PTA has reduced the subsidy PTCL was receiving to maintain cost prohibitive fixed line access network?

    If PTCL’s APC is reduced then the company will have to cover its expenses through such increases.

    any increase is an increase and consumers dont like it but the deal is worth consideration.

    I wont disconnect my landline although i am just a DSL subscriber but i do understand the purpose behind this interesting way of increasing line rent

  • Hi

    Jazz unlimited gprs(lowest ever) just for 9.99 per day for activation send blank sms to 606 and for deactivation call to 111

    • 249 will also get this benefit. This is the best thing about it that subscribers on zero line rent packages (such as Rashid) will get the benefit without paying the additional 25 rs.

      I am on budget plus and i pay 399 and get 400 minutes per month and now sundays will be free at the same time. I luv u ptcl!

  • What is there to complain? Line rent has been increased by 25 rupees against a certain value proposition. prices have increased everywhere so the choice we have is to pay or quit

    Tariffs can be increased and this is not some package that has been imposed.

    Mobile companies make a lot of money in the name of daily charges that aren’t even advertized.They even charge for balance inquiry and helpline and have done so unilaterally.

    Atleast give ptcl the credit for giving a very clear communication through their ads in the newspapers as well on this site.

    Thank God there is a company which is following a code of ethics in its pricing and advertizing.

    Yes, noone like increase in prices but this is not a charity but a business where in my view ptcl should now improve its quality of service as well to compensate for the increase in line rent.

  • I am a user of PTCL Land Lined Number 067-3359438, at Burewala. On my telephone, Sunday package could not be activated due to which I am charging the local calls of Sunday package. I have complaint against the bill for 1/2012, but no pain has been noted by PTCL. Before, this the same was activate on my complaints and refund was also adjusted in phone bills. But now the same complaint is there. Therefore, it is necessary that the Sunday Package may also be activated on my telephone so that I may able to get this benefit against the excess amount being charged in this regard.

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