Qubee Introduces 1.5Mbps Postpay WiMax

Qubee now becomes the second to offer 1.5Mbps Wimax broadband in Pakistan, earlier Wi-tribe was offering the same speed.

With the name of  Venture Max, Qubee now introduces, though apparently, unlimited 1.5Mbps at same price as Wi-Tribe is offering.


  • Monthly Charges of Rs. 2400
  • Security deposit of Rs. 3200 (refundable)
  • Total upfront charges for new connection:
    • Indoor Modem: Rs. 5200
    • Wifi Modem: Rs. 5700
    • Shuttle: Rs. 5200

As per Qubee, the package is unlimited as Qubee says:

The unlimited packages have no cap on the amount a customer downloads. However, the customer bandwidth may be subjected to a higher contention

But while talking to a Qubee representative, he told that this package is unlimited in the sense that if you corss the monthly cap of 40GB, you will still be able to use the internet but the connection speed will be limited to 64Kbps for that month. Once the billing cycle completes, your connection speed will be restored to original one.

Also Qubee website says that “Out of bundle charges Rs 0.11 per MB” but he said that there are no extra charges for the over usage for unlimited package but the over usage will result in the reduction in connection speed, as described earlier


  • The unlimited packages for residential users are not usable by commercial users or for further reselling as per directives of PTA