Pay in Advance and Get One Month Free: Wi-Tribe

Wi-tribe’s progress show some real work behind the scene, and after becoming country’s best Wimax provider, wi-tribe has kept up the tradition by introducing back to back promotions as well as discount offers for its customers.

Now with another promotion, wi-tribe allows you to get a discount of one month free internet by paying your bill in advance.

How to Avail the Discount:

  • You can get one month free by paying for five months.
  • If you are paying you current bill, simply pay in advance for next four months and you will get a discounted six month for free.


  • This discount can be availed by paying your bills at customer care centres only.
  • For credit or volume exhaustion, dues are added to your current month’s bill and will be adjusted from the advance amount paid.
  • Advance payments, once made, are non-refundable.
  • Account freezing facilities will not be available with this promotion

  • 5 months are so much to pay in advance… they should have done it link warid, pay for 2 moths advance and get 3rd month free!

  • Wi-Tribe is not provide across pakistan why it is best service provider of pakistan?

  • Wateen’s offer is better then wi-tribe because wateen offers pay 3 months in advance and get one month free.

  • I don’t know why people are even mentioning Wateen. Everyone knows how badly they have failed in providing quality internet services over Wimax.

    Witribe has shown Wateen how to do Wimax. I would much rather pay Witribe an advance than Wateen 1 buck

  • Wateen has a better offer in hand which is 3months rental in advance and one month free… six month in advance and 2 month free… talk about real work, I think propakistani needs to research the stories before jumping to conclusion and start praising a company which is only reacting to its competitor’s promos

  • Wi-tribe is good when it comes to quality and service.

    But it is expensive in comparison to DSL and has a patchy presence.

    My take is that despite all the good things about Wi-tribe they are struggling and somebody needs to think WHY and solve the poblem.

    I am talking about the wretched MoIT and PTA

  • AoA… this is an expensive offer as compared to wateen’s on top of it i came to know that wateen is now offering “win back” by offering waiver of current line rent of such customers which are inactive from more than 90 days and less than 360 days . i admit that wateen may not be the best in town but come on admin on 5 month advance 1 line rent free you are declaring wi-tribe “the best”!!!!!! give me a break… btw i have always noticed that propakistani people are some how against wateen…. anyways coming back to the point, this offer of wi-tribe ‘SUCKS’ …. :)

    • No bhai. Nobody against wateen except their own people. Ex management keh log. Khair naheen management is trying.

      my opinion of Witribe is. Quality always has a price. We Pakistanis must wake up to this.

      Broadband prices given the costs -yes given the costs are very cheap. Bandwidth here from the providers is much more expansive than other countries. Dont give me example of japan and korea because these countries have broadband network subsidized by government because it is national asset. It is the same reason why cars maintanance cost less in America than in Pakistan because the roads in america are better. Think Pakistanis think.

  • After paying for 5 months il get six month free…hmmmmm na not my cup of tea…not worth the money….il GO for PTCL EVO get next month free anyway so why to pay for 5 months …

  • its too much to pay in advance….i guess not affordable for everyone…they are not different from any other operator then why pay for 5 months ? doesnot make sense

  • Yup its too expensive …. btw now with PTCL EVO i can even recharge my prepaid account through my Land line phone…. which makes it more convenient

  • Wateen is better then wi-tribe. Bcoz Wateen has no data Cap limit on 1mb link , means u can make unlimited download with wateen. And Wi-tribe has only 8Gb and 15GB with 1mb link. Go for Wateen.

  • QUBEE 2MB unlimited(30GB accourding to FUP) 1000 RS monthly
    Yaaaaa Great Deal …….solve every problems
    Every body check on latest package

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