8 Scary Apps to Get on your iPhone

This is a guest post by Spencer Hogg who writes for the website Sim Only where you can find SIM only iPhone deals.

Terrify your friends without breaking the bank with these 8 top scary apps for your iPhone.
scary sounds8. Scary Sounds – FREE

A very well designed app that has great, realistic spooky sounds. Perfect at the price point of FREE, Scary Sounds is ideal for scaring young kids or even impressionable friends.

A must-have for the Halloween season, Scary Sounds lets you play, stop or even put the sounds on repeat so you can inconspicuously use them at just the right moment.

Sounds are displayed in an easy-to-navigate menu that lets you find the sound you’re looking for by a simple flick of the finger up or down.

A few of the sounds include Demonic Laughter, Laugh Howl, Night Sounds, Deep Laugh, and many more.

i am zombie7. iAmZombie – FREE

Turn yourself into a Zombie with this free Halloween app. Take a picture of yourself, a friend, or use one that you have already taken that is stored in your iPhone and turn it into a freakish zombie.

Simple, intuitive design controls allow you to transform your photo into a creature of the walking dead.

If designing isn’t your thing, the Auto button will Zombify your photo for you. Watch out, this app can get addictive.

night of the living dead6. Night of the Living Dead Feature – FREE

Are you a fan of the movie Night of the Living Dead? Or maybe you just have a friend who gets scared easily by horror movies.

This free app lets you stream the Night of the Living Dead movie straight to your phone to watch whenever you want.

Get 95 minutes of straight entertainment and horrifying fun. Works best when connected to Wi-Fi.

5. Ghost Capture – FREE

Convince your unbelieving friends that ghosts exist by taking a picture of one.

ghost captureThis clever app will overlay an apparition onto a photo taken by your iPhone. Easy to use controls let you make your spook varying levels of transparency.

When you have successfully captured the image of your ghost, save the picture and impress your friends.

You can even submit your photo to the Ghost Capture gallery to compare your ethereal sighting to others who have used this app before.

4. Creepomatic – FREE

Liven up your Halloween party or simply set the mood with excellent spooky background music.

evil quizThis convenient app continuously outputs ambient Halloween sounds and is great to use with external speakers on a dock. Operation of this app is simple with just a play and pause button but it has great sound quality.

Forget expensive Halloween soundtrack CDs and just download this free Halloween sound machine app.

3. Evil Quiz – $0.99

Best Halloween quiz app with over 100 questions that will amaze you and your friends. This app is only $0.99 but it is worth it for the hours of great Halloween quiz material that it contains.

ny zombies2. NY Zombies – $0.99

With over 1.4 million downloads, NY Zombies is a great first person shooter game that will be sure to have you addicted in no time.

At only $0.99, NY Zombies has a large assortment of weapons with which to dispatch the multitude of zombies in this game.

ghost radarBattle through a large array of environments and levels. Definitely a must-have game for Halloween.

1. Ghost Radar – $0.99

Halloween would not be complete without this ingenious and freakishly scary app. Detect paranormal activity with the Ghost Radar.

This app is so popular that knock-offs have been made to try to mimic it. For only $0.99 this app is sure to freak your friends (and yourself) out. You have to see it to believe it.

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