Giving Earth A Hand: Warid Telecom

In line with the thought ‘I am the change’ Warid takes yet another earth friendly step by supporting young leaders of KES (Kinnaird Environment Society). With an understanding that now is the time to let the change take place and that one person has the power to effect climate change.

The Kinnaird Environment Society (KES) is uniquely distinguished for taking number of green initiatives to protect nature. Earth Week was organized by the society in which a three day event was planned to mark the Earth Day celebrations.

April 26th was the pledges day when KC students joined at the stalls set up by the KES members around college. Each one took a pledge on how to make this earth a better place to live and how an individual can play positive role in making our environment clean and green.

Exciting prizes were given to those who came up with the most creative pledges.  “Think Green” Eco Competition was held on 27th April. The competition’s judge was Ms Zabreen Hassan from WWF Pakistan.  Zartaj kamran khawaja (BSc. HONS Economics, SME-4) was the winner for writing a wonderful article ‘Think Green’ and she was awarded with a trophy, certificate and gift hamper.

On 28th April finally the Earth Day was celebrated. Dr Rukhsana David, principle Kinnaird college graced the event who appreciated the efforts of Warid for supporting this bravura event and all the untiring efforts put by Dr. Saleema Bashir (Advisor KES) Anum Zia (President KES) and all the Kinnaird Environment Society Members. Mr. Ghanzanfar Ali Langab, president S.W.A.N and Dr. Aneel Salman of GIK (Ghulam Ishaq Khan) delivered inspirational speech over ‘Climate Change’.

Videos on the theme, “Think Green” were played and “Ecofair ” stalls were showcased to spread awareness amongst KC students.

Warid staff and their families recently celebrated Earth Hour in collaboration with WWF-Pakistan and its business partner Singtel (Singapore Telecom, Asia’s telecom industry giant) that was the part of Warid’s going green drive. The company also commenced a outstanding project of implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution based on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R-2 Hyper-V. With this project, Warid took a leap forward in carbon emissions, honoring its part in keeping the planet greener by environment friendly green technology.

Total Power Consumption is reduced by 180% with annual saving of 215,280 KW/Y from power and Total Air Conditioning Saving per Year: 160,030 KW/Y, also Carbon Emission Saving per Year: of 581730 Pound.

To protect environment by introducing the environment friendly or green energy for mobile in Pakistan, Warid is also the first cellular company to introduce/deploy solar powered BTS in the country. The non-hybrid site is 100% powered on solar energy thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions and noise pollution, both of which are unfriendly to the environment. The solution also reduces pressure on Pakistan’s overall energy supply which further benefits the environment.