Ufone Volunteer Group planted trees at Policlinic for a Greener Pakistan

Recently the Ufone Volunteer Group (UVG) visited the PAEDS OPD & Ward at the Federal Government Services Hospital (FGSH) commonly known as Policlinic and planted trees to help provide a healthier environment in the play area that has been created for the children to enjoy and relieve themselves of a monotonous hospital environment.

Social responsibility has become a global phenomenon due to which corporations around the world now heavily focus on the nurturing of the society. Ufone, one of the leading telecom companies in the country, has been at the forefront of many exciting initiatives which have been taken to benefit their valued customers.

Since inception Ufone has been a socially responsible organization, and over the last few years, has increased its focus on Child Health Care. Moreover, there is also a keen focus on highlighting the need for a green and healthy environment.

In recent past, Ufone revamped the entire PAEDS department to provide state of the art facilities for the underprivileged children in the society. Till date Ufone has given its complete support to keep the facility at par with any private medical facility in the country. The trees will not only provide a healthy environment but will also provide shade for the parents and children to sit under while they are at the hospital.

The UVG also spent time with the ailing children in the PAEDS Ward where each volunteer shared a pleasant moment with the children admitted at the hospital. The volunteers distributed sweets amongst the kids which helped bring a smile to their faces. The parents also appreciated the efforts made by the volunteers.

Mr. Abdul Aziz CEO Ufone said, “As an organization, Ufone has taken it upon itself to help the children of Pakistan to help them have a brighter future. This initiative and those taken in the past are steps in the right direction. We at Ufone will continue to help and provide more medical facilities and create the importance of a Green Planet for the benefit of the children”.


  • Good Good. But Islamabad is already quite green, what about areas where you can’t even see a plant anymore like Rawalpindi, Karachi ? ;)

  • That’s wht our major problem… we dont like to see other people doing good deeds no matter how small. We should appreciate those who try to bring change. Stop being critic and lets appreciate and work togther.

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